Saturday, June 22, 2013

Russell Brandshill

This bastard, who telephoned an old man whilst on a national radio show and told the grandfather that he, Russell Brandshill, had fucked the old man's granddaughter, is now the darling of David Icke.
Mind you, the girl was in a group of performers calling themselves the "Satanic Sluts".
Do you see how it goes around, this wheel?
On Icke's site of deception, Brandshill is quoted:
"'I am excited by David's new venture. We all complain about media bias and now we will have an outlet beholden only to the people. I think it will be crazy and fun and I hope to be on it.' - Russell Brandshill.
If Icke has a granddaughter, maybe you can shag her, Brandshill.
Brandshill's latest tour, called "I'm Jesus" or something, raises his profile enough to get him on "Question Time" in the UK, Or is that just a part of the increasing "awareness" and "normalisation" strategy designed to get the Icke/Jones Party in the public eye so that when the shite hits the fan in the UK and the USA people will know where to turn.
And of course in addition find out that it's them cursed "jews" that are to blame.
Aktina and I would refer you to investigate what happened to the Nazi gold via BIS, what happened to the Japanese gold via the US Navy, which investigative offices in the Pentagon, the twin towers and building 7 were destroyed and what they were investigating, then ask you which sites promote "gold" and therefore, by the law of supply and demand, force up the value of the metals that the Nazis own so much of.
But that of course is detail.
The entity that entered Hitler when he consumed Peyote certainly didn't view war as the only strategy.
If you understand that, you know what we know, and see what we see.
You'll also know, we guess, that Icke and his accolytes with their "special interest" sites, focus almost daily on the Paedos that are enmeshed and controlled by the system of evil.
One might be of the opinion that this exposure is a good thing, despite the fact it does no good at all in getting politicians put into prison.....
Or one might subscribe to the view that this constant exposure , albeit toothless and ineffective,  by its repetition actually creates a sense that this evil is almost normal....
Marmite. You either love it or you hate it
But now it's in your head......
Do you see?.    

I wonder how old the granddaughter was?
Just asking, no inference intended I assure you. I know she was of age.
  By the way, Icke's radio appeal is now heading for 300,000 quid in just a couple of weeks. Jones must have told him the "how to" when they tickled each others fancies at Bilderberg. "Dave, you have to look at the "Money Bomb" idea. It's easier than asking christians for money! You know, we're judged on how much we take, just like Monsanto or Merck". One wonders, of course, if the objectors were allowed into the "enclosure' so that Icke and Jones would be close enough to nip in and get their instructions? Surely not?   Love to all, Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx 

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