Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here they come.....masters of wisdom. Er, you decide..

Apparently, this is the start of the Revolution.
Can you imagine the pompous strutting and posturing, the settling of debts, the exercise of power these two fifth column tosspots would give us if ever they were behind a "revolution".
Thankfully, they are about as charismatic as clean trainers.
Did you see how the edit went, so as to give us a chant of the mantra, but with no mention this time of Zion?
Answer me this: Are they the best that Humanity can do to lead this evolution?
And ask yourself this:: Is it not obvious what these people are?
Look carefully at them, this Icke and this Jones. Alas, we suspect them of mischief of the very worst kind.


Anonymous said...

Look carefully at them, this Icke and this Jones. Alas, we suspect them of mischief of the very worst kind.
What are you seeing that I might be missing?

Anonymous said...

they're controlled opposition. the elite could have taken them out years ago if they wished to. did you see jones on the BBC ranting about the nazies? he is to misdirect and appear a buffoon.
at least icke mentions zionist jews which jones never does.

Anonymous said...

Do they know they are being controlled or are they just being used and manipulated. I guess the more we are confused here on this level the better, as we do not know which way to turn. You are so right about the LOVE thing. I still think they are trying to keep us all from evolving. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Are Icke and Jones really consciously serving evil, serving the Luciferian, Aquarian NWO agenda? Or are they doing so unwittingly, if at all?

Yes, no doubt the Luciferians tolerate them because they are both still regarded as "nutters" by many, because you can always speak of "the lizards" in regard to Icke, and becuase Jones can be wheeled out on mainstream news shows these days to rant like a loon - which only helps to further create a divide between the so-called "truthers", and those still clinging to the mainstream program. I have my suspicions that Jones is controlled opposition....

And Jones still believes in a political order at the end of the day - get back to the constitutional republic and everything will be ok - er, no thanks. I'd like to get as far beyond politics as is divinely possible.

Icke - not so sure about. Is is heart in the right place? Is his "infinite love is the only truth" rap that different from your own emphasis on the all conquering power of love?

I'll keep an open mind. The Luciferians may well think that both Icke and Jones are serving them well. But it may be also the case that they are serving something genuine at the same time, that they are helping a certain demographic awaken to the truth of the reality in which they find themselves, helping certain folk to begin to question the party lines...

I don't think anything is so black and white these days. If the PTB are responsible for creating the "truth movement", it's a very risky venture because it might well tip things too far the other way, I mean giving the populace a taste for the truth may well be serving as a catalyst for a genuine awakening which is coming from within...

And I will just say that the "awakened" people I've come across who have surveyed the "truth" on the internet, who have read Icke and so forth, have been some of the most genuine and decent folk I have ever met...

As for me, though - when it comes to real wisdom, I'll go read some Heraclitus, or some other genuine profound thinker in whose company I truly feel at home.

(And one thing I don't buy at all, is this insidious New Age idea of "oneness" - I like the idea of singleness better, of apartness, of uniqueness and of enjoying a truly unique relationship with the cosmos.

To hell with all collective ideals - including the notion of "humanity", and the brotherhood of man, the "we're all one" crap.

What you have in common with others is the least of it.

And if you have nothing in you that is radically original, something that cannot be imputed to others, you don't have very much at all...What is common is of little import.

Be seeing you....

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your views on Icke and Jones, which are the commonly held ones, hence their ability to derive vast wealth from the unsuspecting and build their alternative propaganda machines.
Sure, their followers are nice and genuine. This is also true of the christians we used to know at church, the stalwart supporters of Lenin that believed in Marxism, in fact is largely true of the vast majority of human beings once you strip away the reality we have existed in and have to survive in.
Human beings are lovely.
Something makes them ugly.
This is a key message of this blog.
It is true to say that it is uniqueness which creates the beauty of our species, both individual uniqueness and the shared values which differentiate one micro community from the next. Variety rather than uniformity is always to be preferred.
When we speak of one-ness it is not done so glibly but in the knowledge that finding a single, unifying factor amongst all human beings is the key to the survival and salvation of the species.
This single unifying factor can only be love, and it is love that must form the foundation of the new civilisation to come. This is again a key message of this blog.
That you disagree with us about the false opposition is fine and your own research into the possibility that they are fifth columnists will be an interesting journey for you if you decide to go down that path.
Follow the money trail is what I would suggest. Look for connections to "foundations", to main-stream media, to the new-age luciferianism, to the vatican, to Crowley, to symbols and signs and gestures. Look too at Neuro Linguistic Programming and see what you discover. Look at revolutions, who was behind them, and how their leaders spoke out against the very bankers and industrialists and secret societies that put up the loot and pulled the strings.
This controlled opposition, this division is a strategy as old as history itself. In fact it defines what has been done to humanity.
This is why we rarely enter into debate with commenters about detail. Detail = division. Division = weakness.
Only in one shared and indisputable ambition underpinning everything else will our species survive. Anything that leads humanity away from that, leads us into rabbit holes of detail and argument will, right soon, help to finish us off.
There is a door in front of us, opening to a new future.
Love is the only key that fits the lock.
Love to you,
Let us know how your research goes if you make the decision to look deeply into this matter.
Olive & Aktina xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Olive and Aktina

Cheers for the reply and the pointers regarding controlled opposition - something I wish to learn more about, for sure.

I am enjoying reading your blog and have found it at just the right time because I am beginning to think along similar lines as yourselves, esp. in regard to the creation of the internet and the "alternative media", etc.

You provide a refreshing perspective and I appreciate that you hold a positive vision of the future.

If by love you mean a positive state of being beyond the low-level duality "good and evil", than I'm with you...

Look forward to reading more of your posts.

Thanks and love to you too...