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If we are to be great....

(Here we explain how the meek shall inherit the earth, the simplicity of such a collective undertaking, and the beauty of the human destiny which is now so close.)

Your body is crowned by your head, within which lies the thinking machine.
Consider the human species as a single entity.
It too has a body, say the 7 billion souls that do not trouble themselves with thought above the ordinary.
Leaving a few hundred million that think outside the box, those that can dream the exceptional dream, connect the disparate dots, write a beautiful poem or a symphony of the elements, those that set out on voyages of discovery because the known truth does not satisfy.

These people are not somehow 'better' than others. We do not despise the heart or consider it less essential to our being than the mind, only think of it as 'lower' because of the way we interpret space and gravity. Both are essential to human life, as is every organ of our bodies.

We have been taught that it is OK to think of our intelligentsia as somehow superior, giving respect and titles to them, paying them more, but they are merely differently gifted human beings, in a world of beautifully gifted creatures called humanity.

Can they create wonderful meals, soothe the troubled brow of a child, quiet a violent drunkard, fix a television, spend ten hours lifting heavy boxes, drive a truck, operate a bulldozer, catch fish, sing a lullaby that brings tears to the eyes of the auditors, be wise to the ways of bullies, comfort the dying, care for the mentally disturbed, catch a murderer, douse a raging fire?

Just as the body needs the heart, so humanity needs each and every individual. We should not give extra value those who by the luck of the genetic draw are brighter than the rest. Our species needs brawn as much as brain, needs every quality of every individual to create the 'body' that is our species.

Each person bears responsibility for the overall performance of the species.

If we are to be great, this understanding needs to be gained.

We each of us have only time and effort that can be contributed.
Time and effort.
Why should the time and effort of the great actor, the amazing organiser, the brilliant scientist, be valued more than the same amount of time and effort of the waste collector, the rat catcher, the drain clearer, the shelf filler?

In truth, we can do without the former group, but cannot do without the latter.

The old system our species is still hampered with and weighed down and held back by insists on the hierarchy of money, insists on selling the dream of riches whilst paring and paring the lives of the ordinary citizen closer and closer to the bone.

Face the awful truth of this: We Are as a species dying in droves because the system and its hierarchies do not value the 'ordinary' citizen. There is no equality of life expectancy in this world. The 'poor' die quicker, everywhere.

And yet the great masses are a valuable resource to those that master this reality and have shaped this catastrophic world we witness today.
They are the useful dupes that, for the lowest wages, create almost everything that our masters profit from.

They are the easily swayed that, through the vast propaganda engines directed at them, can be brought to the ranks of armies, believing themselves 'patriotic', that can be turned into Jihadists believing themselves to be acting for God, that will buy the latest gadget or pair of sneakers believing that somehow this will make their lives better, that queue up to vote in the fake elections believing themselves to be part of the 'democratic' process and thereby free.

The low pay and dire prospects of these masses ensure they will get the poorest nutrition, live in the worst houses, exist in the most disordered and violent neighbourhoods, consume more tobacco, alcohol and drugs and yet, like every human being, they can only give their time and their effort.

The masters of this reality, its despoilers, the great weight that hangs around the neck of our species and chains it firmly to its terrible past, rely upon the gullibility of the masses, relies upon keeping them distracted and occupied with their daily struggle.
And so the heart of humanity's body is weakened.

The mind of humanity is similarly misused. Drawn into the web of hierarchy, educated to focus on specialisms, rewarded with status and a few extra dollars, seduced by the comforts of middle class existence, made to feel as though their minds are less controlled by the provision of media especially created for them, those more reasoned and highbrow debates, those more intellectual articles, so that they become smug, so that they believe that their minds are free.

Then there is another variety of human being. Those that understand they are a part of a great evil but care not, sacrificing their humanity for the baubles and bling of relative wealth, for the ability to commit crime and evade justice because they are a part of the system, for the opportunity to satisfy the basest lusts knowing that no police officer will knock their door at three in the morning because the masters of this world protect those servants that ensure the continuance of their mastery.
We have, as a species, a few million of these inhuman individuals.
WE fear them at the moment, because the system is badly shaped.
When we reshape the system we will fear them no longer and they will be awoken from their dreamless sleep and find that justice does indeed exist in this world and has come for them at last.

Earlier we wrote “If we are to be great”.

Right now we are witnessing the death throes of a centuries old empire.
The last hundred years of this empire has seen it desperately increasing its efforts to defeat its three major enemies:
The unity of humanity.
The population.
Our collective intelligence and free will.

They have attacked our unity by destroying the family unit and convincing us that family cohesion is less important than individual happiness and satisfaction. They have attacked our unity by making us go to war with each other, nation against nation and now religion against religion in a time when half the world has woken up to the terrible and evil legacy of the major religions, their relentless catalogue of enforced ignorance, burnings at the stake, beheadings, ritualised and organised child abuse and child murder, their accumulation of vast riches whilst exhorting the poor to give, their deliberate and callous mind-programming of those yearning for a connection with the creator and with love. They have attacked unity by destroying organised labour, by clamping down or deliberately making violent our protests, by unsettling communities by enforcing immigration, by widening the gap between rich and poor, by failing to police our communities and in a myriad of other ways. Most recently they have given human beings toys to play with such that we focus on the toys and not the reality and its people around us. We become ever more separate whilst being conned into believing we are somehow 'connected'.

The population of our species is a major threat. Bear in mind that the more We Are, the more bright minds we have, the more easily we can see through the deceptions of the empire of evil, the closer we get to shrugging them off and creating a different world. And so they brought us family planning and mass abortion and taught is these things were our 'rights'. And so they have us at each others throats again and again in mass conflict, readying and twisting our minds into compliance through relentless propaganda and other secretive actions creating fake 'enemies' and thereby rationalising the mass killings. Rest assured they are building up to the next such mass killing event, unless the entity that is humanity comes quickly to its senses.
It is the intention of the masters to set us back centuries by this coming conflagration, to reduce the threat of an awakened 7 billion human beings back to almost zero.

If, by some strange chance, you are one of the human beings that is not aware of any of this information and have happened accidentally on this blog, consider this simple fact:
All through history the rulers of this reality have enjoyed the most awful and inhuman freedoms.
They have taken whoever they desired to use as a sexual entertainment and enjoyed the freedom to brutally rape and then torture and murder that human being for fun without any censure, without any fear of justice. A quick reading of any history book will tell you this is true, from the Pharaohs, the Roman Emperors, the Kings and Queens of every nation, the dictators, the leaders of the great religions, an unending catalogue that bears witness to this awful truth. Know too that these days are not passed, that half an hour on well researched internet sites or reading the books of historians that speak the truth or investigative reporters that are unafraid or those very few police officers that forsake their careers by speaking the truth will tell you that our masters are still, these days, availing themselves of captured human beings for their sexual gratification and then disposing of them once they have had their fun. If you cannot believe it true of our current rulers, why is it so easy to believe it of our past kings and emperors? And what do you think has changed in terms of their desires and their ability to evade justice?
The human species is viewed as their property, to use and abuse at their will.
This is the true nature of power and why, as a species, we needs must do away with the idea of power and the invested authority of hierarchy forever. None should be above the law. No system should exist that allows such exemption, such power to grow amongst us again.
For this reason alone the human race must find an alternative to money, that artificial tool that enables the focusing of power into fewer and fewer hands by its very nature.

Our collective intelligence and free will have been under attack for decades and, during that time, our masters have added technological tools that are like a dream come true for them. They have been successful in remodelling and putting into a state of permanent chaos our education systems and by doing so taking from teachers the freedom to teach and the motivation to impart not just knowledge but also wisdom and the ability to think. Through such controls they have also engineered the body of knowledge imparted such that, around the world, there is only one body of 'truth' and that 'truth' has been ordained by the hierarchy of power. They have been successful in 'dumbing down' the population, whilst at the same time increasingly indebting our young through the student loans system such that our young enter the world of work saddled by almost unpayable debt and so will forever conform and keep their poor heads down and do as they are told for fear of being nable to 'repay' the debt which was created out of thin air and wrapped around their consciousness.
Combined with these efforts there has been an enormous, massively funded propaganda engine constructed, of which the internet is a key component, designed to create division, distraction and, ultimately and most importantly, disillusion.
Humanity has been taught that it is violent, dirty, uncaring, warmongering, angry, polluting, environment destroying, worthless, harmful, stupid, undeserving,
Day after day, article after article, news story after news story, documentary after documentary, debate after televised debate we are shown what depths we have plunged to, what harm we are doing.
Consider this: A thousand such stories, repeated day after day, in NO WAY represents humanity. There is no 'news' in the billions of people that pass each day doing NO harm, no 'news' in the billions that perform some act of kindness or sharing each and every day. Consider, too, that the very worst of the atrocities are committed by our governments as they pursue their wars, the violence and indiscriminate murder of our governments pales even the terrorists they largely arm and create into insignificance. Consider, too, the vast polluting and radioactive outpourings of the factories and electricity generating plants of the trillionaire elite families' corporations and their ownership of the world's oil supply and the petrochemical nightmare that derives from such ownership.

Human beings are generally quiet, generally fun loving, generally utterly opposed to polluting our planet, generally kind, generally desirous of the giving and receiving of hugs and love, generally non-violent, generally peaceful, generally meek.
This is the true nature of the entity that is humanity, and yet to a visitor from outside or to the creator that many believe in a different picture is created.
We seem monstrous, we who are generally harmless.
Because we have not made our reality reflect what we truly are as a species.
Because the meek have yet to inherit the earth and make good the damage of the past, shrug off the pervasive evil in our countless millions.

We believe that if we cast off the shackles, disaster will follow.
If we refuse to pay debt, our home will be taken.
True if we do so alone.
Untrue if we do so en masse.
If a single country refuses to pay its national debt, it will be destroyed.
True if one nation does so alone.
Untrue of every nation does so.
And how are we to take such actions?
By waiting for our masters to tell us we can have an election them giving us their candidates who will carry on the great debt deception?
Or by our agreeing, outside of any systemised hierarchy, simply to choose as a species to do this thing.

Every organised and systemised hierarchy will caution against such action.
Every beneficiary of the current system, politicians, leaders of NGOs and charities and think tanks, religious leaders, billionaires, corporation heads, judges, senior police officers and the cops that are locked into some secret society or another, every major and every leading alternative media voice, every senior university professor and so on will discourage, will try and divert or divide, will try and dissipate the sheer power of the meek simply, in their billions, to say “NO”.

But these voices and agencies conspiring to prevent we human beings retaking our planet, booting out evil and replacing it with good, these voices and agencies though they seem all-powerful are numbered in the few paltry millions.

The human species has a destiny that is different to the perpetual inequality, injustice, violence and perversion of what it truly means to be human that our history has bestowed on this present. We must, as a species, ignore and walk away from every power structure, even from our churches and temples and find our own quiet understanding of what our gods tells us we should do.
Love one another as brothers.
Do no harm.
Respect our garden of eden.
Grow our children into a future that truly reflects the shining beauty of our collective human spirit, our humanheartedness.

We know this blog is blocked by many algorithms, that many visits come from the intelligence agencies of the world power because the truths we speak are universal, the love we speak of merely waiting a short step away to be discovered by a humanity led astray, the true nature of humanity yearning to be expressed in this reality just an act of collective conscious will from being.
This is an easy thing for we billions to do.
And the time is here.

If you are one that reads here, please share, please copy and distribute, please link to or otherwise spread. Just do these things and humanity takes a step forward towards its collective destiny.

With our thanks,
Olive and Aktina Pempti.

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