Sunday, June 16, 2013

Icke, the poor guy, begging for your loot...

This is a quote from the Icke site, appealing for more than the 139,000 pounds he has had donated in about a week:
"I am working for nothing and will continue to work for nothing but we need your support to make this happen on the scale that I envisage and the scale that will make the difference in global public awareness. To compete with the voice of suppression the voice of freedom must have a technological match.

The people with little who have given what they can have got us this far. Now where are those for whom a sizable donation is nothing?

I say to those people - put up or shut up."

Icke's Wembley arena sellout (good word) will have raked in 600,000 pounds plus book and dvd and t-shirt sales. Who knows how much he takes in regular donations, ad revenues, commissions on referred sales, book sales, MAINSTREAM TV appearances (hmmm), other speaking engagements etc.

I guess Icke himself is one of those "for whom a sizeable donation is nothing"
Maybe he should put up or shut up?

It reminds me of the regular Alex Jones money bombs.

We earn 700 euro a month, our choice, pay no taxes (our philosophy), and have had 0 in donations this year. That's fine.
What isn't fine is to see rich folks pretending to fight TPTB and asking for your money to expand their businesses and consequently make themselves even richer.
I wonder how many followers of Icke are as poor financially as we are and yet have stumped up, perhaps going without to do so?
The masters always insist that their agents produce money. Money is the root of all evil (forget "love of money is the root of all evil") and its amassing is the measuring stick by which the servants of the masters are assessed.
Increasingly, these bastards of the false opposition make us truly sick.
We forgive them.
They truly do not know what they do.

Let's try this:
We will launch a worldwide TV station next week!!!
We just need 100,000.
No, sorry, not 100,000. Now it's 300,000.
C'mon folks, dig deep. We need to fight the masters on equal terms.
There's just one week.
It'll be called "False Opposition News" and will be full of fragmentary stuff designed to make you weary and feel powerless plus make you angry every day. It'll be great.
Donate NOW, you poor buggers, so we can pay our buddies to self-promote.
We'll call it "THE REPTILE'S VOICE"
For fuck's sake, people fall for this snake-oil salesmanship all the time. Icke and Jones etc etc are just like those bastard millionaire preachers the US of Arse is full of.
Have you noticed we keep swearing lately?
Wonder why.
Aktina and Olive, in vitriolic mood.
300,000 remember. By next week. We'll keep you updated.
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely true, had a great lough from that one:
"It'll be called "False Opposition News" and will be full of fragmentary stuff designed to make you weary and feel powerless plus make you angry every day. It'll be great."

Have you noticed how the Alternative Media exponents at Bilderberg this year went into that sheeple cage close to the hotel where the "elite" was meeting, by their free will? And let themselves be brainwashed by speeches of Icke and Jones? What a pity! When the controllers manage to cage truthers with their consent, they are well prepared to populate FEMA camps... William Cooper would have thrown up...

Peace to you, Chaukee

Anonymous said...

The thing is i agree with a lot icke n jones say..i also recently have been listening n reading loads of john lash and thomas sheridan..i agree with alot they say..jus read an osho book..have to agree with a lot of what he says..i have read loads of yr blogs..i agree with a lot you say..
i wil give peoples voice a chance..hope not to be left weary n angry!!
Glad to have you back..always enjoy your opinion!