Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blogger? Wake the fuck up!

The sense of hopelessness, the sense of powerlessness, the feeling that one can’t make a difference, the sense of being alone, of being a voice unheard. These are the driving forces that have caused the diminishment of the independent bloggers, the lone voices crying for sanity in a world gone mad.

How many have we seen just give up?

Too many.

The blogosphere has been diminished by the market dominance of the sponsored opposition and their myriad supporting acts. The understanding of the alternative thinking world is shaped and orchestrated by these agents of the false opposition. There is no mass movement in the world for the very reason that these people exist and co-ordinate their efforts to dissipate, to confuse, to mire in detail those that are awakening.

These therefore are the greatest traitors to humanity.

Not the corporate demons they pretend to despise, not the elite bloodlines they effetely expose for no purpose other than to prove their credentials, but these fifth columnists themselves.

They burrow into the hearts and minds of the rebels, the mavericks, the truth seekers and, with devious and clever psychology, steal their fervour and their anger and their determination and their willingness to act and bury it under the same shroud of apathy under which the mainstream media bury the zombie class that is humanity as a whole.

This has been the strategy of our masters in this latest Magickal shaping of humanity’s consciousness:

Imagine a forest bursting with a million different varieties of tree and plant life, then imagine that under the surface, under the subsoil, hidden from view, all of this wonderful flora connected to a single root system.

Attribute their seeming health and vitality and burgeoning growth to the sap which flows along this root system, and understand that the sap is money. More than that. The sap is also a single, unifying belief system, a belief system that promises these traitors something more than just material wealth and fame and eventually power.

It is the same belief system that is spread like a cancer through the very elites these fifth columnists pretend to despise.

The fancy websites. The staff. The guests. The international travel. The speaking invitations. The expensively produced videos. The “experts” and professors. In every field of thought that is attractive to the truth seeker we find them. In health and nutrition. In ecology. In political rebellion. In activism. In the new age religion and the idea of consciousness. In physics and the sciences generally. In religion. In mass movements. Every avenue of free thinking thought is catered for, every corner you turn you will find them waiting.

If you don’t realise this, or seeing it as possible cannot believe it to be so, then you underestimate the subtlety and cleverness of the people that have ruled this planet for Millennia by means of such cleverness and organisation and you underestimate the vast resource that has been applied to this consciousness engineering exercise.

Humanity is at war, and in war it is an error to underestimate your enemy.

In this forest of lies that is the internet the truth seeking botanist will find a huge variety of life forms that interest and fascinate and absorb their study, but few have the stamina to dig deep enough to discover the interconnectedness of the whole.

Sometimes an unconnected plant springs into life, often with an extraordinary beauty. It fights for life giving light and nutrition against the connected forest and is starved of both, is crowded out, is affected by parasites, withers and dies.

Do you know any bloggers that have given up?

Are you one yourself?

Get in touch.

This is not the time to sit back, nor to give in.

Get off your defeatist backside and remember the duty you have and the task at hand.

Love to you Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx

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