Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Climate Change completely trashed by scientist......

Do you still believe in the global warming/climate change scam?
Before you watch this proper scientist giving his rebuttal and pointing out the manipulation of data by NASA and other agencies, see if you can make sense of the global carbon trading market SCAM:

Understand any of it?
Of course not. Just like the stock markets, the manipulation of the theft known as 'inflation', the international government 'debt' bullshit and so on, you simply aren't supposed to understand any of it.
This helps the reality controllers.
They know if they make things immensely complex, people will just shrug and go back to the TV.

The 'trading' in carbon credits etc is worth about 60 billion euro a year.
Then there's the 'tiny' 26 billion charged as tax to human beings by governments, er, for breathing, effectively.

Here's an article demonstrating the UN's early push for all this bullshit. NOTE that Russia and China were in from the beginning. It is worthwhile to understand, in this 'The Russians Done It' and 'China/USA tensions rise' that they are all in this advance to war together.....

Anyway: Watch and learn some more truth to offer to those that still believe the climate change scam:
This is how it goes. They dream up their plans, launch their propaganda campaign. Educate the kids to be believers. Twenty years later its taken as fact..........
Or at least that's how it used to go.........
Things are getting different now.....

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OLive Farmer
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