Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dumb and Dumber......

Dumb and Dumber Fucks.

It’s not often that we get insulting, being well aware of our own inadequacies and shortcomings, well aware of the wrongs we have done and sometimes still do.

But let’s face it: most of the human race are as dumb as a dumb thing, even the ones that seem to be remotely intelligent.

Let’s take an example or two:

Oncologists that refuse to look at any treatment that doesn’t rely on killing the patient they are supposed to be curing, believing everything the drug companies and the controlled medical establishment tells them. Mostly they watch their “patients” die, yet lack the moral courage and intellectual bravura to seek out and try alternatives to the monstrous wrongs and awful pain and ignominious ends they inflict on their patients.

Several of which have been folks I love.

Dumb cowards.

Judges that conduct whitewashing pseudo “enquiries” into anything the powers want covering up, knowing that in doing so they help to create a society where real justice does not exist except for the petty criminal and that such a besmirched society is where their descendants will live and in which, one day, those descendants will suffer themselves such injustice.

Dumb, senseless bastards.

Policemen that mete out violence, pumped up with steroids, hiding behind their uniforms, compensating for their small penises and low-brow intellect and childhood embarrassment by kicking the shit out of whomsoever they like, knowing that they can get away with murder, enjoying their pathetic power, puffed up baton wielding car-park attendants (sorry to the real car-park attendants) waiting for their fat pensions and never once having the moral courage to look themselves in the eye and admit what they are.

Most are divorced by their spouses, not because of the job but because of what they are:

Dumb fucks.

Members of political parties that believe the slime-balls that run their respective outfits. Soon, these will be the only dumb fuckers still voting in the mockery we call democracy.

These dumb wankers believe we should vote so as to “exercise our power as citizens”.

Santa Claus still comes down their chimney, I guess.

If they say the right things they slip up the greasy pole and get minor improvements in their conditions of slavery and a few baubles and the belief that they are important somehow. Maybe if they are very good they’ll get to molest some kiddies, which seems to be the bauble most valued by the power elite. The “believers” in the fringe parties are equally bamboozled dumb shits. Usually young and impressionable, the “cause” burns them up and spits them out. Sometimes, when the power deems it advisable, such a fringe party will gain power. Then the fireworks are set off, the gas ovens prepared, the mental institutions opened for “non-believers”, the Stasi and SS type organisations moved into action to “protect” the “glorious revolution” and the new “freedom” in which the free thinkers have to lose their “freedom” for the sake of the “majority”.

Little dumb twats controlled by Evil little dumb twats.

I needn’t mention the religious dumb fuckers, but I must. The good folks that chuck their hard earned money at the snake oil salesmen and charlatans, that bully and indoctrinate their kids, that get down on their knees and kiss the rings of other human beings in fancy dress, that go on crusades, that follow fatwahs, that have drenched the planet in blood for thousands of years, that believe God speaks to them via some old book or other that has been edited, fucked about with, rewritten, mis-translated a thousand times. All of this, yet they still believe they are “good” and that God will hold the door open for them when they pass into paradise, and that only their God exists and that all the other gods believed in by all the other dumb fuckers are not the one true god.

God help us from this particular version of the dumb bastards that make up most of humanity.

It is not necessary to go on, but just a reference to the truth seekers.

These are dumber than most, because they believe they are smarter, yet are falling for the same bullshit the rest fall for, packaged differently. The same seekers were drawn to the barricades in the French revolution, followed Lenin in the Russian and Mao in the Chinese revolutions, followed Adolf in the nazi farrago, are following who knows what leaders in the chaotic revolutionary turmoil that is the Middle-East right now and will be Europe and America tomorrow.

I fear, come the “revolution”, that these people will cause history itself to draw in breath and stand back in astonishment at the wrongs we can do to each other.

Jews, of course, are being lined up to take the brunt, for whatever reason.

Plus people like us.

Bring it on, we say. We shall not breath fire, contrary to belief, but rather turn the other cheek. You can cut down the olive tree, destroy it with flame, yet the olive tree is what lives beneath, not what lives above the ground. The tree is the root, and within days new green shoots spring forth from destruction and within a few short years bear fruit.

Ask a Palestinian.

What of the burger eating, TV watching, brainwashed zombies that make up most of the western world, or the uneducated factory-slave shanty-town-dwelling folks of the rest of the world? These constitute the majority of humanity. These we need if we are to change the world.

Will they never wake up?

Being too dumb to understand that the world could be different, too grasping (as is the rest of humanity) to realise that things could be better if we learned how to share, too bitter to ever forgive, too stupid to ever forget a wrong.

Dumb, but pitiable, they do not know they do wrong by their indifference and ignorance, are not aware of their power and authority, are the waste product of two millennia of social and genetic engineering, are the dust beneath the heels of history waiting for fate to mould them into the Golems that will forge the new reality.

Only the dawn of a new consciousness will shift them from their slumber.

We await that dawn, and hope every morning to see it, knowing that it must come if the species is to survive.

Do you see how this works, do you see how our masters have organised things?

For those that can think they provide ladders to climb and rabbit holes to bury themselves in, rewarding the conformists and punishing or killing the non-conformists, fabricating realities that are convincing, providing satisfactions for the baser instincts, for greed or lust, for power, for anger, for desire for an easy life, for a sense of superiority, for savagery, for killing.

The more intelligent the human being, the more intricate the reality-shaping necessary to suck them in. Few see beyond the edge of the pyramid of control, so many thousands of years in the building.

For the rest, it is bread (or no bread, and death) and the great circus that is the mind control project. The TV. The internet. Belief. Structure. Order. Control. Law.

Democracy. Fancy dress. Crowns.

Aktina and I watch the ants sometimes, going about their business. We particularly like the very small ones, just 2mm in length, their heads perhaps 0.5mm, their brains obviously miniscule, and yet they are ordered, and yet they are conscious, and yet they make decisions, and they think, and they have free will. We liken their minds to humanity, we see the vastness of the human being’s on-board biological computer and we understand that something has gone wrong somewhere, that something is holding humanity back.

We understand that humanity is dumb only because something is making humanity dumb.

That all the dumb fucks have been made that way.

That it is not their fault.

As our dumbness is not our fault.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do, someone once said. (Probably.)

So please, forgive us too.

And so we must forgive even the worst amongst us, and in that forgiving find forgiveness, and in that forgiveness find salvation, and in that salvation find the future.

And we know that the future will be good.

And that we will be dumb no longer.

And that LOVE is the key to that particular door.

And that the door is in front of us now.

With Love,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

Whew!!! Do you feel better? I do. I could have not said it better. I feel like I just had a great vent!!!

Maybe we are heading for the 5th dimension of love and light and the 4th is what we are going through now???

I have read somewhere that "The Powers that Be" or as you call them "Our Masters" cannot evolve past the 4th.

Much Love to you and yours---