Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Where are we?

Where are we, those of us that are awake?

Awake to what........?

Awake to the fact that the world is driven by an enormously well funded, well oiled, detailed strategy engine with the intent, nothing else, of creating evil, chaos and blood sacrifice.

We look around us, we human souls that have to an extent escaped the matrix, and we see how arrogant our masters are as they progress their plans.

We see how many of 'us', we awakened souls, are divided or distracted just as the sheeple are, that many of us are just sheeple too, falling as they do for a narrative, albeit a slightly different one, an especially created set of bullshit designed to mislead those who escape the rest of the fake rubbish that purports to be a 'human' world.

Everywhere the fake alternative media that many have given their loyalty to drive into our minds a daily dose of detail, yet more stuff for us to get 'into', new rabbit holes for us to dive into.
Do you see?

Never calling for unity around a simple, shared understanding.
Never trying to create a group, a million strong or more in every nation.

Never driving down to the core, the kernel, the seed of our human discontent and finding there that which we can all agree on.

If they do not do this, if they bring to your attention new horrors every day, point to different people or groups that are behind it all, never focus on what THIS is, the you know them to be either deluded, or controlled, or both......

This is how it is:
The world is evil because good human beings fear evil, inhuman, 'human' beings.
We are scared of 'them' and their power structure,their control matrix.

The world is evil because those inhuman creatures have shaped every aspect of the false reality to suit them such that they hold the reins of power over every aspect of our existence.

One man or woman cannot escape them.
But billions, together, can.

There is only one potential salvation for us, and that is that we “Good” humans, imperfect as we are, tainted as we are from having to exist within this corrupt and noisome quagmire, we FAR outnumber those that have sold their soul and don't give a shit as long as they can get whatever they want.

Despite the complexity and faux nuance created by the masters of this reality the world is a simple place, our human problems ready of an easy solution.

It simply requires the overwhelming majority of good human beings to walk away from every element of the control grid, away from money, from politics, from authority, from useless jobs, from unkindness and greed, from war, simply walk away from it all and make our own world.

As long as we each stand alone, as long as we each feel as though we are weak, as long as we are encouraged to discuss detail and so find discord then this evolution will never happen.

The result of this lack of unity will, as we see, cause millions of us to die..... right soon.
It has already killed millions.......

Find those who agree with you that the world should be good, that evil has had its day.
Nothing else.

Just shake hands on that simple agreement.
Then find more.

How long,in this way, would we take to discover our millions?
Our billions?

It could be done in a month.
We have the tools.

Seek agreement.
In simplicity.

In Good.

Then turn away from that which is evil.

And in that turning, don't seek guidance from some old book.
Look for your Godliness inside.
Look for the Love in yourself.
That Love is the God you seek.

We humans know right from wrong, know the difference between liberty and stupidity.
We called it Common Law.
Derived from Common Sense.

And in our old tribal times, we understood these things:
The freedom of the individual.
The obligation to others.
The danger of power.
The importance of wisdom.
The value of our world.
The beauty of our tribe.
What Good is, and its perfect value.

Find your friends today, in chat rooms, in comments,everywhere you go look for those who agree on this simple message:
Do you want the world to be different?
Do you want it to be organised for Good?
Then We Are now two, and no longer alone.........

Then three....

And maybe, just maybe, We Are One can become We Are the Human Race, and We Are Good.

That is our shared consciousness.
What unites us all.
In its most simple form.

Then the world will stop, and we can put the evil ones off the bus, and build our own reality.

Find your friends today.
Give yourselves a name.


We are humanhearted.
We are two already.
Will you hold our hands?

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx   

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