Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mission Possible

The idea of democracy was seemingly a good one once universal suffrage became a standard. It was, though, always a mirage, conjured by the secretive power elite to further control the emerging consciousness of a humanity passing through a process of evolution. What hasn’t been recognised hitherto is this evolutionary progression and how it has been and is developing. This is not an evolution of genetic alteration, not the beginning of a new variety of human being. It is, rather, a new form of evolution, change driven by the factors of population, of accumulated information, of interconnectedness, of access to each other unlimited by distance or, to a lesser extent, cost.

In short, it is the emergence of a hive mind, a hive mind enabled by our technology, a hive mind that recognises the power of humanity to order the world in the way it sees fit.

Separate, we are weak, ignorant, progress slowly, expend energy on competition, create barriers between each other that stultify progress, hand our power and freedoms to governments in exchange for freedom from fear which they universally fail to deliver.

Humanity has never before had the means, nor because of the mental chains imposed by our historical rulers, the desire to seek for the commonality of understandings that transcend ideas of race, of religion, of nation, of political persuasion, of money.

This is now being made possible and the implications of this capability are epochal in nature. We stand, as a species, at the very threshold of a new era. The hive mind is emerging, and its force will be irresistible.

History has demonstrated the power of orchestrated unity in a million ways, many good, many purely evil. A study of the driving forces behind major human events shows how this power-in-unity has hitherto been directed by largely hidden hands to create conditions of savagery across the globe. From the revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries and the World and localised wars which have been an ever present factor in the fear generation industry to the force for good evidenced, for example, in vast amounts of charitable giving there have ever been controls directing and manipulating this force.

Much of the intent of this strategy has been to disillusion humanity, to force us into a state of mind that conditions us to believe that we cannot live together in peace and harmony, that we cannot trust each other. The entirety of our current reality paradigm is centred on this strategy. The deliberate creation of communist states and their descent into terror and genocide were simply strategies designed to discredit the idea of cooperative working. They succeeded.

The emergence of the hive mind is therefore a moment of singularity for it promises conditions of power in unity without controlling influences.

This is the chief area of concern for observers of this evolutionary process. No doubt our power elite have foreseen this emergence. After all, the instruments and tools of such connectivity have been financed and developed by big capital. It must be assumed that our current hierarchy has always understood the changes that these technologies would unleash and that therefore much of what is occurring in the world at the moment is part of a grand overall strategy to maintain control whilst, once more, handing humanity the idea of self-driven liberty and equality only to crash those concepts thunderously such that they will never again be thought of as “good” but will be seen as the embodiment of evil.

The emergence of the evolved species is therefore under threat right now. What we are witnessing in the world is the attempt by the traditional power elite to strangle this baby at birth.

Forget everything else you read.

This is the only issue.

The real conspiracy, then, lies in who is behind the conspiracy movement, behind the truth movement, behind all the occupy and OPPT and zeitgeist stuff, behind the jew-hating and racial finger pointing, behind the seemingly endless and very often inter-connected websites that frame and shape the consciousness of the truth seekers of this world.

Your consciousness is as formed and organised by this stuff just as the minds and consciousnesses of the sheeple is formed and organised by the main stream media.

The techniques employed are the same.

The intent is the same.

There are already countless sites that dedicate themselves to this new concept of global one-ness. They are largely interconnected, largely and evidently well-funded, many can be traced back to links to global power elite institutions like the UN or to foundations controlled by the same hands. Many, but not all, are of the “new age” religious variety, one recurring strand of the new paradigms being prepared for us to prevent us from preparing our own.

We live in this world, yet do not fully understand it. It may be that we understand none of it. It may be that our inadequate senses, our programmed sensibilities, mean that we are as blind people in a forest, seeing none of its colour, understanding none of its enormity, appreciating only what we can touch or smell or hear, that being a fragment of what it is.

There exists a vast mountain of questions. We discuss and argue over pebbles that lie scattered at its feet,

It is this ignorance that is most beguiling. An absence of understanding engendered by the inability to see. Worse, we cannot know what we cannot see. In this way we live in a darkness specific to our species. That darkness was created, was designed as all life is.

Ignore religion, but adhere to that understanding. Consciousness can only exist as a result of conscious intent. This is fundamental to getting some sort of grip on this enigma.

Ergo it was a deliberate act to make us so.

The question then becomes why?

We have been educated to believe that our science is as pure as the reasoning that creates it. This is, of course, fallacy. Science is as subject to the powers that create our reality as all other things are. Reasoning derives from the assessment of “facts”: facts are taught, human beings are selected to investigate those “facts”. It takes little imagination to conjour a perception of the world that is so ordered that only the least imaginative, the most left brain, are selected and promoted to be at the forefront of our scientific adventures. Most doctoral students are little more than those with the most retentive memories and our entire educational systems reward and push forward those that can remember, rather than those that question or have imagination and can think.

This palsy has become so engrained that our entire system of living has come to value memorising of data rather than valuing imagination.

This, of course, is an ideal state of being for those that control our existence and create our reality. Science is as much a part of the falsehood as is democracy. Both are seemingly free. Both are the very bedrock of the current control system. From big pharma to NASA to the big agrochemical companies to quantum physics and chaos mathematics and so on in every sphere of human activity “science” sits as some sort of ultimate arbiter, as if it is true.

Which it is, when one is dealing with the basic laws of what happens if…

WE are called to remember that we are as blind people in a forest.

That virtually nothing in this reality is visible to us.

That science, like all knowledge, is falsifiable.

Take this how you will:

There is a great deal of evidence that shows that the archaeological world suppresses data and discovery which demonstrates that humanity has been around for millions of years.

And that previous “civilisations” were technologically advanced.

That they had contact with other species not from this place.

That great floods occurred.

That humanity had to start again.

Is this resonant with you?

In other words, have we been here before?

Which leads us to the conclusion that last time we failed.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure we don’t fail again.

Beware of deceivers.

There is good out there.

Things will happen more swiftly now.

To be enigmatic as we are required to be, “You Choose.”

Love to you,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

Can you please email me. I have identified the real Boston bomber, please help me. I have tried giving it to Jaha's family but no reply. I'm exhausted and need somebody smart and calm to talk to. Please, is there somebody real on the other side of this Internet? Please help me find a place for this information.

Dodobird said...

Olive farmer - are you in Greece? Your comment about archaeologists supressing evidence: do you know about Professor Aris Poulianos & the Petralona museum trial (& temporary closure). Aris said to Stavros Polikandriotis that 3 million years is the documented-by new Japanese dating techniques (cutting edge in the 1990s)- age of the human remains found deep in the Petralona cave: someone, wounded in life, cared for, and positioned after death & with flowers-

Olive Farmer said...

I live at the furthest distance from the centre of Europe but still in it.People still smoke in restaurants and ride bikes without helmets such is the authority of the global power weakened here in East Crete where our olive groves are.
I hadn't heard of this case and will look into it. We know now that the story of our species is bullshit and, as a species, we need to discover the truth of our origins and our true history, unglazed by the power that currently controls what we are fed. This will only happen when we are freed from the chains of their reality and the structures that maintain it, money being the chief amongst them.
Thanks for the heads up,
Love to you,
Olive xxx