Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Don’t be drawn into the idea that those that rule us divide us so as to keep us weak.

Division is too simple an idea.

Fragmentation, even disintegration are the more appropriate terms.

The internet acts as a magnet for the disenchanted, the mavericks, the truth seekers, those that see the wrongs in the world and yearn for a fairer, more equitable, better world.

What this weapon against consciousness does is fragment that great surge of yearning, that hope, that ambition for a better world into a million shards, dissipating the energy that comes from unity.

Logic dictates that our wonderful species, empowered with the freedom of consciousness, will have as many points of view or opinions as there are members of our amazing clan.

So it is that our masters have ordained that there shall be a million places, offering a million alternatives to draw our energies, that there shall never be just one movement, just one single idea.

They fear most the unity of purpose that could unite our species, for in that unity of purpose, and in that unity of purpose alone, lies our salvation.

Speaking frankly, without a species wide unity of purpose, there is little hope for us.

Our current course and speed, together with the huge momentum of our existing systems of government, money, law, policing, religions and so on, mean that this juggernaut we call existence is very nearly at its terminus.

We cannot believe that this is not apparent to those that rule us.

We must therefore assume that this is their intent.

Once we understand that this termination of our species, or most of it, and the wanton destruction of other life forms across the globe is their intent, we must question what type of creature they are.

Inhumane is a word we have conjured to describe such beings.

One wonders, the truth being such an enigmatic and controlled creature, if that inhumanity is a secret hidden from the rest of us, that indeed there are those who are not human that live amongst, or rather above, the rest of us.

Perhaps one day we will know. But for now, the matter is irrelevant.

To unite humanity is a process we have yet to engage in, despite having the tools at hand to do so.

It can only come through a simplification, a process of distillation, a digging down to the core of our beings to discover what we, as a species, really want.

Only through that process can we discover what we share as a species, what we want for ourselves, what we want for our planet, what we want for our future.

That process can only lead to LOVE.

The idea of LOVE, unburdened by ideas of religion, not directed by political parties, disinterested in money or power, is the single beauty we all of us yearn for.

In this alone lies our unity.

From this alone will we find salvation and an end to this ugly and cruel reality.

From this unity in LOVE can we summon forth the creation of a new reality, the evolution of our species, our graduation into the cosmic whole.

If there is a force we use the term GOD to describe, it knows this.

And waits for us to find this one, simple truth.


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx

(As we watch the interaction of people we see the good and the evil co-mingled. The good comes from those that fight against the current reality, the evil from those that use its systems to dominate, to cheat, to better their own circumstances at cost to others, to do harm and take pleasure from that. The latter, though far fewer in number, have their hands at every level on the levers of power.

We see groups attempt to seize control of those levers.

They are always led by the latter type of human being, and therefore represent no change.

We understand that change will come only if the levers of power lose their strength, their ability to control humanity.

We understand that those levers are politics, religion, money, force, fear, status, greed, anger, the control of thought and consciousness and so on.

We understand that these things are history, that they are not humanity’s future.

We understand that humanity can simply walk away from these control structures, can set each other truly free, simply by uniting in LOVE.

And we too wait for humanity to find this one, simple truth.
And We Understand there is little time.)

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