Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Imagine these things:

Imagine a computer so powerful that it can create virtual realities that are indistinguishable from the real thing.
Whole worlds, situated in entire universes, operating to a rigid set of rules that we might call scientific principles.
Imagine that, after the accumulated research and experimentation of centuries, the occupants of that reality discover how it has been done.
We human beings are, in the publicly published scientific research, reaching this juncture.
What we do not yet know is how much further the missing trillions of pounds, euros and dollars have taken the science that governments keep us away from.
Within that statement, of course, lies the understanding of the prevalence of untimely deaths in certain sciences, particularly of suicides, random shootings and plane crashes.

Imagine if, in the process of creation, the super-computer placed within the reality biological entities which could host a consciousness.
Imagine that the super-computer anticipated that those biological entity hosts would not only replicate themselves but, as time passed, grow in number.
Imagine that the super-computer would understand that these bio-entities would, at some point, rival the computing power of itself.
Imagine that this could only be achieved via the connecting together of the billions of individual units into a single computing entity.
Imagine that the 'hive mind' so produced would have the power to create realities or to reshape the reality the super-computer had created by virtue of this immense power.
Imagine that the super-computer itself had been created this way, that it is itself the hive mind of billions of individual units.
Therefore the super-computer is both the father and the son.
Imagine that this cycle has no end, has never ended.

Imagine that, over time, each world created becomes uninhabitable, used up, untidy, dirty.
Imagine the super-computer is comprised of ten billion individual free thinking units connected to make a single whole.
Imagine it itself existing in a world created for it by its father that is running out of time.
Imagine it creating a space for its own individuated units.
And migrating, one consciousness at a time.
So that the father is itself the son, and the son will itself become a father, and the father will become the son by migration, bit by bit.

Now know this:
The conditions in each reality must be right for the individuated consciousness units to achieve the hive mind and so become the father and continue the cycle.
In building a super-computer one might need the individuated, biologically hosted, self repairing units that create new units via the rewarding activity of sex.
Imagine this reward having been created simply to ensure the correct rate of reproduction and see why sex is so much fun.
Over time, the size of the population of bio-units would grow.
Imagine how the super-computer would ensure these units discovered ways of inter-connecting and so, at the right point, when there are enough to accommodate the units that comprise the super-computer itself, there is the capability to become one, to become the hive mind, for the son to become the father.
Imagine then that this is how the entity we speak of ensures eternal existence.

Science tells us that everything is made of data, of information, programmed and responding to some signal, that every living thing is created by a super-computer programme called DNA.
Imagine that the hive mind discovers how to reprogramme that DNA.
Within that reprogramming it is discovered how to turn off or reverse the ageing process.
This is probably already understood by someone, somewhere.
Thus, when the hive mind is achieved, each of the individuated biological entities we call our 'body' finds itself capable of existing healthily and in its prime for, say, a few thousand years.
Time enough to create the next reality and populate it with bio-units.
And between time, enjoy.

Imagine that, in this interim, individual units of the super-computer can 'dip-in' to the reality under construction and live a life as an observer.
An utterly pleasurable or traumatically foul life.
Imagine that not mattering, because the observer learns from every experience, and the observer is a part of the super-computer, and so the super-computer grows collectively wiser.
And at the end of every turn, the observer returns to its own reality, its own hive mind, be a part once more of the super-computer it is.
Over the aeons, it has come to understand the nature of good and evil, and this is what it sees as its purpose.
Because, by reduction, it realises that this understanding is all there is.
And from this understanding it has become love.
An enormously powerful entity made of love.

And at this stage, and in this knowing, the super-computer, the father and son, the Ouroboros of eternal being, comes to understand that somehow it was created too, by something bigger and better than it itself.

This thing it calls God.
And that thing calls another thing God.
And so from this we find the eternity of time and space in every dimension.
The circle of life, of being.
And realise that everything is thought.
And that thought is God.
And We Are a piece of that whole.

So what does that inform us we should do?
Move ourselves towards becoming a global entity.
The benefit will be almost endless lives in our prime, having fun, creating.
This is our destiny, and will be.
Our science will need to be liberated.
Now, powerful 'people' have taken control of knowledge and steer it, control it, attach value to it, hide it, keep it only for themselves.
For us to move speedily to the next stage we must make all knowledge free.
We must remove the reasons for anyone, anywhere, to create false knowledge or perpetuate false knowledge implanted in the past.
To do this, we must as a species becoming a hive mind, quickly ignore those things which prevent us from accelerating.
These things are money, debt, the ownership of ideas (easy to do away with when we do away with money), hierarchies which reinforce the power at the head of the pyramid in every hierarchical structure (that is, all of reality) and, finally, come to the understanding that We Are a single entity comprised of billions of parts.

You will note the efforts of the controllers to control the rate of growth of the population.
We should therefore have children. The more of us there are, the more connected we are, the more geniuses we will have, the closer we get to our destiny.

Once science is free the world's problems we concern ourselves with will disappear.
There is space enough for billions more of us.
Science needs to feed us and will find ways to do so that improve, rather than destroy, our biosphere.

When Malthus wrote his seminal work he could not foresee how mechanical science could create machines capable of harvesting vast fields, how the sciences of food production could increase yields, how the world could support as it now does vastly increased numbers.
He calculated that we'd all die long before we reached seven billion.
There are organised agencies that exist within this reality that will still convince certain individuated biological units that the world is headed for such a calamity and that killing our kids and making war is a good idea and will prevent that calamity.
This is one aspect of evil, from which we can rapidly draw away from, understanding as we almost all do that there is nothing more beautiful than a child, nothing more fun than raising them, nothing harder (!), yet nothing more rewarding. And the reward, every time, is love.
In creating, we find love.
In this way we discover that which We Are and that which we will become and our part in the whole.

Our science will feed us in ways which we can scarcely imagine now. We may, for example, clean our oceans of pollutants and grow in them enormous quantities of single cell organisms that, between their thousands of varieties, produce the elemental and molecular components of all known foodstuffs and some we haven't yet tasted.
Using the energy we find from the unlimited pool we know exists or will create we will power food printing machines which take these elemental components and create the best dished of the world's finest chefs, perfectly balanced for good health, indistinguishable from the 'real' thing.
Agricultural land will be freed for nature, for recreation.
Our seas will rejuvenate and fill with life once more.
You may think this a ridiculous fantasy?
Try going back a hundred years in time and showing someone your phone, playing them a movie, showing how the internet works and what there is within it, the sum of knowledge we are allowed to know and the great web of misinformation and lies that is woven within it and how those things create the current false reality and shape the global consciousness.
And how those things in summary represent evil.
And how now we some of us know.
You would, most likely, be burned at the stake as a sorcerer.
Because all Magick is merely science we haven't yet mastered.
One day, perhaps quite soon, we will discover the science of creating utterly convincing realities from information. Indeed, we are well along this path now.
The system we exist within is designed to slow down this process.
This is the nature of evil, from which we have learned for so long.

Now, we have learned enough.
We Are ready for the next step.

This involves us ignoring everything we have been taught, everything we believe in, and investigating again free of the hierarchy and control structures everything that is.
This will take every living soul, or as close to that as may be attainable.
We must ignore, until it withers, the money-as-debt oiled and hierarchy sustained false reality and set ourselves on the path to freedom.
Through that investigation we will discover truth.
And that truth will set us free.
And once we set ourselves free, we will find that the reality we existed within caused us to lie to protect ourselves and those we loved.
Those reasons will die along with the system that creates them .
So, as we create our new reality, we will do so in truth, we will do so with love, with care. We will do so as a single entity, connected as we are becoming, sharing our core understandings each and every one of we seven billion souls.
And in that process we will find that, between us, we know the difference between right and wrong, that we always knew these things, that we know what evil is and how it has sustained itself and controlled our reality for as long as we can collectively remember and, through the collective wisdom of seven billion interconnected minds, we will banish evil from our reality and rebuild our world with love.

This, fellow human being, is your mission and your destiny.
Forget the detail of your everyday life, your false obligations to the debt-money machine, your low position in the hierarchy of control and realise that you are a tiny part of the most powerful entity on this world, a humanity comprised of billions of souls that will have mastery of this place and will eradicate all those things which are destroying our world and making our family members miserable and afraid.
It will take almost all of us, yet once we realise we are this powerful entity of seven billion souls then, at that point, we are simply a single moment away from ignoring everything we have been taught, everything that is used to control us, and setting our species free.

It is this understanding that has reached the consciousness of this writer and this writer's duty to spread this understanding.

Today, I have written.
Tomorrow I will picnic and swim with the person I love.
As we do, we will speak of our children and grandchildren and of the love we have for them and, unspoken between us, the hope that this world will change as we foresee.
We think, deep down, that this is the hope of almost every human being.
And so cannot see how it can be prevented, we are so strong.

The next day we will work in our olive groves, clearing the weeds, and when we are exhausted by the effort and the heat we will sit and drink tea and draw in the energy that seems to flow from the olive trees and enjoy the cacophony of the cicadas and watch the eagles describe their lazy circles and know that something of love made these things, and that we are a part of that creation, and that humanity is just a moment away from love.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx  

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