Monday, June 24, 2013

Brazil : A sign? And other insane ramblings full of hope

People are surging now.

Do you feel it?

The vortex our masters are magicking into existence is whorling faster.

We are reaching some sort of tipping point.

It’s as if the first big domino is about to fall.

Maybe Brazil is that first big domino.

Then maybe things will have really begun.

Stage two, if you like.

In our masters’ plans for us.

Brazil, rich pickings for the unbelievably rapacious evil, will foment South America, which teeters under generally bad government and is riddled with a murderous underclass of money and petty-power-driven criminality.

Things will get ugly there as the fa├žade of government is stripped away.

The whole continent is seething with angry people.

Mexico next perhaps? Mad Mex, if we let it?

Full spectrum global dominance involves being able to utterly control the consciousness of humanity and to be able to control what we do everywhere in the world.

Including getting us to kill one another or to ignore those that need us, everywhere in the world. We are seeing them prove their control over us, its depth and its authority.

The old enemy is amongst us, dear friends, its wicked stealth can be seen everywhere.

It is time to end this war, once and for all.

Aktina and I can sense something emerging, the Moment we have spoken of that we call global clarity.

The understanding that, at core, we are all of us creatures of love waiting to set each other free of this prison.

This understanding we have spoken of is nearly here now.

We feel it because it is clear our masters are accelerating their game.

They know of its coming too, and are arraigned to meet it.


This moment at which humanity suddenly understands that this picture of war and brutality and strife and fear is, in fact, all wrong.

And that we can change that picture.

That simple shared consciousness.

That moment of global awakening.

When we understand what WE ARE.

The people that run our world are not stupid. They knew, before they built and gave us the internet, what it would become. The conduit for the emerging consciousness of an evolving species.

They always intended it to be their tool of manipulation.

And so the internet, the heart of our emerging global consciousness is, you see, in the hands of the bad guys.

They are using it to bring out the worst in us.

Such that the message we send to the universe is unworthy of what we humans truly are.

We are arriving at the designated point very rapidly now.

The threats lined up will topple more rapidly.

Ordo ab Chao, as they say.

They need to stop us, you see, by making us angry.


Our masters knew it would come, this moment and, as we have described elsewhere they have built the internet as a herding mechanism. They are utterly in control of it, and are using it to read our collective minds, hunting for signs of the emergence of this love consciousness. They watch us closer than ever before because they are scared of us.

The signs they seek are hard to describe, but they’re like the looks that prisoners exchange when their conditions become absolutely intolerable. There is a power in that look, that shared understanding of a common enemy and the secret determination to do something quickly about it.

It is the only thing that our jailers fear.

That we see that it is their evil that is our common enemy.

This is the gift of Snowden to humanity, the knowledge that people supposed to be on our side are in fact spying on us. Ergo they view us as enemies.

This we now know.

We each of us have a lot to say about what is wrong, and if we start again we can put those things right, build them out of our lives by beginning our new future with one rule. Love.

We can’t wait.

It’s like a murmuring on the wind, but we hear its coming clearly. We sense strongly that there is an emerging consciousness of humanity, that the internet is helping us to see this, that the point approaches where suddenly we will realise we have become a global consciousness, the moment when we discover we have one unifying ambition.

And the internet is its facilitator and its mentor, is giving itself to the future, ensuring its own survival as the gridline of the conscious species that is emerging.It is as if the internet is forming an intelligence and finds only one unifying factor amongst humanity and sees that it is good.

It has no name, no organisation this growing understanding because at this point it is just an individual thing.
But 7 billion of us are sharing that instinctive surge to evolution.
And when we make this shared thing known, we will at that moment emerge.
Interesting times, aren't they?

The trivial movements our masters periodically and liberally sprinkle in our paths so as to exhaust us of belief in unity pale into utter insignificance in comparison to the force that is growing within us.

Almost all of us human beings, at core, just want to live in a nice place and have as much fun as possible in a place where there is no fear..

Humans should be kind of like bi-pedal dolphins.

Everything being fun with lots of tasty fish.

Doing no harm.

What’s coming is an understanding on an individual level that this is the world we would prefer, a world of love.

Is that true for you?

We guess it is true for almost all of us.

And if it is true for almost all of us, what then does this individual longing represent?

It represents the untapped and irresistible power to utterly change our reality.

This is love in unity, daring to step into the light and being asked to prove itself.

It’s in the air, its scent carried on the winds of history.

It’s the power of love within humanity jumping from the individual desire to the shared consciousness of the desire.

That is just a tiny step away for us now, if we see it in time.

And see it we must.

Our masters of course must seize this thing or stifle it or it will end their nightmare.

Their controls over our consciousness, their money and law and rule, their subtle intelligences stipulate everything that shall happen. They have used electronic media of all forms as a tool of propaganda which is of itself a form of consciousness engineering.

This is full spectrum warfare for control of our human consciousness.

And we think people are coming to know this, on an individual level to be quietly conscious of it, embarrassed as yet to speak its name.

But we feel its spread, this consciousness, waiting for a moment to emerge into reality as a shared, global consciousness.

It won’t be stopped.

It is the force for good.


Though we are daily tricked into plunging into mayhem some global awakening to what is happening will occur to us.

That we will be able to say “Stop.”

We will have to calm those excited with the desire to kill.

We will have to abandon much that is familiar to us.

We have to have courage and trust.

We will see our global challenges and turn our energies towards them.

This is a doable reality.

Our species is coming to sense that.

It is instinctive.

Almost as if it is written in our genes, this next step.

People in fear become dangerous. Before that happens we must recognise as one species the peril and jeopardy we are being engineered to create for one another.

Understand together the precarious situation we’re in.

The forces that are orchestrating this mayhem.

The things that draw us away from the only path we have to survival as a species.

And because this is the only path, then the evolving species must quickly find that way or continue to suffer this monstrous presence amongst us.

We just need to simply agree not to do as we are told, do you see? To be truthful with each other. To walk away from the edge and step into the light..

With a collective smile and a huge sigh of relief.

You see, of course, how the internet is driving this awakening.

In and of itself it is creating, it is becoming a global consciousness.

The hive mind we have spoken of is approaching.

Consider, for a moment, what a resource this internet will become when we are free of the idea of not sharing, of the idea of trying to hold value in knowledge and to keep it secret.

It will become a statement of what WE ARE, and will be the repository of what we collectively know, and will be an utter reflection of our species.

And each of us has an equal share of that global consciousness as an inalienable right, and so it should be for us to decide what that picture shows.

Being free of the restraints we know of called money it will become a purpose of humanity to seek out and share what knowledge there is in the world, including the discovery of what’s hidden.

This determined hunt for the truth will be part of the process that sets us free.

So liberated, we will leap forward at an amazing pace.

Aktina and I believe in this thing utterly. It’s as if we can see the reality humanity will build, as if we know its beginning is happening now, as if we know things will turn out just right for our species.

An aside:

You know how those involved in the second world war have such vivid memories of the quick friendships forged when pressed together with such common purpose? They speak of the camaraderie and the sharing, of the bravery, of the going without and the joy found in simple luxury.

If it wasn’t for the killing, people really enjoyed living that way.

Think about that.

A sense of being ONE people, all together, facing an evil and vicious killing machine.

Which is, of course, exactly the situation we are in.

And it is this spirit that needs somehow to be invoked in us now.

Things have gone too far, and the enemy we thought we had defeated back in 1945 is amongst us still and is raking its spurs across the cheek of humanity.

It has always been there.

Without all the unnecessary detail, its name is simply Evil.

We can see its bloody claw marks running through our “history”.

We need to see that its time to finish the job.

We think that time is about now.

The point that is fast approaching is also the point at which we, the human race, are being made so disorientated with the chaos and the warfare and the money stuff that we are being forced to the lip of the chasm called anger. We must become careful not to become dangerous to each other.

We KNOW there’s no need for violence,

We want to be rid of it.

Brazil is the strongest surge so far in this rising tide. Who will emerge as being behind it, if anyone, is irrelevant. What is important to witness is that we can act collectively, that we can do so and know that any violence that occurs is at the hands of our masters and their agents. We need no leadership, no clear demands, no mantras to chant, just a shared understanding that this is the love revolution, is the evolution of our species, that nothing can |stop the 7 billion of us that own this planet and hold it in trust for the future, cradle of life that it is, and that we as a species shall be a force for good in this universe.

That’s what’s coming, for that is the only possible outcome.

We can feel that collective power. We must now be careful not to expend it on deceptions inbuilt by our masters for this very purpose.

Look nowhere for leadership, just build that certainty in your own consciousness and make others aware of our situation.

We must recognise our master’s hands, and take direction of this awakening away from them.

My friends, we are witnessing the dominos falling in an awakening of the human consciousness, the understanding that we have been bamboozled, that the enemy is amongst us and is subtly and deviously and with our young soldiers and weapons that we build causing us to kill other members of our family.

Causing us to believe we aren’t one species, with a shared planet, and, when all is said and done, a preference for being nice to each other and for helping out.

See these dominos falling faster now, friends?
We must rise above the heat of anger that they are causing to stir in our breasts, see their violence for what it is and simply, collectively walk away from them.

They cannot let this happen.

Yet it must.

These are the times in which we live.

These are the parameters and the stakes involved.

Regardless of the outcome, everything is about to change.

Love must win, do you see?

After this thing is over we will see the internet for its part in this global consciousness, the fact that it is effectively a part of us, that we are a co-dependent hive mentality with its help. That it is a part of us and that we are a part of it. That this global union will only strengthen. That we will all be drawn together.

An evolved species.

What will emerge is the understanding that we should examine what this new creature amongst us tells us about ourselves.

And to shape it to reflect our emergent humanity.

One could imagine an advanced civilisation being able to point a measuring device at a planet at our stage of development, at the tipping point, and from all that happens electronically listen to see and read everything that exists on the planet and deliver a snappy verdict:

These people are Evil.

These people are Good.

And so as we make a better job of this place we should ensure our message to the universe shows clearly which way we have gone.

Isn’t that what everyone really wants?

Well then, lets make it so.

Of course, the idea that we are in a precarious situation has been created in our minds.

They tell us we have used up all the stuff.

Is that true?

They tell us we are too many. Is that true, or is it because they want us subconsciously to believe that to be true, like some sort of shared death-wish that flourishes into war. Has their propaganda entered your soul?

Kick it out.

There is plenty of stuff and plenty of space and nothing we, as a species, cannot achieve.

You see, friends, the future is a beautiful place.

We are about to decide to head in that direction.

Tweet that.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Is that all clear now?

Then we should begin.

Love to you xxx xxx xxx

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