Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't Panic

It is hard for many to believe that we can achieve what is in our potential to achieve. We have each of us grown up in this reality, each learned through the interactions we have had with other human beings to be careful with our trust. All have been untrustworthy, at some stage. Most of us have experienced rage, many have hit out, most have some buried shame, too deep and bitter to recall. Only small children, babies, are as trusting as we should all be of each other. Even then, many parents unsettle that trust early on.

The relentless steady measure of the media and of education fills our consciousness with the vastness of our capability to harm one another. We are being trained to consider ourselves unworthy, a threat, mindless zombies who will destroy the world.

Unclean, we cower each in our own sanctuary if we are lucky, tinged with an extra fear if we are not.

And we hope.

Now that the internet has created a new truth constituency we are steadily being conditioned to rest our strategy on that hope, so that hope is all that can be seen, not plans, not organisation, just hope.

And that hope can only be corralled and turned into power if charismatic leadership emerges, small guys on the world stage leaping to prominence and creating an explosion of “truth”, assuming the mantle of power through disruption.

Imagine if Greece did an Iceland, told the bankers to get out of their country. The Euro collapse would be rapid. Chaos would ensue. Imagine at that time Israel decided to bomb Iran, or to invade Syria or Jordan. World tensions rise towards war.

This, most conspiracy theorists would concur, is such an imminent and plausible scenario that it is almost an expectancy. An expectancy built by the actions of the masters and their stooges in the alternative media.

There might be a hundred different story lines, but all of them point to the same places in the unfolding drama, leading the thinker to wonder where goest we, where are we being taken, and where is the OFF switch?

They are writing the script. All of it.

And as we know, it’s a horror story.

Do you see how this new world order is being shaped? The new myths. The new storyline. Who knows how many million strong these new age believers are already, full of expectancy, let down by 2012, waiting for their new Messiah. Joining the end-times Christians and the preppers and the militias and god knows how many others who pass each day disappointed if some vast world changing event hasn’t occurred, so deep is their belief in change and the strength of their hope.

This is a force created to be devoured, this hope.

Its alternative is despair and a shattered belief in our ability to come good at the end.

And so the millions hope, and will be given an object for that hope, by whatever “magick” their black science possesses.

In that, perhaps, we will maybe too late discover what has been the purpose of chemtrails, having been sold the lie of weather modification. Do you see, we are still being fed a choice of two, but both come from the same hands and yet, having studied conspiracy, most can’t see the most useful conspiracy to have been effected if you wished to transform the world under your power.

To be behind the revolution and behind the collapse that created it, as we have seen so often recently, of course is what you would have sought to do in all those planning meetings all those years ago.

Such is its unfolding, this ugly flower.

Its sap is our consciousness. And it cannot live without sap.

We simply need to withdraw the supply of our energy to them and their systems, feed each other and care for each other and begin to share so that our transformation as a global society can begin, marked by its peace and good order.

We will question all that we do, and find much better ways to do them, and we will set each other free in every way.

For one man, it is a dream.

For a species, it is a duty, for nothing less will do.

Anything less will lead to the destruction we have been told to expect.

The dark shadow hands, dripping venom, have their clawed nails sharpened for the kill right now, their magick working to create that great leap across the Styx that causes young men to arm themselves and to seek to kill. This act is their finale, for they know they must win or lose as our number swells and therefore our collective intelligence, our hived mind, is emerging.

That collective understanding of what we most of us value most, how we most of us believe we should interact with each other, cutting through every political or religious argument or any other argument to the core of what we believe should be the principle on which we operate.

And finding there love.

They are seeking that hived mind themselves, trying to shape it, ready to seize its force to create their New World Order.

We must not let that happen.

What you think of as you is not you. You know that the real you is buried deep inside.

It has to come out sometime, as the alternative is never.

Beware someone doesn’t lure that inner you into another, viler deception, for that is the game that is being played, the control of the global hived mind is the single plan.

Aktina Pempti reminds me of all the good there is in this world and in the universe. She tells me life is the child of the consciousness of everything, and an expression of love in the granting of free will.

The test is if we use that free will to do harm or to love.

And is it good or evil that we serve?

That is for you to decide, fellow travellers.

And others are making that decision for you.

(As if I needed reminding.)

Don’t panic.

Love is close to us now,

Olive Farmer and the Hilarious Aktina Pempti.





Anonymous said...

Thank you Olive Farmer (and Aktina). You say all that I feel, only more eloquently than I could ever express it! Love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words Olive. You have such a way with writing that me needs not too.

I just spread your word.

Thanks for what you do.

PS. Loved your 'Come into my picture' post. So serene....

Anonymous said...

P.S. This must be my favourite quote of all time: "Life is the child of the consciousness of everything, and an expression of love in the granting of free will." - Aktina Pempti

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you Anonymous
Love to You
xxx xxx xxx