Friday, July 14, 2017

Deep thought........

Deep thinkers please.
Everything we talk about every day is mere detail.

Drive to the essence of these questions:

Q:Why is there 'money'?
A: To exercise control over information and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.

Q: Why is there evil?
A: To exercise control over human consciousness and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.

Q: Why is there power?
A: To exercise control over population size and thereby SLOW the rate of human advance.

Q: What is reality?
A: An interpretation of information in which medium it is possible to create a new generator of information equal to the original.

Q: What is humanity?
A: Billions of advanced neural networks becoming a single entity of enormous power.

What this sequence shows is the creation of a 'world brain', a single conscious entity created from billions of biological super-computers. THIS is what We Are, en-route to that destiny, about to be born.

Q: What power does consciousness have?
A: The power to order reality.

Q: What power will the single entity called 'humanity' have?
A: Creating.

Q: What's happening now?
A: Something is trying to prevent humanity from reaching its destination.

Q: Why?
A: Before reaching our destination, we need to arrive at a consensus regarding Good and Evil, otherwise we would not be ready.

Q: How do we progress?
A: Turn away from Evil.

Q: Evil shapes every aspect of this reality. How can we simply turn away from it?
A: Find our consensus regarding good and evil, using our connectivity, then make a simple decision in our collective consciousness.

Q: Won't Evil try and prevent that?
A: Yes. But We Are legion, and Evil has no power other than that which it exercises over human consciousness. If we ignore Evil, and everything it has built, it will wither and die in a Moment.

Q: When might this Moment come?
A: When humanity realises its shared consciousness. The tools are at hand. It might happen 'tomorrow'. That is a matter of collective will, of finding the simplicity of the shared desire for love.

Q: Will there be another horrible war?
A: Only if we can't demonstrate that, collectively, the single connected human entity is a creature of love, of good.

Q: How can we demonstrate that?

A: By finding the shared desires of the billions of individuated processing units called people that form the whole entity called humanity.

(Our suggestion is that this become the focus of all alternative media that is free. Connecting people and finding the core shared understandings, the deep seated 'nature' of humanity. That is: Count us, and see We Are strong...........) 

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