Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some questions asked of us and our answers to the best of our ability...

From the last post an Anonymous commenter asked some questions that probably deserve some answers where we are able and from our perspective.

1. What is your read on the lost information? What do you think it is?
We feel there are two major areas of esoteric knowledge. The first is hidden, but not lost, information. We can only guess at this. We assume that much is hidden in the Vatican library, that some will be hidden in plain sight such as the symbols we see adopted by the rulers and see on their architecture and in their religions and money and their corporate logos.
These symbols hint at an understanding of their effects on the subconscious mind, as do for example the best of the crop circles, the insignia of ‘royalty’, Masonic symbols, Magick symbols and so on.
It is our understanding that the human brain is little used by our species, that it is fantastically more capable than we have access to the use of, and we witness this in the occasional savants that we produce amongst our number.

We feel that the unused portion of the mind acts in two ways.
Firstly, the brain manages the organism we dwell in or rather witness life through. It regulates the incredibly complex biological machinery, being able to manage the process of converting the atoms that constitute food and drink and air into a new human being for example. That’s some processing power.
Secondly. we also intuit that the mind is hyper-thymesic, that it stores every second of our lives, and holds the stored data from every other life we have led, if indeed we are on a longer journey than our short almost momentary existence each time.
There is much evidence that this is the case.

So, much of the hidden knowledge maybe relates to the power over our consciousness that can be generated from this symbology and also by other means. By the use of word cadence and hand and body movement and word stress and those things in conjunction with projected emotion, as demonstrated by Hitler, an Adept can hold an entire nation in thrall, a demonic entity, as Hitler was we feel, can still garner adherents decades later despite his tragic effect on the world and the monstrous consequences of his actions.
This effect, this Magick, we associate with something other.
We believe the word Adept describes those that can wield this power over consciousness.

Connect the dots with what Dietrich Eckhart said about Peyote, about opening Hitler’s third eye, about connecting him with the force and perhaps the existence, in fact not fantasy, of demonic possession comes into focus.
On that subject we understand that the ehtheogens open up areas of the consciousness we are normally deprived of.

We understand that our minds are capable of trans-dimensional travel and also of time travel, both as a real, lived experience.

We believe that the knowledge of our forebears in this area has been deliberately extinguished around the world by our masters, burning witches and slaughtering human tribes and cutting down groves as they went about this work.

Evidence suggests that whilst some are beneficial to our understanding of the nature of reality, the experience we call life and the nature of the creator, some, and especially peyote/mescaline may open doors into other dimensions where lurk creatures that can step through those doors.
Maybe why the Aztecs turned to mass murder/sacrifice?
The question arises as to why we have limited access to our minds superior skills and abilities?
That must be in the programming we call DNA and so we believe is by design.
Similarly, we only age because of that programming.
In time, both matters will be open to redress once we understand more fully the programming. This is a matter of time only and maybe is achievable now, but hidden from us, or maybe it will take the computers of a hundred years hence.
That is a future our masters seek to avert, amongst the many difficulties they face as our species grows in number.

(Understand the effect of numbers of people. With one million people we have maybe one genius in our tribe. With ten million we have ten. With seven thousand million we have seven thousand. Ergo, the more there are in our tribe, the cleverer we get. This is why our masters try and convince us we are too many and are desperate to cull the herd. This is the reason technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, (but not as fast as it could!)
We are collectively cleverer because there are more of us.
This is why the money system is so important.
Firstly, it attaches value to knowledge and so slows down our sharing of information that is valuable and therefore acts as a brake on advancement.
Secondly, money pays for research and our masters control money and therefore our masters control what we discover.
We know that the garden shed inventor is a worry to them, ergo the disappearances or untimely deaths of free energy inventors, for example.)

This hidden knowledge about consciousness and the control of this reality through the minds of our tribe brings into focus the work of Tavistock and the role the TV and other media and the internet now play in the great game. Our masters saw our growing number as a threat, sought to dumb us down by controlling education, worked hard to make sure the TV and the Internet were everywhere so that their grip of our minds was wholesale and complete. Many other factors come into play here, not least pharmaceutical coshing and the entire psychiatry industry.

About the mind and reality we know these things.
Firstly about reality.
If you took all of the space that lies between the nucleus and electrons of the atoms of the human race you could fit all of us into a small wineglass, the planet into a good sized football stadium. What we believe is solid is not, but exists only as a construct in our minds. What we see and hear and touch exists only as electronic signals in our minds. We never actually touch anything, we only think we do.

From this we understand that reality is like a computer program and our minds interface with this reality and can only see the things our senses were designed to see. In this way, atoms being virtually nothing and our senses being so artificially programmed to witness only certain parts of reality, those atoms that are a part of this particular game as it were, we can understand that the same space that we occupy can hold another dimension or a whole range of other dimensions, each dimension witnessed by its occupants with the senses they have at their disposal.

We can understand a little of this when we witness the different senses of creatures co-existent with us. The hearing of a bat, the sight of a vulture, the sense of smell of a dog, the homing capability of many species that probably relates to some ability to see magnetic forces and navigate by them. The knowledge some animals have of impending disaster, rats leaving a sinking ship before the sinking begins. Dogs howling before an earthquake and so on.

We guess that our rulers have a deeper knowledge about the nature of reality than this, and that knowledge has been in their possession for eons.

We understand from Magick that it concerns itself with the matter being in conformity with will. What we guess this means is that the insubstantial nature of reality can be manipulated by the force of the mind.
We imagine that arousing the human ability to manage reality in this way is again a matter of the DNA blocks to the full use of our minds and that some amongst us have skills in this area that we can only guess at.
We hear in legend of the great practitioners of the Kaballah and how they could walk through walls and travel in time and space and so on.
We know that these capabilities are available to all of us.
Time is a construct of the reality and can be moved around in by consciousness, as can space, and the wall you walk through and the body you make walk through it are made of atoms and so are insubstantial and do not really exists in solid form except in our minds that conform to the rules of the program.

Think Neo in the Matrix and you get the idea.
That movie was no accident, of course.

So, hidden knowledge relates to consciousness and the control of reality.
As a side issue it relates to the true story of humanity’s history, our previous incarnations, the deluge and so on.

We know our masters understand that there is something out there that was misplaced at some time in the past that, if discovered, would open humanity’s prison door. This is why they control archaeology so carefully and that is why much of our known history is a myth, as any questing mind can discover readily.

This is why the first thing Hitler did was send teams of archaeologists (along with seers and mystics and practitioners of the black arts) to search Iraq and Tibet, and why Bush did the same with Iraq.
They lost something in the past and fear its discovery.

It is the grail, and almost certainly has nothing to do with the Jesus figure although it might, for certainly if he really existed he was an Adept, perhaps an adept working for the good- though his legacy has been twisted and turned to child molesting and child murdering across two millennia.

2. Are we "Gods" in the Making or Remembering?
No. Being a god is about being capable of shaping reality, of creating. Who knows what the unlocking of our minds true potential could reveal? However, the creator leaves evidence everywhere of its incredible power to design, so powerful and enormous that we are staggered by its completeness. So no, we are almost certainly not gods in the making, but we are part of the creator, experiencing and living life, learning good and evil, the fingertips of the ineffable and incomprehensible consciousness.
At least that’s about as far as my limited intellect takes me.

3. Who and what are we and why. Do you believe that "Imagination" is the "Creator"? Is it true that we are "Perfect Love". Is it true? What is true? What do you think we are and who we are and why?

We're tempted to say “42” and leave it at that.
We are not real, nor is reality real, all existing in the consciousness and conforming to the master software download called reality.
We have no idea where the consciousness really is. Science cannot find it in the brain, but as far as I know scientists haven’t checked out our toenails yet to see if it’s there.

We know our rulers revere the pineal gland, about which there is much conjecture, and their ‘pineapples’ are proudly displayed in the Vatican as if they are laughing at us, that they control the consciousness of the species and this is their little joke.

That our consciousness is controlled is without doubt and I guess is you read all the rest of this blog you’ll understand how reality is shaped and formed to prevent humanity from re-discovering its true nature, which is pure love.

Perhaps that’s what the game is about?

The creator wants to see if we can find the way, the path and the true light of love despite the forces ranged against us that seek to prevent that awakening.
In that way it’s a test, and not of the individual but of the species and our being able to act as one in this matter.

It is our understanding that the world and humanity itself could find this path but that it needs to be a global understanding between us all.

The meek will inherit the earth, but only if we can act together.

Such a movement in consciousness would open the floodgates of our brilliance, unfettered by secrets and the hoarding of knowledge for the sake of money.
It would transform our individual lives, it would enable us all to live in richness on this enormous planet.
It would focus the brilliance we have on the issues that matter and so we would become unrecognisably advanced in a generation or so.
We would clean up the mess the demonic forces have inflicted upon us.
We would become healthy.
We would live much longer in good health.
All these things and many more simply depend on the freeing of knowledge and the careful direction of the energy and minds of our ascending species.

We have a feeling we are not alone in the universe and understand that to take this step or enter a downwards spiral to self-destruction are the only two paths available to ascending species that have discovered how to end all life on a planet.

Either we change NOW or we die and destroy the creators’ work.

This change will only come about when we collectively realise how our reality is designed to make us selfish and wicked, designed to make us killers of children.
We are doing it now, as we have always done.
That wickedness is the child of the evil that controls us and shapes the false reality with that intent, its age old systems there to drive wedges between us and to prevent us from being the one Tribe we are.

There is more difference between the DNA of a hundred monkeys of the same species on a hillside somewhere I forget where than there is between the entire human race.

Aktina and I know we are creatures of love, that our souls are placed in these marvellous bodies to go through this experience, that the world is shaped by our rulers to produce the creation of alters, as seen in Monarch and MKUltra, of second personalities that we believe are “I”, and that this process is dependent on trauma and then on the need for the “body-mind” to adapt to systems that are entirely the opposite of what they should be.

Our world is inverted. Upside down. We reward evil and undervalue good!

The systems in place produce a world in which the most vicious, the most greedy, the most venomous amongst us rise in power over the rest.

Simple logic tells you that this is a vast stupidity, and a vast stupidity created by the eons old systems, hierarchies, nations, religions and monies etc that are the creation of our masters.

You’d have to be blind not to see this, as you’d have to be blind not to see that the inevitable outcome of this false reality is the wanton destruction and murder we see all around us and the finality of these moments in the story of our kind.

We have to unite in love now.

We are at the precipice.

It is our guess, from the hints at previous civilisations, that we have been here before and that last time we failed to avert the inevitable.
It is our guess that our masters were the same then as we have now.
It is our guess that they believe they have our consciousnesses so under control that they can make us destroy ourselves again and I can see why they would be that confident for nowhere are we standing together, nowhere are the meek gathering to assert their authority over reality.

That’s why we keep trying to get lots of followers.
If we had a million or two we could change reality because that’s all that’s needed to create a critical momentum that leads to a critical mass.

Not that we are leaders, for leaders are the last thing humanity needs.
But we hope we could inspire an understanding of the power of love and the knowledge that love is the only way and the deep understanding that we are creatures of love perverted by a false reality, and that we can change that reality.

There is a new future for humanity of we choose it, and with technology we could choose it quickly.

Please bear in mind that we get only about 50 views on a good day…..and that almost no other blog or alternative website links to us and feel the burden that we feel for a moment in our insanity.

And click to follow, and post a link, and see if we can’t get that critical number is what we often ask, but to no avail….

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina

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The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive,
I'd suggest the whole idea of 'hidden knowledge' is a fraud. If people think what they need to know is hidden, they won't look.

It's my experience that there is no knowledge that matters that's hidden.

Seeking the truth is difficult NOT because the truth is complex, or hard to find, but because we are full of cultural-programming / beliefs / opinions / false knowledge. All these keep you from your inner knowledge which was always there.

The whole seeking process is as much about unlearning as learning. Some people only learn - and become experts on symbolism of whatever, but that's not what it's all about.

I found all I ever really needed to learn was to trust my own intuition. I don't believe in things anymore, I know, or I don't know. The most important things are what I knew as a baby.

It's not about hidden exterior knowledge, it's our own inner knowledge of right and wrong - the law - that we must return to. It's a simple as that: Listen to your conscience, and act on it. (We must apply the law to ourselves first of course.)

The irony is the 'Illuminism' cults pretend to offer inner knowledge - from outside! It's obviously impossible - a contradiction in terms. A fraud.

Everything people need to know was built-in as instinct: Do no harm. Love your neighbor.