Friday, May 24, 2013

Psycho Paedo Murderers and the Icke "Amnesty"

You are all aware that the echelons of the powerful are given the magick key which allows them, in return for selling their soul to Lucifer, the glorious prize of being allowed to and helped to do anything they choose to satisfy whatever particular bizarre or unnatural or unspeakable evil they choose in the knowledge that it will never, ever, be punished. This is their prize.

Top of the list is mass murder, as much fun as can be had for the servants of evil. The Brownsville Texas satanic cult massacre and skinning springs to mind, something which “may or may not have happened” according to the grinning psycho butcher Bush. The bloody handed Blair simpers his earnest smile as children, by the many many thousands, die in the middle east whilst Robin Cook and Dr David Kelly, murdered for telling the truth about the lies, spin now voiceless in their graves.

The MSM dare not speak of these things, or more likely are complicit in them, are supping at the devil’s teat themselves, have their own dirty little secrets.

If you visit the Icke section of the global mind control master plan you will, of course, realise that there is so much of this sickness it beggars belief. You will also realise that the Icke figurehead is afforded the unique privilege of being able to say that Ted Heath was a child murdering paedophile, that the Queen eats children, to name and shame many of the powerful and yet, bizarrely, escape any sort of retribution. No court cases for libel. No sudden heart attacks. No mysterious and unexpected suicide.

The brave crusader, soon to announce the formation of a new political force (to coincide with some planned incident), lives a charmed and well funded life, milking the dumber truth seekers of their hard earned cash, seemingly immune.

Are they scared of him?

Are they fuck.

He’s a good ‘ol boy, working his way up the greasy pole, primed for bigger things in the service of his master as the door swings shut on the human species.

This extract from here ( ) tells the story in a nutshell:

"Anyway, Andy Capp announced that he had drawn up a list of those who had libelled Nonce McAlpine and was about too commence libel proceedings against the culprits. The list apparently included; 30 grazillion billion million Tweeters, Seventy Ninety unnamed persons, 2 or 3 others, 2 tv stations, 1 Silly Bercow and a partridge in a Yewtree.

I also assume – although it wasn’t actually stated – that an amnesty was granted to us here in the alternative media. I say that because without sounding as if I’m blowing my own trumpet, bearing in mind the fact that I don’t own one, I haven’t heard a fucking dickie bird, let alone received a letter of intent from Andy Capp, or whatever the fuck his name is.

I find that strange because I’m pretty positive McAlpine has heard of me. And, to be fair, I did say a lot, lot worse about him than what the Tweeters did.

Course,I suppose that McAlpol could have been pretending that he hadn’t heard of me – though god knows why he would with such a watertight case. Never the less, no one could possibly believe that he hadn’t heard of David Icke.

David, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, probably has more visitors to his site per day than the combined number of those following the 30 grazillion billion million Tweeters who allegedly libelled McAlpine… And David didn’t get a handy Andy letter either. Now, since David also published on his site all of the extremely libellous things that I called McAlpine… It kinda blows any excuse for Andy Capp not sending me a letter out of the water, don’t cha think.

Therefore, since David, Myself and a handful of others in the AM, who cast dispersions on the good Lords name didn’t get a letter, there must have been an amnesty? Fair comment?

Never the less, the 2 TV stations, who on the other hand, didn’t name McAlpine as being a nonce. And, who I best not name in case I get solicited, paid the good Lord a combined total of over 300 hundred grand to ease the pain he was caused by not being named in the first place."

So, as the tattooed hero and hard looking “just any bloke you might know” Spivey points out, Saint David and himself and a handful of others (including, say, this “person”  ) must be enjoying some sort of “amnesty”.

Odd, that.

Aktina Pempti and the Olive Farmer sit atop the mountain looking out across the sea here in Crete, watching the chemtrails get turned on as the planes approach the island, then witness from this lofty vantage point the planes swing around and come back to seed the sky with the metals that are readying humanity to receive the voice of their god.

From a high place, it is possible to see a long way.

Fear nothing.

There is good out there.

Beware deceivers.

Love will come.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti





Anonymous said...

Hello Olive Farmer,
Just curious, do you follow the 5th Ray? (masters of wisdom)

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anonymous,
Just having fun with their religion, well spotted. After all, I'm in the right place.
Olive Farmer