Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More insane ramblings from minds detached.....

Know this:

Since the days of Babylon and before our masters have controlled information, knowing its power.

There exists fundamental knowledge which we have absolutely no understanding of.

They let fall from this vast table crumbs of information that feed the hunger for truth.
But the crumbs are stale and bear no nutrition.
They are merely holes for rabbits to dive down into, delving and delving until we reach the hard rock of understanding that there is really nothing there.

So the Kaballah.
So any “esoteric” knowledge.
So Grimoires and the Book of the Dead.
So a million unexplained Mysteries from sacred geometrics to the riddle of the Sphynx. So the university study of “physics”, where great minds toy with the mechanics of reality in the kiddies sandpit built by Newton and Einstein whilst the energy of the matrix goes unseen about its business.

I once “worked” for a company that supplied legal textbooks and accountancy textbooks to professionals. It was bought by a company called Reed Elsevier. I met the “boss” one day, a towering young blond Nazi of a guy, who told me he was off the next day to Ecuador or somewhere to buy another information supplier.
He gave me the creeps.

Then, I had no idea why.
I know now.

This company effectively owns professional and scientific data worldwide.
Peer reviewed scientific papers from universities that the taxpayer funds go to them and from them you can “buy” that information.
Information that you paid for in the first place.
In this way is the iron grid of knowledge control maintained.

However, the vast secrets our masters have control of are the big ones, the reality changing ones, the ones locked away in vaults so impenetrable that we will never discover them unless and until we rid ourselves of the mind-parasites that infect our species.

They are to do with the nature of reality and its manipulation.
To a large extent, they are ideas above our ability to reason, so controlled are our thought processes.

What do you really understand of Chaos Mathematics?
Of Quantum mechanics?
Of the true nature of this universe and the reality projected into the only space it can fit?

Your consciousness.

And what do you know of that consciousness, other than it is a complete mystery.

We use no more than 6% of our mental capacity.
We are engineered dumb through DNA.
Occasionally a “savant” shows us our true capability.
A hyper-thymesic our minds capacity to remember every single detail of every waking moment.
A hypnotist or an NLP practitioner how easy it is to control what we believe is free will.

So we exist in a dream, believing we are real but not knowing, believing we can think but being unable to, locked in a dark cave in a false reality, engineered stupid, dumbed down, blind to the hidden truth.

This world is a gulag for consciousness.

Do you believe that our masters would allow us a glimpse of their knowledge?
Since the very first they have nurtured this competitive advantage over us, this great sinew of the control matrix.

I have spoken elsewhere here, long ago, of their fierce determination to extinguish knowledge wherever it arose, even when that extinguishment required the genocide of entire cultures, entire tribes.
Find it, read it, and weep for what we once had and have lost.

And now we have the internet, and believe we are freed by it, believe it will deliver truth, believe it will unveil the mysteries.
And we have our “truth” leaders.
And we believe them.

Believe IN them.

Our masters manufacture their Magick money from thin air.
They built the internet.
They pushed hard for it to encompass the globe.
They bought every part of it that would serve their nefarious purposes.
They filled it with disinformation agents.
All with this Magick money.

Why were they so keen, why attach such urgency to the project?
Because, like any weapon of mass destruction, they would spare no expense to get their vile hands on it.
And they have no expense.
All of it cost them nothing.
Nothing ever costs them anything.
They control the beast called money and conjure it from nothing.

They know that money isn’t real, and that they can make as much of it as they like at the touch of a button and so buy whatever they like.
A child to rape and butcher.
There will always be a seller amongst us, eager for the Magick that is money.
And that is true of everything, such is its allure.

Do you believe, truly, that they would relinquish their control of knowledge, of information?

Do you believe, truly, that they would loosen their control of your consciousness?

The false reality exists in your consciousness.

Life, education, what you see and hear and what your parents saw and heard and pass on to you, all of these things are softwares downloaded into the hardware of your mind, shaping the false reality, creating what you think is real.

So is the internet.

Sure, there are “free minds” postulating their theories out there as we do.
Theirs not the “Money Bomb” nor the million pounds donated for the “People’s Voice”, but theirs the lonely voice echoing in the void unnoticed and largely unheard, access controlled, computers infected….

Humans are easy to control.
You are human.

Ergo you’re a pushover.
A believer waiting to believe.
It’s in your DNA, your base programming.

Witness the cult of personality engineered via the “Glamour” Magick that produces pop-stars and revered mass murderers like Hitler and Mao and Obama, the signs and symbols and Magick sigils sinking deep into the subconscious.

Witness those that worship the “Royal” family, last remnants of the longest continuous bloodline of psychopathic killers the world has ever known, and how the mind-controlled kneel to them.

For “God’s” sake we worship killers.

Read that again.
For God’s sake.

We are nothing, Aktina and I.
But We Are.
And we love.
And we do no harm unless we lapse, or forget, or let the body-mind do our living for us.

This post is in memory of the friends we have lost of late to the plague that is cancer, gifted to us by our masters.
Three these last few months; the golden Sally, and Stelios, and Debbie, added to the long list of those we have loved and lost and must remember.

And to the children, everywhere, that are dead or missing for the pleasure of the parasites.

With love.

Wake up.
Olive and Aktina.


Anonymous said...

Great post.
What is your answer?
What do we do or be?
How do we learn the truth?
How do we remove the layers and layers of dis-information?
What can we do to help that defenseless child and those people who are dying of cancer and other ills.
What of all the other horrible things that happen (ie) treatment of animals etc.
Please, if you have an answer, please share with us.
We see and hear about all the horrors from Alex and the like, but we never get answers.
You seem to know a bit more about this. Please tell us.

Olive Farmer said...

Thankyou for your kind words Anon.
We are working on something that we hope will shift people's understanding of their power, but understand that we have tried to do this before and got nowhere.
Maybe that's not our contribution to the battle, but we can't help but try....

Anonymous said...

When will we get to read this "something" that will shift people's understanding. Maybe we are ready now!!!

Anonymous said...

Olive and Aktina, we love you for trying. I lespecially love the esoteric bit. I am reading HT Laurency, re: the hylozik system, and though there is a lot of truth to it, too much is misleading (anything misleading is too much).
I don't comment a lot but I do pay attention and find for myself, that while I am learning so much, it is best to say less unless I can voice so poignantly as you have.
Pleasee don't disappear on us again.