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The jewish question, mind control's greatest most are falling for it.

Where to begin?
We understand that those that call themselves Jews but are not semitic but are Ashkenazi have, throughout humanity’s history but particularly during the last three hundred years or so, been subject to the orchestrated hatred and cruel attentions of our ruling elites.
Our masters, through Church or State or through the engineered and aroused savage hatreds of the mob, have sought the elimination of this particular strand of the human gene pool.
Strange to us then is the understanding that many of those that stand above humanity, that exist in that rarified sphere above governments and law and that shape this reality appear to be of that same tribe, or if “Royal” claim to trace their blood back to King David and so are jews but of the semitic variety.

The unifying factor is their “religion”.
The power is spread amongst those that are Royal and semitic in origin and their co-organisers of this reality that are Ashkenazi.
Sometimes the Ashkenazi element have sought the heads of those that are Royal, so for example the French and Russian revolutions, the guillotine and the firing squads.

Sometimes the attentions of both are brought to the elimination of the “jew” en masse; so the Russian pogroms and the foul excesses of the bankster sponsored Nazi holocaust.

What clan’s leaders seek the destruction of what seems to be their own tribe?

Those that are not, in reality, of that tribe but are other.
Those that see that tribe as their greatest threat.

Those that, whilst appearing to be of the same blood and religion and history as the rest are not, but are something other, something inhuman masquerading as human.

In my past, pre-awakening, when like a moth I rose high to be close to the flame, I met some of these masqueraders and, though my understanding was not yet learnt and I was still a sheep in the herd, I felt an instinctive repulsion, call it a gut feeling, a human response to that which was not human.

At that time I couldn’t explain it and shrugged it off.
But I knew that I was in the presence evil.

They were not, generally, “jews”, though a few were.
They were, all of them, people of power and position.

They were, simply, not human.
Because I was young and unknowing I did not recognise this then, would have scoffed at you if you told me so.
Such is the burden of humanity.
We few of us live long enough to break free of the programming and turn up the edges of the curtains that enshroud us.

This understanding, when it stands as the gatekeeper to all that I research, all I read, opens my eyes to the great deception that is our reality.
It is difficult not to frame it in terms that have been given to us by our religions and, if one does so, can easily lead into the rabbit-hole prepared for those that get this far and lead to becoming buried in Scripture of one variety or another, all of them false, all of them created by these same demonic forces.

This world is, and has been for many Millennia, shaped by the hands and minds of this cruel demonic force. They have created this inhuman reality, shaped it by an understanding of the forces of creation that is beyond us, shaped it within our embattled consciousnesses…. where all of reality exists.

There are those that are “Royal” that are the permanent masters of this place.

Then there are those that are born human but whom, at some stage in their lives, are entered and possessed by the lower forms of this demonic force.
We call some of them sociopaths or psychopaths.

Some of these entities are known as “Adept”, those that demonstrate great skill at the control of the consciousness of humanity, the host species.
These “Adepts” become our Genghis Khans, our Stalins and Hitlers and Maos, perhaps too our Jesus and our Mohammed and Luther King and Buddha or perhaps these are of a different kind.

All seek great power over as many of us as they can gather into their thrall.
All of them do this Magick by use of word and gesture and symbol, entering our consciousnesses as thought forms that become beliefs that we think are our own and defend until death or kill to advance.

Forget the Masons, the Catholic church, the “Royal” families, the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Nazis, their successors the CIA, forget any of the thousands of organisations that these creatures use to spread their wickedness and divide their spoils.

Just think DEMON.
Just think “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.
Then you will begin to see.
Then you will understand the great destruction of this world by those that have not a care for it nor for its life forms.
Why do they hate the jew so much?
Beats me, but they do.
Perhaps it is their often fantastic intellect, more likely it is something hidden from human beings, something other, some agenda we are unaware of.

Why am I painting the Ashkenazi as victims, when as we see they are painted everywhere else in the alternative consciousness media as the baby-murdering bastards they have clearly become?
Simply because I see things differently than most, and I understand that most of the alternative media are the servants of the very demons they seek to expose, those that are Adept like Icke and Jones and many others gathering followers and believers in the same old ways, with word and gesture and symbol, implanting belief and hero worship they become messianic.
These great deceivers abound in these times as we approach the turning point and the game of existence reaches decision time. They are found in our newsrooms, our churches and temples, our corporations, our organised criminal gangs, our police and armies, our charities ( a great favourite for them), our governments, amongst our entertainers, everywhere reality is shaped they are there.

They all of them enjoy the rape and murder of our children.

We let them do this because they get us to believe in them.
Their power over our consciousness is such that we become part of that evil, do their bidding, become stained with the blood of our own children, each and every one of us.
Such is their power.
If you pay taxes you pay for the bullet that shot the child.

Your soul, thereby, becomes theirs.

We know that the masters of reality shaped the second world war. We know that throughout it was their intention to create the state of Israhell. We know they have connived with and assisted in the creation of the current Israeli mind-set. They made the holocaust at the beginning of this chapter of reality, shaping the minds of the jew worldwide. They made that place for them, funded them, protected them. They set them apart from the rest of us in a million ways. Their demonic religion and their demon manipulators created in their impressionable consciousnesses a sense of otherness, of superiority, of disregard for other human beings.

We speak of mind control, we speak of the weapons of consciousness engineering, we witness that the known history of the world is the history of this control. We saw ordinary Germans turned into the ghastly SS. The entire history of the British Empire is the history of the mind-control of generation after generation of British folks feeling they have the right to invade and steal and murder across the globe for “Queen” and for “Country”.

The western nations have their share of baby murdering sprees.
The westerners that invaded both north and south America took great pleasure in slaughtering children by the millions.
What was the bombing of Dresden but the careless slaughter of thousands of babies? What Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What the use of depleted uranium bullets in Iraq?
What the foul medicines being pumped into our babies by the pharmaceutical industry? Remember the “Children’s Crusade”?
What the cancers that are gifted to us all by our wonderful nuclear industries?

Make your own list, for fucks sake, before you let the consciousness engineers make you believe that the jew is the one and only baby murdering “race” there has ever been.

Our consciousness is an easily mouldable and twistable thing.
The demonic forces shape our minds such that some of their evil is able to create a separate identity in all of us.
We understand this from our knowledge of MK Ultra, how trauma is used to create other consciousnesses within the biological transport system we call our bodies.
We understand that shock and awe and trauma are the key tools.
In this way 9/11 was used to turn the American people into the butchers of the world.
The sinking of the Lusitania.
The attack on Pearl Harbour.
A million examples litter our history.
They create a ‘Body-Mind’ by this engineering, by using this fear, a mind distinct from our natural innate humanity, our souls.
They force this upon us all and it is impossible to exist and to thrive in the reality they create without relying on this body-mind to protect us and defend us from the other mind-controlled human beings lost in the same trauma-induced falsehood we call existence.

So are the murderers of Gaza, those who take such pride in their unutterable wickedness.
They are mind controlled like the rest of us.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
They are, like most human beings, shaped inhuman by the forces that rule their consciousness.

The Holocaust was their 9/11.

Americans have killed more babies.
The British before them.
History is this tale, repeated over and over.
The Demons find it all so easy.

And we let them turn us all into the foulest of things and dare not look ourselves in the eye for fear we see our soul inside and the shame, the great shame, and the tears of that inner being which is truly human.

The demons are still pursuing the “Final Solution” as the demonic Nazis termed it.
They have massed the jew in one place.
They have engineered their consciousness via trauma and via religion and via the myriad of other tricks of the Magick trade.
They are such now that they whoop and cheer and party when a child is killed.
They have created, in the rest of us, a quiet understanding that the jew is an animal that nobody will mourn when they are finally all destroyed.
They have created, amongst the jews, animals that none of us will mourn the passing of.
As I said here six years ago, when I had an audience, when people found this site, the whole thing we are now witnessing is preparation for the destruction of the jews.

Most alternative media shapes your mind to believe this would be no bad thing.
This vileness and baby murder will lead to vengeance.
Good riddance, most will say.
The MSM are deliberately on the side of the Zionists, to help shape your consciousness further.

All Hell is about to break loose.
This may not be the end.
It may not even be the end of the beginning.
But it is the beginning of the end.

Ask yourself now how the world would be without their money, without their hierarchy, without their nations and their religions. Ask yourself how things could be if we lived true to our inner nature and our beautiful loving consciousness, what world we could co-create, what future we could build. Ask yourself what is stopping you from breaking through the “body-mind” they have created. What is preventing you from becoming a pure creature of love? What prevents you from forgiving, forgetting, freeing yourself from the chains that enwrap your consciousness?
It is their Demonic Reality.
We human beings need now to awaken to our true selves.
We need to be aware of the subtlety of the deceivers that have engaged our spirits and smothered them for so long.
We need to walk away from everything that bears their stamp and hampers our true and wonderful brilliance.
We need to identify their subtle deceptions.
We need to Start Again and make this wonderful world anew.

Everything exists only in our minds.
Most of our minds are controlled.
Reality is up for grabs.
Let’s take it.

That is what this is all about, do you see?
Pushing past the body-mind and asserting your true self.
It’s called love.


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

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