Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Seekers....YOU should do this......

Find an hour or two of time.
Find quiet.
Find comfort.

Free your mind of trivia.
Into that empty space conjure this image:
A sphere of light energy spinning, gyrating, complex, active, bustling, forming a whole around your self, your inner consciousness.
Can you see and feel it?

Populate that bustling entity with the things you know: faces, places, songs, sounds, tastes, aromas,memories, the stroke of a cat, the running of a rabbit, the pounce of a tiger, the song of a whale, butter melting on toasted bread, the laugh of a child, the endless unstoppable giggles of a gaggle of teenagers sharing a private joke, the smile that touched your heart, tenderness,anger, hatred, love, people who have passed, desires yet unfulfilled, your own dreams.

Take a while.
Populate your all-encompassing sphere with all there is that you know.
Take a while, and sense your self as the living centre.

You are the centre of your own, personal universe of experience.

Now: Extend tendrils from your mind into the maelstrom.
Begin with regret and apology. Let each tendril reach out and find the harm you did and, in your mind, message your sorrow.
Take your time.

Now add to that tendril another, reaching for that which gives you pride.
Take your time.

Slowly, add other tendrils and, where they touch people or living things, send a message that expresses your finer, better self, your beautiful core, the very heart of you, the generosity of forgiveness, the desire to be pure of heart, the child of love you were born.

Find things you love.
Find things that hurt you.
Find the hurt you did.
Take your time.

And, always, keep the gyrating, spinning sphere in your mind's eye, now populated with tendril after tendril of light, reaching out and touching what there is and what there has been.

You are the very centre of your own universe.
Let your consciousness speak to your creation.

You cannot know your future, but your future knows you, just as you know your past.

Imagine your future self doing just as you do know.

Imagine that future self noticing something that dominates its own personal universe.

The day you did this.

The day you realised you are the master of your own existence.
The day you understood how you shape this reality.

Do one more thing for us.

When you are in your sphere, reach out for those you don't know but that share your desire for love to be the measure and intent of our species.
They are there, shining, spinning, whirling, as many as the stars in the night sky and as easily visible.

Imagine their bustling spheres, in their billions.

Send out a tendril of light to each of them, all at once, as if there has been an explosion of light emanating from you. 

Fill your heart with love and pour it through the conduit you have made.

Feel theirs in return.
Find ours, if you will.  

Love is the creative force.
Let it free.
Let it be.

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