Friday, 5 April 2013

Anti-semitism anyone? How the "truth" movement is manipulating your consciousness and using you.


Why is anti-semitism such a force amongst the alternative media?

They call it anti-Zionism, and they can call it what they like but the effect, on the ignorant, is just as potent as the Nazi propaganda produced to engineer the consciousness of the Germans in the 30’s.

It produces simple hate in the minds of the simple, educated loathing in the minds of the educated.

I remember as part of my History studies being sent to a castle in Northumbria in the north of England where, for a few days, we were shown film after film about the mind engineering impetus produced by the Nazis and directed at their target race. The films were all from the Imperial War Museum. Many are not available for public viewing, but only to genuine students of the period. We saw how propaganda created hatred. We watched many films showing the after effects of such hate generation.

I remember to this day, 30 years later, the bulldozing of emaciated bodies into pits, the prisoners standing in line at the lip of the burial pits waiting their turn to be shot in the head, mutely. I remember the film of the after effects of cyclon B, the rising cone of bodies, always the smallest children at the top as the doomed passed the smallest upwards in an attempt to save them, to lift them above the gas. I remember the jews unloading the gassed bodies from the vehicles driven from village to village with the exhaust fed into the back, then climbing in themselves in a movie shot for Hitler’s viewing.

Rather, for his entertainment.

No matter what the numbers involved, nor which hands were behind it all, (and these things are debateable), a horror was played out in those places, a horror beyond description.

Few if any of those jews were rich bankers. Few if any were powerful members of the ruling clique. Teachers, musicians, scientists, tailors, bakers, businessmen, ordinary folks with ordinary ambitions, with children and hopes for the future, Erased.

Don’t mistake this for approval of Israel, where the hands that drive the world have created another horror run by horrible people in readiness for the final “final solution”.

You see, they do so like gene-ocide, ridding the planet of certain genetic strains.

The propaganda now being levelled against the jews is barely more subtle than the Nazi’s. Amongst the leading alternative and “truth” websites and their subsidiary or favoured acolytes it becomes apparent that this anti-semitism is their chief activity.

They disguise it as anti-zionism, badly.

When you look at the New Age baloney being orchestrated into a new religion, when you look at the attacks on the jews, when you look at the encouragement to create anarchy you see a plan emerging, a plan which has Thule and Crowley and Blavatsky running deep within it, a plan for a new world order rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the chaotic world that is almost here. As we watched the rituals of the Olympic ceremonies we were told the history of our masters' control over us, shown their perverted enjoyment of child abuse and murder (they focus on children, beings of light and love as all humans are when they begin each journey, each lifetime), shown the forthcoming rise of their phoenix, their master, their god.

The world watched. The magickal symbols were implanted in our consciousness. The strategy rolls on towards the only logical outcomes, absent the awakening of the herd.

Even intelligent commentators on the world and its rambling and chaotic progress fail to think in the subtle and devious ways that the masters of this reality think, thus missing the point and inevitably becoming the unwitting dupes of those that are shaping their consciousness.

The reason is obvious.

From their particular inner consciousness commentators cannot frame the insidiousness and wickedness of the enemy to humanity that these people work for, nor encompass the vast subtleties in their strategy.

Many use the internet as their source, believing much of what is written by seemingly independent researchers and bloggers, never considering that an enormous plan of structured thought control is underway.

A big lie is swallowed more readily than a small one. The truth movement is a big lie, working as the collector of the sheep driven in that direction by the deliberate shaping of world events so to do. The banking crisis, the wars, the multi-faceted plan of evil we see from our current reality masters is designed to create chaos and, eventually, drive humanity into the waiting arms of the New World Order, the New Age Religion, the Gold backed money system, the new control grid of consciousness being shaped before our eyes.

Hardly anyone reads this stuff I write. It insults their intelligence to be told that the truth sites they love, the bloggers they admire and contribute to, the books they buy, the Money Bombs they contribute to, the zeitgeists they fall for, that many of these things are false, that they have been duped, that THEY are the foot soldiers of the new world order, that THEY are the modern day Germans of the 30’s or Russians of the post revolution era, that THEY are the angry, self righteous mob that will one day be unleashed.

Will they hunt the jew?

Sure they will.

It is the sport of our masters. The “truth” sites have told them the jew is to blame. The prison camp for the mind that is Israel has collected the target into one convenient location. Prophecy will be fulfilled, unless humanity wakens.

The collective consciousness of the mavericks of the world is the chief target of the internet and the alternative media. Never before has there been such an engine of deception directed towards those who can see through the bullshit, those who proclaim that the king is wearing no clothes, those whose voices bring down the curtains that cloak the truth.

As humanity advances towards its collective evolution, created simply by its growth in number and therefore its growth in cumulative wisdom, climbing ever faster on its accumulated knowledge and the rapidity with which it can be shared, so our masters have deemed it time to end this advance, for this advance threatens their grip on the reins of history.

In previous “revolutions” these same free thinkers, these same mavericks, these same brave denouncers were the first to the barricades, the first to adopt the new slogans, the first to stand on a box at the street corner and rouse and rally the mob against the powers that denied freedom.

They became the useful tools of the new power.

There are always some around to do this. From early Christians to Crusaders to the Revolutionaries of France the maverick becomes the deluded and deceived front line of change. We are so predictably malleable.

Guillotines and Gulags and Gas were their gifts to the world.

They never saw the hidden hands that created their movements, never realised the cleverness of the deception.

They don’t now.

Sad, isn’t it?

The full-spectrum approach to the New World Order is truly a wonder to behold. Its range of activities is enormous. Hardly a week goes by without another element of this unfolding tragedy taking shape. Gradually now we are seeing the leaders of this movement being given mainstream airtime. Icke and Jones, for example, getting more and more invitations to speak on the mainstream media, heightening their exposure. This sort of cross media advertising is very effective.

One wonders if it is timely?

One wonders if we are about to enter the next phase?

When we understand that the next phase must expose much of the wrong in the world, must amaze the herd, must make them gasp with incredulity, must cause carnage and chaos and disrupt humanity’s advance to a state of knowingness, to a world of love, then we understand that the next phase must come from a wholly new direction.

My guess is the alien invasion/new Messiah for which much that is on the internet is preparing us.

When it will happen is the fun part, but it cannot be long now.

How humanity manages to emerge into a world of love despite these orchestrations and plots and artificial wonders and the carnage they bring with them, are bringing with them now, is the interesting thing.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Each human being is created, is born a creature of love, then mis-shaped by the reality our masters have created. There will come a time that the light of this truth will shine and in that moment humanity will awaken from the dream. Our masters are preparing for that moment because they have seen its coming. Their plans centre on steering this force once more into the pit of hell. This time they will not succeed.

As a side note, the “truth” websites in all their glory speak with one voice about chemtrails. They are “geoengineering”. This, of course, is disinformation.

They are an attempt to prevent something breaking through.

Call it the force of love.

Our masters tremble at the thought of it, and have built great holes in the ground from which to try and escape it. If one day soon suddenly all of the trillionaires and top murderers of the world are noticeable by their absence this will be a sign that something is coming that they fear.

Expect it, dear friends.

Fear nothing.

Do no harm.

Love is all there is.

Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx


  1. Is it antiSemitism to notice every American Senator walk in lockstep on any issue involving Israel?

    Is it antiSemitism to note that 'neo-conservative' "friends of Israel" drove the pivot taking us to war against Iraq and every other nation on the 'road to freedom'?

    Is it antiSemitism to declare that no particular historical view should be silenced by force of law and that all views of a Nazi period Jewish holocaust can stand in line for consideration along with any and all other views.

    Even Germans while occupied by America after WWII were raised through their education system viewing "evidence" via film footage showing Jewish "shrunken heads" and Jewish "human fat soap" and Jewish "human skin lamp shades".
    Today we know these legends to be myths, fabrications.
    Is it antiSemitism to crush continuing myths of exclusive Jewish suffering.
    Otherwise, to place Jews in a view of exclusive suffering surely legitimates calls for exclusive treatment. Just as many demand exclusivity for Jews and Israel because of supposed 'chosenes'.

    Were the Greek courts antiSemitic for not locking up "holocaust denier" Konstantinos Plevris?

  2. Hi, thanks for your thoughts.
    The success of a programme of mind control pivots around a number of elements. Could it be, for instance, that the elements of the programme you refer to were planted and put in place such as to seem irrefutible?
    Consider the detailed framing for a crime that the intelligence services fabricate to implicate muslims in terror attacks, see how deep and intricate that element of the false reality is, then consider how the same minds could create AIPAC, could promote Ashkenazis to positions of power, could create the state of Israhell itself. Such long term and detailed strategy to frame the consciousness, begun by the Crowley acolytes Churchill and Stalin and so on seem impossible to frame.......
    That is the intent, to make the case seem irrefultible and to make you certain.
    And how could YOU be wrong, when the evidence is so conveniently provable??? (Cog' Dis)
    Jew-hate has been a recurring theme of the false reality. This means the power that creates the reality has a thing about them. Fall into their hands if you wish, dear friend, quote what evidence you like, list the reasons to despise as long as you like but remember this:
    In our diversity we are all one.
    Without unity we are doomed.
    Without forgiveness we cannot move upwards.
    Someone, somewhere, shaped your thoughts, maverick and free thinker that you are.
    Would you wipe them from the face of the earth, your brother human beings?
    Is that where your reasoning takes you?
    Is that love?

  3. Nice work.

    Revolution time brother!

  4. Indeed, how could I be wrong or even you.

    Interpreting my questions or even to tie it in with my somehow toying with the idea to "wipe them from the face of the earth, [my] brother human beings"; I view as a distortion of logic.
    But no more distorted than the logic among the populous I see today.

    A history academic this week, and a government lawyer last week both told me they agree with the concept of criminalizing "holocaust denial".
    It's a common global trend of late.

    My thanks to all the seekers of truth that would have anyone or even me silenced by force of law, to have me taken from my wife and children to be jailed while they struggle to feed themselves.
    That's the realpolitik. That is fascism, nazism? zionism?, call it what you like.

    And as the populous sees fit in their wisdom, trended by America, only one group is granted "exceptional status". A group whose legends may not publicly cross our lips except to perpetuate them lest we be called names.

    I think you've got the wrong idea about today's Nazis.

  5. Hi Kostas,
    "One man escaped and saw the sources of the shadows. Upon returning to explain what he'd seen to his fellow men they not only disbelieved him but were enraged as he challenged their beliefs."
    Can you see the source of the shadows? The wizard of Oz, the fabricator of the reality, shapes the world picture in ways that are more intricate than most realise.
    It's a shadow play, Kosti.
    Look behind the curtain.