Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Playing Solitaire.

Your life is of your own creation.

You are in possession at all times of the on-off switch to existence.

Your life is made up of that choice first, you are each moment choosing to live, and then all the other choices that have formed the protective exterior you have built in order to keep on living and to keep your self, your inner self, in the game.
To survive.

We are all of us the same.

Most of us are miserable because of the choices we have been forced to make.

The root cause of that misery is the knowledge that we aren’t free.

That there are things that are outside of our control that force us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t.

We feel powerless to change our own reality.

The result is that we feel a depth of shame that is fundamental, that is so strong that few dare look it in the face.

You see, we never visit the child-soul that was within us, for shame of what we have become.

We could not bear the righteous indignation, could not bear to be called coward, liar, thief, worse.

Many people pretend it’s not there, this inner self, this beautiful trusting entity.

Some deny its existence, this true humanity.

This is not by accident.

The reality that has shaped your life is designed to cause you to forget what it is to be human.

There have been times and places when we lived amongst one another true to that inner humanity, in harmony with our earth, largely in harmony with each other.

Somehow we lost that beauty.

You will know that the loss of such innocence has been no accident, just as you understand how the nightmare woven around us now is the product of careful planning in the depths of Tavistock.

Understand that the intricacy of planning that goes into shaping reality is always of its time. As we humans have evolved, so with us is evolving our ability to get in touch with each other, so the plan has had to encompass that emergence of the hive mind.

The hive mind has been emerging for some time.

We are learning each others languages like never before. We are developing tools to translate and otherwise open doors of understanding. Like never before we are connecting to each other in different ways, our masters sometimes having to run to catch up but mostly being well ahead of the game.

Most people can’t get their head around the depth of this current episode of the mind-fucking soap opera called existence, of the intricacy of its structuring, that an entirely new reality has been crafted over the past couple of centuries that renders modern humans as different from our forebears as their forebears were to apes.

If you believe in the Darwinists proposition.

You see, our masters have known for some time that one day we would be able to speak to each other.

And that in that speaking would discover some common ground.

A basic set of moral beliefs and attitudes shared by all.

Do you see how close we are to this now?

That could be just a moment away for our species, that prize.

It is for this reason our masters are creating chaos. To distract us. To seize the head of the phoenix rising that is the new, hived humanity.

This is the story they told in their Olympic ceremonies. How they have shaped reality, enfeebled our species, dirtied our planet, sickened our children, seized the head of the phoenix rising and with their magick ushered in their new world order and stolen ours.

This is their creed.

Perhaps their grip over us is so complete that their hands have rested easy on the reins for millennia. And perhaps once before we found that we could speak with each other, and had to be destroyed for that. And maybe that’s always happened.

Babylon rising.

Atlantis rising.

A clever, hived humanity rising.

In that rising we will discover love and understand it for the guiding principle to existence it is, to survival, to the inner human beings we all are.

This outcome is an inevitability, is the only possible outcome if we ask each other what we really want.

That is why the stakes are high.

And if you don’t believe for a minute that humanity could suddenly discover itself rising from the ashes of this reality and founding a new civilisation based on love and trust and forgiveness…….then ask yourself: Why not?

Ask yourself what has conditioned you to think so badly of other human beings.

To sever your connection with them.

To pit you against them in the struggle we call life.

What you are and what you think is the product of this reality. This reality is shaped by an interplay of forces, of politics and nation and religion and money and education and information input and talk. The talk is controlled by the input of data from the other areas. There have been unseen hands on those levers for centuries. This we now know, though their identity is debatable.

And is irrelevant.

You see, the evolutionary urge is upon us right now and this is a force that will BE, though most doubt it. It is the next stage in the survival of our species and is unavoidable. We know we have to change what we are doing. We are each of us asking inside ourselves what possible redeemer can save us, and that redeemer is within us all already, and is waiting to step into the light. This is true of each one of us.

It is unstoppable, this urge to survive and its logical outcome.

Only the bad guys and their deceptions and deceivers can stop us now. They are doing much to precipitate this process, to arouse and direct this surge, to control it as you might a river in flood, damming here, reinforcing there, digging new channels.

Do you see in what interesting times we live?

We are a moment away from an awakening.

And from that moment, everything will be fine.

Imagine, set free, what reality we might build for ourselves.

Do what you can.


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

We see from our mountain how the shepherds guide their flocks to pastures of the shepherds choosing, yet the sheep believing they are for the most part free. It is a timeless image.


J3rdeye said...

Am I the only one who understands this blog?

Olive Farmer said...

Hi J,
It's a problem.
Sometimes I don't get it myself.
It all seems so simple....

J3rdeye said...

I have people on this revolution solution thing, telling me that it's the only way to show thee government that the oppressed are fed up. I asked that group what has this protesting and gettin' beat by authority has accomplished? This is a time of survival and preparation of what is ahead, but these idiots say that I'm being irrational and a coward. Yes it's very simple...