Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Democracy

A New Democracy

Unless we somehow miraculously manage to stop the insane careering of this juggernaut we call reality there are a number of inevitable consequences facing our species which will unfold unstoppably over the coming few years.

What is crazy is that few can see these logical outcomes of our behaviour, that fewer understand the changes we have to make to avoid them, that even fewer can be bothered to speak of what is needed, that yet fewer can see how those that are concerned are misled and divided so as to make their strength diluted, their vision dissipated, their power nullified.

We are, in this current reality, engaged in nothing less than the destruction of life on this planet. We spew our poisons across the globe in pursuit of money, for no other reason than to gather electronic numbers in an electronic strongbox we call a bank account, this fiction being the sole purpose of all activity that is harmful to our world and our species.

It’s a kind of Magick, as you can see.

This Magick was invented so that the masters of our reality could store the value of labour from generation to generation. Previously, their theft of our labour could only be taken in land, which had to be held and defended and managed, and in the theft of harvest produce, which could be stored as long as it would last. The idea of money meant that the theft could be stored for as long as need be. When coin was replaced by the fiction called paper money, issued by their banks, the masters had completed this piece of fiction and effectively had absolute control over the labours of humanity. The tax system , interest on debt, the forced movement of people away from the land and into cities and the laws surrounding inheritance created a world where each new human being was born into a landless condition, forced to labour for the masters and milked of that labour until they died.

The herd is regulated in size, kept weak, deprived of its inheritance and milked by this fiction called money.

When humanity arrived, in the 1950’s, at a point where its labour and ingenuity meant it could afford to care for its members, could provide housing and hospitals and pensions and look forward to a more leisurely life so the masters set in motion their plans to deprive us of these benefits. The key to this strategy lay in the inflation of the value of land and of house prices, allowing the foolish to believe they were becoming wealthy but in reality saddling the herd with a mountain of debt, such that to afford a roof BOTH partners in a relationship had to work, so weakening the family and society and further dividing us.

The unions that had fought for the rights of workers were co-opted and demonised and lost their strength.

At the same time the benefits of the automation of work, which should have lead to higher wages and shorter hours, were dissipated by the creation of vast numbers of non-jobs, of service industries, of government agencies, such that in the West almost nothing is now manufactured, agriculture employs few, yet all the people struggle to meet the ever growing demands of debt, heads down, beavering away, working longer and longer hours, creating nothing.

What a waste of human endeavour!

The world needs housing for those that live in squalor. The world needs cleansing of the poisons our masters have salted the earth and the oceans with. The world needs clean food in plenty. The world needs to repair the damage to the environment and to other life forms. All of these things are easily achievable. Our world is still vast, still largely unoccupied, there is room for all and there is plenty for all should we decide to organise ourselves differently. Ending debt, and ending the fiction called money altogether, inconceivable as it may seem, is the simplest way to begin to make the new civilisation that is within our grasp.

All human beings are equally entitled to a share of this earth. All have an equal duty to the members of our species, to do the necessary work to create the new civilisation. The co-operation we need to achieve this dream can never be created in a world where there is money. Do away with it, and we begin value each other as equals, we can begin to share the dreams we have, we become free.

If you travel, you see how our ancestors strove to build homes and cities of great beauty across the globe. These beautiful buildings raised the spirits of those that trod their streets, still do and have done for hundreds of years. See what monstrous piles of shite we construct now, deadening the spirit, downtreading the soul. It’s no wonder our young seek to write their graffiti everywhere. It is an unconscious expression of disgust at the carelessness we have allowed to infect us in our built environment.

It will take maybe a hundred years to get rid of these monstrosities and to make every city a place of wonder and of joy, every home a place of sanctuary and comfort, for every human being.

How much more important are such labours than serving burgers, working in stores, pushing paper, counting money, governing and managing each other, spying on and killing each other and all the many billions of jobs that only exist for the pursuit of money.

We are lost in the nightmare of democracy, yet have at our disposal the ways and means of creating a new paradigm of organisation. We have the instruments through which we can arrive at a global consensus, through which we can discover the shared dreams and visions of a world founded and organised on the principles embodied in that single word LOVE.

Rest assured, the eventuality of this new civilisation is inevitable. There is no alternative, and the chaos and disorder created by our masters to avert this realisation will, in the last analysis, only serve to drive us towards this inevitability. Much hardship lies between now and this realisation and the birth of the new world order. Ours. Humanity’s.

You will note that the great demon of the idea of a global community is treated as anathema by nearly all of the “truth” and alternative leaders. They serve their masters by trying to avert the great thing that is a global community, and yet a global community is ultimately the best thing for a global family. Our diversity can be sustained and enhanced, our richness can be shared, our energies directed where most needed, our choices of how we live and where we live based on our desire to live amongst people that share our individual vision.

A global community consisting of micro-communities, underpinned by the single shared ambition of us all, to live in a world underpinned and built on the idea of love, with the justice, fairness and absence of fear that stems from that.

Reach out and hold the hand of your enemy. Forgive and forget. Allow the dream to be realised, allow your mind to conceive of such a utopia and understand that it must be.

It is, after all, the only outcome that will allow our species to survive.

It is the inevitable end of our journey.

You, being alive at this time, being an inheritor of this earth, being a free and equal human being, have the solemn duty to the future of our species to make this dream a reality.

Thanks for reading. This makes you one of a very small band indeed, and the love that we have we are projecting to you right now. If you think what we say is worthy, please post a link somewhere, or even donate, it's been a while! A gift of hash would be nice, which is neither available nor, when it rarely is, affordable to us here.

Love to YOU,

Olive Farmer, Aktina Pempti.

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Anonymous said...

good to see you're back as we circle the drain. i see no chance unless there's some kind of divine intervention.

as far as we all ascend or no one does. there are many enlightened people who seen through this illusion. have you heard of ramana maharshi, nisargadatta, krishnamurti, richard rose. there are hundreds of people who've awoken.