Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some thoughts....

As the night turns into day so it is at its most impenetrable, not in its darkness but in its greyness. It is the sameness that unsights us.

So it is with now, so it is that it is the grey areas that unsight us.

The germination of seeds is not observable, unless you are a fanatic.

So it is that it is the fanatics that will see the evolution of humanity.

The rest will suddenly see the seedling, and marvel at its appearance.

We have the right to live, but not the right to die, nor the right to end a life.

To die before one’s time is to skip a lesson, to play hookie from school, to not face what needs to be faced.

To end a life is simply a mistake.

Saying we are too many will be wise, when we are too many.

We must arrive at that point to discover its lesson, but in between time simply share.

By our number we become clever, by our cleverness we thrive.

The idea that humanity can change, can put love first, can survive because it achieves that goal is scoffed at.

What dread hand and what dread eye framed that awful symmetry?

We are capable, so we will survive.

Humanity is the curator of life in this far corner of the universe.

Put simply, we will decide to do a good job of fulfilling that duty.

What else is there?

We argue about rights over each other, rather than duties to each other.

We measure ourselves against each other, rather than realise we are free.

To be singular, to have free will is the whole of the thing.

In our giving of freedom lies our salvation.

Our enemy understands this, and is as wily as a fox eating shit from a comb.

Unless we are of blood, we cannot understand our reality, we cannot trust anything we believe in, we cannot trust expertise, we cannot trust information.

All these imposters stand as the rood screen between humanity and actuality, framing our consciousness, placing altars in front of us that obscure our view.

This concatenation of lies continues to be orchestrated, therefore:

Believe in nothing except the idea of love.

After all, it’s what we have been told to do

Sin is harm.

No harm, no sin.


So whom do we choose to judge?

Love is a currency as vital and as enabling as the paper stuff, more so.

Love doesn’t count the cost.

But it gets the job done.

They say we are too many.

They say there is no stuff.

They say we are destroying our planet, our earth.

Hold on just a minute……

Can’t We find a better way?

We can hear the voices of children playing. How much of that play is orchestrated, to what extent is it a reflection of the false reality? As a child I’d emulate the Tommy Gun, rat-tat-tatting my German enemies. Now I know this was framed behaviour.

Now I know that all behaviour is framed.

Now I wait to be free of all that, as do we all, and it is this that is the potent force in the world.

How shall we inherit?

Only by assuming.

But that assumption must be swift, and it must be intelligent.

When there is only one way, even the most ignorant can see the road ahead.

The lines have been drawn, the map is clear.

Can you see?

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

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