Friday, July 7, 2017

Vital message...

You see the maelstrom of propaganda and you know there is only one direction in which this is all headed.
In the West, our masters, despite the evidently fake nature of their mainstream media, still have the majority of human consciousnesses in their grip. They have played the game of 'dashing hopes' successfully now for twenty years, gradually building a sense of hopelessness amongst the voters and yet carefully ensuring that the people continue to believe that the answer can be found through voting, thus temporarily maintaining the illusion of choice and freedom in the minds of the herd.
Each new offer of hope, each charismatic leader that offers it, each expression of choice dangled before the noses of the tribe is deliberately unfulfilled.

So Tsipras in Greece offered to tell the bankers to stick it where the sun don't shine, then didn't. Then he asked the herd, in a referendum, 'should we tell the bankers to stick it?' The answer was a resounding “Yes”, and within a week he'd done a deal with the bankers to further indebt the people and imposed the harshest 'austerity' programme in the West, stealing the nations assets for the bankers, cutting every social service, robbing every Greek citizen of their dignity and their livelihood and, in essence, their belief that they are free. That they glumly accepted this audacious arrogance speaks volumes about the current nature of the human herd. Many believe the lies and somehow accept the utter bullshit of having to buckle down and accept poverty for generations in order to repay the fake-money debt. Others know the truth. Of those there are many that strive to get into the system for gain, others that are simply resigned, others that are bent on keeping their mouth shut and their heads down, others that are proving useful to the fake anarchists and discrediting protest by chucking a few Molotov Cocktails at the increasingly underpaid and disillusioned police.
In Britain they were offered “Brexit” and, once more, the fake alternative media put their collective shoulders behind the wheel of 'Democracy” and urged people to give this worn out vehicle yet another shove. Those that see through the utter bullshit in this world became convinced that somehow the tide was turning, as the Greeks did.

Naturally, they are being disappointed in their ambitions. The timing of the 'Brexit' farrago was adeptly chosen. As the British government follow their instructions and, as only the British can, bury the whole idea of Brexit under a beautiful mountain of obfuscation and deceit the unification of Europe's military continues apace, all of the “Laws” of Europe are being readied to transfer in their thousands to the British Statute Book, deals are being done to 'protect the rights' of foreign nationals so that they can stay in Britain and continue, some of them, to mess things up (it takes three generations for foreigners to become as British as the British) and, of course, for pity's sake, there will be no drawing back from the acceptance of refugees, particularly unaccompanied children......which the Government admits seem to disappear soon after entering the country.
In terms of timing the British 'Government' understand that world events will overtake “Brexit” and render it void as Europe is 'forced' to gird its loins and go to war with whoever it is that they will fight next in the long history of enemy creation and artificially engineered wars that serves as the history of the slave race. Humanity, as we call ourselves.

In the US of fucking A, where “God” lives, we witnessed the fake alternative media pushing for Trump, pushing people to the voting booths, reinforcing belief in the failed experiment called “democracy”, then crowing and rejoicing when their man got into the Whitehouse.
Naturally, the fake alternative media tell their followers, poor old Donald faces trials and tribulations from the “Deep State' and his Presidency is at risk from the Clinton paedo satanists....
While all the time Trump follows the same agenda.

And the fake alternative media suddenly become repeaters of the bullshit 'Muslim Terrorists' storyline and applaud each tottering step towards World War Three as Trump 'proving he has balls'.

Do you see where this is all heading?
Do you recall what we have outlined previously here in this blog?

As humanity, or at least the increasingly large numbers of us that call ourselves 'awake', lift the veil of deception and see through the enormous stack of lies that are the fabric of this reality, as we begin to research every facet of our history and our current reality and find everywhere that we have been lied to, so we become not just disillusioned but actively opposed to the lies and those who tell them.
So it is that humanity, slowly, as a great ship turning in the ocean, turns against the tide of history and seeks a new direction towards better waters. As a species we increasingly disbelieve our politicians and distrust democracy. We are turning off the mainstream media and are stopping reading their newspapers. Everywhere there is a growing understanding that we are being farmed by the debt-creating masters of this reality.

To stem this rising tide our masters created the internet and set their foxes amongst we chickens, or rather their wolves in sheep's clothing. A deliberate and well thought out strand of their mind-control matrix created especially for the awakening herd, using as ever the cult of personality, in each nation delicately balanced to meet differing national preferences. It speaks volumes that Alex Jones became the number one fake leader in the US of A, a kind of lardy and extra belligerent version of John Wayne, pasted over Liberace, wrapped around a cigar-stub chewing psychopathic town sheriff that has difficulty controlling his urge to beat the shit out of some weaker innocent that has in error drifted into his eminent domain and who he knows nobody will miss......

All of this effort is directed towards the control of every facet of human consciousness as they prepare their new world order which, as we have said many times, will come from the demands of those who are awake and have seen through the fabric of lies woven about us but failed to see the bigger lie waiting in the wings.

They will push us into the coming greatest war and then their Phoenix will rise from the ashes.
Its embryo is already being nurtured with trillions of whatever currency is local to you. The 'leadership' bones of the new structure are already in training within civil services, local government agencies, charities, 'not-for-profits' and, especially, global NGOs. When, as Albert Pike foretold (or rather revealed), we are utterly exhausted and have lost our faith in the Christian and Muslim religions after the first phase of the coming religious-chaos stage of the war (which is being ignited everywhere), our masters will unleash their anarchists and nihilists (already in action at every G20 or other major gathering of the elite) and, it is intended, those agents- provocateurs will draw into their ranks the awakened millions who, angered by the blood-sacrifice they see unfolding, will attack every facet of the old world order.

Everywhere, as is being engineered, neighbour will find themselves fighting neighbour, families will be split asunder, terrible deeds will fill the world and the great evil force which controls our species will laugh with glee.
And then, when all seems hopeless, when nearly everything we have built will lie in ruins, a great peace offering leader will arise who will (with brutality against those that fail to believe in him) quell the mob and offer a new vision of the future and humanity, dumb as we are, will jump on the bandwagon and sail merrily into Hell.

All of this is already begun, already in the pipeline, already achieved bar the actuality.

There is only one thing that can prevent this Armageddon, this repeat of the destruction of our world and our species that we now instinctively understand has happened before, despite the evidence being so carefully hidden or deliberately destroyed in the middle-east by the servants of the Djal who call themselves ISIS or Daesh or Al-Nusra or whatever.

That single weapon is the unity of the human consciousness.
It is all we have left, and our only weapon.

Ask every Syrian if they want war, ask every Libyan, ask every Afghani. What you'll find is that there are so few that actively want to kill so as to force their misguided and implanted viewpoint on the rest of the people that they are prepared to kill to do so.
So few as to seem insignificant.
So few that without the financial incentives and material assistance of the warmongering elite they would quickly be captured and put somewhere cool to consider their future.

As a species, we almost none of us want war, yet century after century we are tricked into this horror.
Westerners are now very easy to trick into calling for war, at least those many millions who still believe, because they have forgotten what war is, are strangers to its horrors, rarely face the gut-wrenching life-destroying loss of a loved one. These John Wayne characters will support the Trumpmonster right up to the impending catastrophe before they realise what it is like to be bombed, what it is like to have entire cities wiped out, what it is like to see their children attracted by the colourful balls of the cluster bombs, what it is like to give birth to children deformed by the depleted uranium they are sowing into the world with every round or shell. The West have spread their fear around the globe and yet few have empathy, few realise the nature of the crimes as they pay their taxes and eat their burgers and go to their malls and shop or congregate at their churches to be told how wonderful they are for believing and that 'God' will lift them all up, come the great reckoning.
This is how weak are our minds, how easily driven into cul-de-sacs, century after century.

So, as the great sweeping forwards of the tsunami of history gathers pace and our masters ready themselves to say the word and bring this game to an end and start a new one there is only the unity of humanity that can stand as a great breakwater and turn back the tide.
The reward for finding this unity is a world free of war forever, a world free of debt forever, a world free of false beliefs forever, a world of truth and beauty and freedom, a world utterly opposite to the artificial hell reality that has been woven around us and can exist ONLY AS LONG AS WE BELIEVE IN THE DIFFERING ELEMENTS OF ITS PYRAMIDAL STRUCTURE.

Within almost every human being there exists the desire for the world to reflect what we share as a species. The desire to love and be loved. The desire to help and, in turn, to be helped. The desire to share both stuff and ideas which improve things because we are one tribe, one species, and we are at our best and all do our best when we share and when we work together.
You see, we want to be good. We want to do no harm. Most of us, most of the time.
To make that a reality, that dream world, we simply need to find that unity of understanding everywhere, globally, rich and poor, clever and not so clever, in the system or outside of it.
It is a simple unity, easily expressed, easily agreed upon, easily found...
And from that simple unity will come the word that we can utter that will change this reality forever.
That word is “NO”.
“OXI” as the Greeks would say.
No to repaying false debt.
No to building weapons.
No to putting on uniforms.
No to war.
No to paying taxes to those who pursue war.
No to fake democracy, we'll find a new way to organise ourselves (and NO, it won't be to bow to the fake common purpose leaders sown through the fake charities and NGOs etc).

There's more we can say NO to.
It's a long list.
But first we need to turn the ship.
All hands on deck.
Find unity and, at its very human hearted core, find Humanheartedness.
Which is good.
Which is love.

And if there is a God, then God will smile upon us, for we will finally have found the answer and broken free of the spell of evil.
We'll pray for that.
In the meantime, seek for and find your fellow humanhearted friends.
We are many, and right now, RIGHT NOW, we need to reach out our hands and hold tight.
The Olive Tree is our symbol of this rebirth.
Spread the word.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Join us.
Share this.

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