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The more "out there" an idea is, the further from normalcy it is, the more insane the originator of the idea is considered by the mass of humanity.
In the 1970's Philip K Dick assured us we were living in a computer generated Matrix, that true experiences of 'deja vu' were the only times we got to see a glitch in the background programme.
This was nicely referenced in the Matrix movie, when Neo saw the black cat twice, and no doubt the cat belonged to Schrodinger.
Now, 40 years after Dick's assertion, increasing numbers of the world's brightest physicists and other thinkers are getting closer to agreeing with the sci-fi writer that gave us Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and other prescient works.
I've posted other videos from "Quantum Gravity Research" before. They are a team of genius scientists and free thinkers based in California trying to piece together a theory of everything.
Amongst the things discussed in this "they must be crazy" video are:
All time exists always.
(It's best to think of watching a DVD. You watch it in sequence, but the beginning and the end are always there. Will WE be able to press 'rewind' at some point, or fast forward?)
The future can affect the past, just as the past can affect the future.
(Our current reality is dominated by the past, but our future is now breaking through. We think crop circles are messages from our future. Reassuring messages, full of hope and playfulness.)
Everything is made of information.
(Think of the best computer game, then think what they'll be like in 100 years....if/when we wake up as a species and stop the virus that's infected this reality.)
Things only exist because of Consciousness, the witness AND the Creator.   
(This 'consciousness' is not yours, nor mine, yet it is both. It is the consciousness of billions of human beings, the collective consciousness that creates this reality. Currently, as we see, an evil force determines the shape of this reality by dominating the consciousness of humanity. Your Mission, humanity, should you choose to accept it, is to wake up to the overwhelming power of the collective consciousness of the human species to create reality.)
The sick paedo child killing Aleister Crowley said "Do what thou wilt is all of the law".
Understand that he was warning the elite of the danger of the collective human will, the collective human consciousness that desires, at its core, love, justice, peace, fellowship, a good laugh, sharing, caring, and a beautiful world.
This is our message: The current controllers of this reality are consciousness controllers. It is from this control of OUR power that they derive theirs. Without our compliance, they are as nothing.
Rest assured that the future human species is now calling to its predecessors.
We Are waking ourselves up.
There will come a Moment.
And in that Moment, the world will change.

Please find the time to get your head around this. 
It's the future closing the conduit.

We've reposted below the last "lunatic' post, so you know where we are coming from.
Remember, the 'Devil' is in detail.
The fake news and the fake alternative media insist that you get bogged down in the 'REAL' issues, absorb, debate and argue over the "REAL" news.
Why do you think they spend their billions and employ their best deceivers to do this?
Because the detail is simply detail.
What there is in each and every one of us, the beautiful soul that we see in the eyes of a new born child, that core of love that is our human essence, that which THIS reality distorts and misshapes and perverts, that which this reality instructs you does not exist.

Now, take the time to listen to Terence McKenna. It fits:

A previous post, reposted in the hope that you might share, or that at least one person might make a comment!

Q:Why is there 'money'?
A: To exercise control over information and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.
(Consider: The masters of this reality have all the money they will ever need, have used the creation of money as debt from thin air to gain a stranglehold over every aspect of human endeavour. The Queen never carries money. Money is nothing to them other than an instrument of control. It is employed in countless ways but its chief employment, at core, is the control of human consciousness (that is, what we believe) and control of scientific knowledge, experiment and history. Consider, as we have pointed out here many times, that the human species accelerates in collective intelligence as the population grows and as connectivity grows. They fight this by trying to reduce the population and by controlling education and dumbing down the species. They at least, even if most humans do not, see the threat to their continued evil rule in the acceleration of collective intelligence brought about simply by numbers. Consider the increases in computer processing power and liken that to humanity. If we are just one million, we may have just one genius. Seven thousand million = 7,000 ultra-bright people. As we have spread the knowledge of a single lingua-franca we are much more able to communicate. The power uses its money to misguide and distract the clever human beings or absorb them into its money-created power structure but it is not enough. At some point the human species will come to the realisation that there is indeed a vast and well organised evil force in the world but that, compared to the species as a whole, their number is minuscule. This will be the Wizard of Oz moment, the lifting of the veil, the apocalypse. Money is at its most useful when applied to the control of information and knowledge simply because such control is the most important survival need of the masters. In simple terms, money exists to slow human beings down. Consider a world without money. Science would advance in the direction it needs to rather than the direction which will bring most control over humanity and most profit to the lackeys of the system. Consider how pharmaceuticals kill or merely treat symptoms to produce a cash-cow, and how we might instead work in this area were there no money. Consider all the fine minds bought and paid for by the military industrial complex and consider how that brain-power might be better employed were there no money, no need for money. Remember, money is a recent invention, its purpose to store power, that power used to control information, that process designed to slow our rate of population growth (via war and starvation and engineered sickness) and our rate of intellectual advance.)

Q: Why is there evil?
A: To exercise control over human consciousness and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.
(Consider: The masters of this reality have, throughout known history, focused in their empire building on the utter destruction of tribal peoples and their lore and their understanding of balance. These ancient and more recent tribal peoples had no money but existed by trade and barter and by the exchange of obligation. They understood duty simply by virtue of needing others to be dutiful. One simple example: Care for the elderly, because one day you will be elderly yourself. Another: Share what you have with those that need, because one day your harvest might fail. Another: Do your best, because nobody respects the lazy, but everybody respects the trier. These are simple, human, instinctive understandings and can be recognised as the core of many religions because of that (although the religions, in the main, have been usurped by the masters and sullied with their input, their paedophilia and satanic rituals, their hierarchies, their fake divisions that cause seekers of God to go to war with one another when they share that most intrinsic desire to find and commune with the creator. ALL seekers of God should be people of love and peace, those most basic human desires.)
So: If we had been left to our own devices we would, as tribal peoples advancing into the future we created, gradually become more and more civilised, gradually overlain our tribal understandings onto the modern societies we developed. Peace and love and freedom and duty and obligation and respect for nature, all those things lost to the evil power which dominates the world, would reign supreme. They will in the future, they must in the future, because those things are essential to our survival as a species, which we all now understand is threatened by their antithesis.
Evil exists because it has the power to alter the collective, tribal, human instincts and, through fear and engineered greed and temptation steer humanity away from its path and in that way prevent our sharing of discovery and knowledge and thereby slow down our rate of advance.

Q: Why is there power?
A: To exercise control over population size and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.

(Consider: The masters of this reality have built a vast, ordered pyramid of control which we humans populate and keep in good order, usually for money or 'position' within the system. This power is essential to their purpose. It enables them to create revolution, war, starvation and sickness. It enables them to alter our consciousness such that we feel it is a right to be able to kill our unborn, that we feel that by our activities we are destroying the world, that we are bad for the world and should not reproduce. Wherever the consciousness control matrix is at its strongest we note that human beings are no longer producing sufficient children to sustain populations, let alone grow them. Power has been used to destroy families, to destroy the woman as a creator of home and a raiser of children, to emasculate men, to 'educate' humanity that children are a bad idea because 'we' are destroying our planet.
“We” are NOT destroying our planet. It is quite clear which individuals are responsible for nuclear and other pollutions. It is quite clear who is spraying us daily. It is quite clear which people thought it was a good idea to explode over 2,000 nuclear bombs for testing, which people therefore sowed cancer into the future. It is quite clear, everywhere you look, that it is power, and power alone, that is deliberately and with evil intent destroying our planet and, in the process, destroying life itself.
Unless we, as a single species, unite to stop this process, then inevitably we will shrink in number. Many people are educated to believe this would be a good thing because they believe the overpopulation myth. The world is a vast place. The population density of Paris is 54,150 per square mile. It's a nice city, full of open spaces, squares, museums, galleries, hospitals, sports fields and so on, densely populated in its centre, less so in its often delightful suburbs, crowded where the poor are crammed together. Texas is a big state, with 268,820 square miles. If Texas was a city JUST LIKE Paris, it could house 268,820 x 54,150 people. That is, 14,556,603,000 people. To make that clearer, that's 14 BILLION people could be housed in Texas in a city like Paris. TWICE the current world population. AND THE REST OF THE WORLD WOULD BE EMPTY.
The population of our species has grown because we have advanced our methods of producing what is needed. As we get smarter (because of our number) we can sustain larger populations. The destruction of environment is NOT a product of human existence, rather the product of the evil of our masters that care not what they destroy in the exercise of their power.
Over history, the countless wars and famines have occurred as a result of the exercise of power. Power exists for that purpose alone, the purpose of culling the human species and preventing its advance.

Q: What is reality?
A: An interpretation of information in which medium it is possible to create a new generator of information equal to the original.

(Consider: Many scientists are almost scared to speak this truth, but we now understand, from quantum physics, that our reality is an expression of information which takes the form it does through some underlying 'programme' conveyed via some kind of 'vibration' (string theory). We know that everything is connected, that reality itself is an entity, and that it is living consciousness that calls this reality into being. We are existing in a very sophisticated type of computer game and our consciousness creates this reality. Ergo, by controlling the consciousness of humanity, the power is able to shape reality. Ergo, if we destroy the hold the power has over us, humanity could re-engineer this reality, for example to end war, starvation, need, homelessness, fear, debt, injustice and so on (i.e. the products of the power).
Now consider the direction of advance that humanity, as it grows in number and so intelligence, is taking. We are designing ways to create alternative realities (for instance in computer gaming) and picking apart the basic components of world building (for instance in our study of DNA, the computer programme that exists in every cell of every single living thing.)
We are also building faster and faster computers.
The power controls all of this science and steers it away from its ultimate purpose. Its ultimate destination is this: The human race will, at some point, have mastered the technology required to construct alternative realities as perfect and beautiful as this one, populated with living beings as immaculate and perfect as those we are and see about us.
To reach this destiny humanity needs to do two things: Firstly to free itself from the controls which prevent us from sharing freely and by that process speed up the rate of advance. Secondly to produce more very bright people. That is, to grow in number.
We ask the reader to consider this:
If there is a Creator, and Einstein and Planck and most sensible scientists agree that there simply must be, then that Creator would wish to create something in its own image, just as we humans create children.
Something in the Creator's image would, therefore, grow and develop into something able to create.
Our human species has that destiny, as we can clearly see if we pause to consider for just a moment.

We should wonder why there is evil at this higher level. We are seven billion souls and perhaps each body is merely the avatar in the game of life for seven billion consciousnesses and perhaps each 'life' is only a part of the millennial education process the Creator needs us to go through. In each life we do good and we do evil, ('let him that has not sinned cast the first stone') and so, over many lives, we learn of evil both as givers and receivers. If, as a species, we had existed true to our inner natures and developed into the civilisation that is to come, without passing through the fire, then certainly we would NOT understand evil, would not understand the supremacy of Good, of Love. If we are to become a creative force then we needed to learn this lesson, to learn from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil.
In this way Evil served the purpose of the Creator.
The question is: Have we learned enough?
The evidence would suggest that we haven't. Human beings are locked into the system and almost cannot avoid being contributors to evil. (You vote, your Government bombs children, your Priests and politicians and social workers rape them, the system you support with your vote ensures that).

However: The rising number of 'truthers', of conspiracy theorists, of others that simply no longer believe, is EVIDENCE that we are approaching the point at which we have learned enough. As a species, in our billions, we are fed up with putting up with the evil that corrodes and assaults our very being. We need good, we need love, we need peace, we need justice and WE WILL HAVE THESE THINGS.

Q: What is humanity?
A: Billions of advanced neural networks becoming a single entity of enormous power.

The human brain is the most advanced biological computer we can dream of, so far ahead of our current and clumsy understandings that we feel as children standing before God, the Creator. As we grow in number, as we grow in collective intelligence, only power is now standing in the way of our species becoming something which is greater than its individual, weak, afraid, dumbed down components. As the picture demonstrated in the previous post, it is no accident that our cities resemble the architecture of silicon chips. Consider the flow of human beings around the circuits we have created, the meeting points where information is exchanged, where ideas formulate.
Consider how this city architecture is now expanding into a global information exchange, where billions of individual minds can group, can coalesce, can form into an entity.
Consider how the mainstream media is losing its grip on our consciousness, how we are beginning to realise something is not right with this world and, from that realisation, there is a growing and instinctive urge to de away with what is and co-create something new.
This urge is held back by the strategy and control techniques of the power, which is still able to convince immature human beings that to kill for 'God' is wonderful, to fight for 'Country' is fine, to be aggressive in your pursuit of personal 'stuff' is a good thing, to 'serve' your government is laudable and so on. In the next layer of deceit constructed by our masters is a new generation of human beings who are ready to fall into the next trap, the 'Phoenix' New World Order, dominated by unelected NGOs, by fake 'charities', by 'self-governing sustainable cities', all committed to fighting 'global warming/climate change', all in receipt of an electronically generated 'universal basic income' and so on. Our young, those we relied upon to alert humanity to the mistakes of the past, are victims of the greatest psi-op ever perpetrated upon our species. It is they who are intended, from the depths of the despair that the impending chaos brings, will follow with a heart's leap the new/old 'King' who will bring peace to the world.

The power of the human species, it's creative force as an entity, is a prize.
There is a creature amongst us that seeks that power.
It is not Gold they desire, but the collective power of the human consciousness.
In this way we can each of us see our individual power. Not as sole agents, but rather as part of the single, genetically almost homogeneous human species. We are not nations, races, individuals. Rather we are ONE worldwide intelligence, inter-reliant, inter-dependant, a species that through co-operation and sharing is destined for a creative greatness which is far better than the sum of its parts.
You are not 'I'.
You are a part of 'WE'.
And 'We Are' a beautiful, loving, creative force in the universe.

(Here we move on as we have covered some of the bullet-points already)

Q: How do we progress?
A: Turn away from Evil.

(Consider: Every single human being has been tainted by the evil-dominated reality we exist within. Therefore, as evil intended when it created its ridiculous Magickal systems, we most of us can see no way out and feel powerless to change the world. This is a recipe for the disaster that is imminent if you still live in a country un-bombed, is the current reality if you live in a country torn apart by the agents of evil.
We are, as a species, driven towards the concerns of daily existence, distracted (in the few hours we have that are not spent doing our master's bidding) by 'entertainment', by 'bread and circuses' as described two thousand years ago.
However, amongst our species now are those who are escaping the consciousness-control matrix.
This is no accident.
The power foresaw the arrival of the freethinkers and laid its plans to subvert and control these rogue mavericks and has had, via its agents, some considerable success.
But it has not been enough.
Daily the lies are being discovered, the liars identified, the deceptions worked out and this understanding spread. Only the freshly awakened and naive now believe Alex Jones or the off-springs of that fount of evil that have distributed themselves around the internet.
As the fully awake grow in number so humanity itself is being subject to a change in consciousness. We are becoming sceptics and, beneath that scepticism are realising, slowly, that which we all share: a desire for peace, an end to injustice, a world that reflects our human nature at its core, that is good, that is loving and caring, that shares.
Those with vision see how the power is preparing to usurp this growing understanding and offer its fake charities, its awful NGOs as a simulacrum of true humanity BUT already we know of their existence and the evil that sits behind them.
We are, as a species, slowly but inexorably WAKING UP.
When there are enough of us fully awake, when their deceptions are fully exposed, at that very MOMENT we will, as a species, realise that we can simply and immediately walk away from evil into good, that we can, by virtue of our collective intelligence and the power of our billions, simply ignore evil until it withers (wilts) and dies.
This MOMENT will surely arrive.

It is within our grasp right now.....

Know that the destiny of humanity is close.
We must fight for our future.
Our weapons are love, sharing, understanding, but chiefly our vast number.
Connect with your tribe.
Share this understanding.
The conduit closes.
We Are One.
The Moment is coming.
It is for you to make this change happen.

With Love,

xxx xxx xxx  


rainbowsophie said...

I'm here, I read, I try to understand ... But sometimes it takes several times of reading the articles to fully grasp the concepts that you are putting forward ! Ever since I was a child I have believed that time was not linear but on a continuous loop, that there was no future and no past as such, and that one could join and leave at any point. But to try to explain that to others, the concepts are so out there, that they glaze over. I start slowly to wake people up, I have 3 or 4 who are at various stages of 'awakening' and hope to introduce them to your blog soon. We will reach the tipping point of consciousness, but cannot hurry something quite so important. Much love xx and Namaste

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Rainbowsophie,
We hope are coming to a different understanding of the nature of this reality, the creator, the purpose of existence and, above all, the true nature and destiny of the collective consciousness we call humanity.
We believe humanity have been left clues from the 'past' and are getting assistance and guidance from the 'future'. We sense there is nothing but good will in that process, but that we are being tested and being forced to choose the shape of our human reality by expressing our shared will: That is seven billion consciousnesses coming together and deciding that there shall be no more evil, that we shall collectively strive towards a world built from love and good as first principles and, with careful deliberation, design a reality that precludes organised evil.
We believe that the story of our species is this story, that of our journey towards knowledge and understanding. We believe that once humanity has broken free of the shackles that imprison our consciousness that we shall quickly make incredible strides forwards. At some point thereafter we will be capable of creating realities just as 'real' and beautiful as this one, and indeed we have the model for this all around us.
Once we have that capability it is not too much of a stretch to realise that we have the potential for the immortality of our consciousness, set in the reality we create, perhaps given the capability to be reborn at the 'end' of each go.
This is why we tell of the ouroboros, the snake swallowing its tail. You see, it makes sense that if WE can reach this creative future, then perhaps we have already done so and THIS is it.
'Dimensions', that physicists tell us there are many of, are realities WE have created, time and again, each time we reach our destiny, kinda like Russian dolls.
We think that our current 'masters' have a grip on this stuff. They say that the quantum computers are 'looking into' other dimensions....which means they can see how all this is done. What they are afraid of is revealed to them therein. They see the power of collective human consciousness and the fundamental nature of love as a creative force, it being the single thing that can bring unity of consciousness. Evil is destructive (as we see) and love creative (as we are about to learn once we use this internet to find the core understandings of our world tribe: Our Humanheartedness.)
That probably doesn't make things clearer! But lots of love to you and yours, Rainbow Warrior that you are. Keep with us. There's much more to come.
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx