Thursday, June 20, 2013

Being One....

An Anonymous commenter questioned the idea I have about one-ness.

It’s worth explaining.

I am lucky here in that I have a part time job, and that job is to teach Cretan kids English, and my lovely “boss” actually pays me (believe it or not this is a rarity in these times of engineered “economic crisis”).

The kids are pretty wonderful, teenagers generally unspoilt by the social engineering that has gone on elsewhere.

We are, you see, right at the easternmost tip of Europe, and the southernmost.

We are far away. We are a small community.

Apart from the regular chemtrailing (even here!) we are pretty much insular, pretty much left alone.

There are human beings to be found here still.

Philosophers that fish or paint houses or fix machines or work in the olive groves.

Such is the beauty of the Cretan people. Imagine your own people say 50 years ago and you might get the idea.

One of the things I teach these kids, it being a way of broadening their outlook and their use of this language, is the story of the universe and their part in it.

I teach them how, so the theory goes, the universe and all the atoms in it were created in a moment either by God or by a big bang or in some other way, and to take their pick.

I ask them to think about something that might be true, that no more atoms are being created, that the atoms that are in the universe were here from the start.

I ask them to consider this:

When they were growing in their mother’s womb, the mother ate whatever she ate, munching stuff made of atoms, those atoms having been around forever. Their Mom ate, then converted that food into its base ingredients and then those ingredients were used, via the miracle that is the human body, to create a new human being.


I ask them to think about the fact that they are made of trillions of cells, each of those cells consisting of trillions of atoms, that those atoms have been around since the very beginning of “time” itself.

They are made of stuff billions of years old.

They daily eat atoms. They drink them. They breathe them. They use those atoms to continue their lives. They absorb some of them into their being, use them to create new cells. They are the very stuff of life, these tiny universes.

I ask them to think of this: That they are recycling atoms that have been carrot or potato or olive or chicken. Before that, those atoms were soil or rock or water or sunshine. Before that they were dinosaur or forest tree or the heart of a star. They were the wind. They were the atoms that registered the sensation of the wind on the leaf of the grape vine from which their Mom made the dolmades they just ate.

Everything they look at is made of them, they are “reality” as perceived by the woefully inadequate senses we humans have to exist with.

Each atom is mostly emptiness, but the reality that our senses perceive appears real because there is an agreement between these atoms that this should appear to be so.


I ask the kids to consider: Trillions upon trillions of these tiny universes, each full of enough energy to flatten vast cities, make up their being. Timeless, ageless, eternally present, everything is made of them, including the consciousnesses that understand that they are there.

I tell them that we think we understand, via experimentation, that when we take a part of an atom, move it some distance, then affect another part of that atom that both parts react simultaneously.

Ignoring the baloney about the speed of light.

That there is a connection there that is currently inexplicable.

Being Greek, being aware that their forebears invented philosophy, even invented the word philosophy, they take this stuff on board and go “hmmm”.

Then we do some exercises with irregular verbs.

Do you want to know where Aktina and I understand our consciousness is?

Right there, because there is no other place.

Meaning that everything we understand, including thought itself, is crafted by what we are created of, is made of these timeless, ageless, non-discriminatory energy forms.

I just ate a banana made of these things. They had previously been sunlight or water or nutrients in the soil or manufactured chemical. I’ll convert that stuff into fat, most probably. Some of it I will shit or piss or perspire away and those atoms will begin another journey.

We smoked some of them.

They entered our mind.

And we thought that maybe these atoms are god, the bits and pieces of one vast entity of thought, and so god IS the universe in this way.

And by deduction we must be part of that whole, being made of that stuff.

Not “I AM’, not Yahweh, but We Are.

We guess that’s what we mean by “oneness”.

You and we, dear reader, are made of the same stuff.

It’s been around a long time.

Everything else is detail.

We Are One.

Does that explain it?

Does that explain why ideas of race or nation or skin colour or which soccer team we support are insignificant?

Love to you, part of our family, part of us,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx
Our advice for the day:  Watch the skies. Beware deceivers.

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those kids are lucky to have you as their teacher.