Friday, August 22, 2014

Dumb-dumb bullets for the Consciousness.

Dumb-dumb bullets for the Consciousness.
How the alternative media assists the global evil.

Increasingly, as the world spins towards the engineered global chaos, we are astounded at the ridiculous and childish concerns of most alternative bloggers and how they reflect the behaviours of the dumbed down sheeple they pretend to have become separate from.

They take their agenda for debate from the leading alternative sites, all of whom take their agenda and cross-refer to the leading main-stream media sites.
Like an army of sports commentators, and no runners.
Using their excuses for minds to comment on some event or another orchestrated by the masters of evil and fed to them to discuss.
And the dumb sheep that call themselves “awake” are as lost in this bullshit as the other sheep, the one’s they pity!
It would be funny, if the stakes weren’t so high.
People are dying everywhere.
The global chaos is coming their way too.

This lack of vision and lack of ability to see the whole picture, to focus on a solution, to see what is important, to unify in their petty pronouncements so that the world sees something other than one person’s ego, becomes increasingly astounding.

We know that a good many of these voices are orchestrated by the very evil they purport to be fighting, but that to spot the blogger shill is not easy.

This might help.
Then again it might not.

Everyone that thinks themselves awake has been targeted and lured and drawn towards and cross-referred to these organised opposition sites.

To compare what’s going on consider this:

When we ran large cross-functional sales and marketing divisions of corporations, before we realised what a bunch of crap the whole thing was, we had marketeers devise strategies based on analysis and research. Those strategies were designed to capture the target market. Included amongst those ideas was cross media referral, especially cross-media referral that appeared independent. Customer ratings and approvals. Independent reviewers. Scientific and authoritative opinion. Rewarded referrals from existing customers to their peers in the market, rewarded usually by discount on further purchases. Tele-sales. Field sales. Advertising across a number of media. Brand building ads. Sales prompt ads. Every staff member was trained and trained again. Those not able to follow the corporate dogma replaced. Those most able promoted.
You get the picture.
We are ashamed of that period of our lives.
All of that was just done for market share and for profit.
Where the consciousness of humanity is the prize, the stakes are much higher.
And so the effort will have been much greater.

When you look at the market for alternative thought (for that is what it is, a market) bear in mind that someone, somewhere in control of the purse strings had this very same approach.
Organised, thoughtful, considered, planned.

Backed by the unlimited resource of Magick money, money made from thin air, the alchemists greatest achievement.

Their idea was from the beginning to make sure, as with the main-stream media, that every single avenue was covered, that every single detail was orchestrated and managed, that the whole was done with the utmost professionalism by those that were believers of the creed.

Sure, there will always be new market entrants that steal some sales.
If they grow, you buy them.
Or target them and destroy them.

What you think about is not a game.
These are serious people doing a serious job.

Its object is to control the debate.
Control your conscious thought.
Prevent you from ascending into the world of unity that is the human being’s true destiny.

To stop you uniting against them.

They are global, and therefore we have to be.

Rest assured they had the best minds from Tavistock guiding their activity right from the start.
Rest assured they had the best understanding of the IT you use to monitor your thought processes and data-mine the results of their efforts.
They have a chain of command.
They involve the luciferian security services, they involve the greatest minds.
They speak of secrecy and of duty to their followers.
They reward handsomely, and not just with money but with the satisfaction of whatever desires their servants have.
They kill those that step out of the fold.
This is your enemy.
The same one Kennedy spoke of.

Rest assured you are like putty in their hands.
They have you.
This is no game.

One of their demons, Crowley, told them that free will was the whole of the thing.
To continue to rule the world, they had to control everyone’s minds, everyone’s consciousness, everyone’s will.
Not just the baa-ing masses.
Full spectrum domination.

That’s the game we’re in, dear reader.
Do you honestly believe those who control knowledge in the world, who had spent centuries ensuring their mastery of information, would let the internet rob them of that power?

Grow up.
Wake up and smell the roses.

They put the cable in your street.
They own google and facebook and the rest.
They manage Wiki.
They gave you Snowden and Assange.
They killed people whose name you’ve forgotten.

This is how it is.

Chief amongst their objectives was to create a universal inability to get off your ass and do something.
This has been their most carefully orchestrated psy-op.
It involves learned helplessness.
It involves the cult of personality.

It involves sigils and signs that speak to your unconscious (examine Icke’s book covers, for goodness sake!)

It involves mass hypnosis and NLP.
Watch Jones speak.

The only thing they had to fear from an increasingly clever humanity, that cleverness derived from our numbers, was the ability for us to put aside our differences, to focus on one single issue and then to collect together in our billions and do something.

So far, they have won that game.
This is no surprise.

They have put a huge amount of effort and thought into it and were doing so when most of you were in kindergarten.

Most “truth seekers” have become addicts, mind-controlled patsies.
They have been taught learned helplessness.

In the way the endless pictures of starving Africans in the past was counter-productive for charities in the end, so the endless horrors of the world’s evil pumped into the mind causes anger at first, then merely a desire to be informed, a relish for “news” that reflects the habits of the dumb sheeple news watchers we all know and pity.

There are countless shills out there blogging away.
Most of the truly free minds follow their lead and, usually, refer to the sites in their blog-rolls of the very people they are fighting against!

Our masters must laugh so!

Some obvious Shill types:
1. The jew haters. They wear their hatreds on their sleeves and would like to put a star on the sleeves of those they hate. These are the most readily identifiable and those that comment on their racist postings equally identifiable as shills or as a part of the great ignorant masses, falling for the old divisive tricks again, (for morons hunting for scapegoats are always with us.) These bloggers spout the same Nazi crap that their masters have always spouted, yet “truthers” fail to see the jackboots in their faces!

2. The “specialist” shill. These guys work hard at exposing the terrible activities of our masters. Some go for the queen. Some go for paedos. Some go for “crisis actors’. Some go for 9/11 truth, still! Some go for the main stream media. Some are “professors” or “experts” or “ex-CIA” or “Ex-Illuminati” or “ex-world bank”. Some go for UFO truth. Some are experts in creating bullshit alternative histories. Some “channel” and claim to be in touch with aliens or demons or angels or God. (NO, sorry, that’s the world’s religious leaders.) Some are collectors of all the rest, the Red Ice merchants of confusion, the “men in hats” brigade, all jackets and jeans. They all of them gather followers, all of them collect a lot of money. Most have ads for gold investment. Not one offers a place to join, a movement of people to be a part of, none offer hope, just endless reportage of worthless shit designed to make you the apathetic creature you have become. Their object has been to provide rabbit holes for you to dive into, so that you try to learn instead of trying to DO SOMETHING.

3. The “consciousness wisdom” shills. From the sayings of some wise old fart from a thousand years ago they purport to pass on wisdom. Some of what they spout makes a lot of sense and seems good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t suck you in. They love to tell you its all karma, that you’ll get it sorted in the next life if you get your karma right in this. It is unmitigatedly self-focused. Not one speaks of action, of doing something to make right the world we have borrowed from our kids and pooped all over. They had a field day with 2012, speaking as a man of some great consciousness shift that would come from fairy land. So that you just had to sit and wait, polishing your nob to awaken your Kundalini, knowing that the great blah-blah was coming and humans would all be superman. They make me sick, these retards. They are two a penny. Read their comments and weep. “Oh, you are so wise” my backside! The world is drifting into a nightmare. Half is already there. Babies are being slaughtered as ever and the great mass of humanity that would do no harm is being herded into the gas chambers in a piecemeal way and all they can do is repeat what some old guy, now dead, wrote long ago. Listen: if there was anything really worthwhile there, understand our masters would have rubbed it out of the minds of humanity long ago.

4. The Jesus is coming again brigade. Listen: a few years back they found a model of a pyramid in Ecuador. It had the all seeing eye and 13 rows of bricks. On the bottom it said “the Son of God is Coming”. It is 14,000 years old. Google that. The rulers of our reality were likely here last time. Likely they wiped us out when we got to the stage of being able to communicate with each other. Sort of like now. Read the part about Babel in your bibles and understand the resonance with these times. Likely they have always told us the son of god is coming. Before Jesus it was Mithras. Before him all manner of creatures. Then, as now, believers KNEW that they hadn’t been fooled, that THEY believed in the one true god. Then, as now and for all time, the believers are only a breath away from burning the blasphemer at the stake, or just wishing eternal damnation on them. They prove everything with a quote from the Bible as if that was the end of the argument yet not one of them has discovered the true origins of the words they spout, what was edited by Constantine’s lackeys, what left out, what re-worded. Ditto the Islamic faith and the many hands of many Mullahs down through the ages that have crafted a book that serves their purpose of controlling the minds of the stupid or providing a career for the snake oil salesmen. They are all over the place, these sham prophets and showmen shamans. They encourage children to kill.

And of course the leaders of the pack.......

We could go on. No doubt you have your own favourite types. No doubt, yet again, we’ve insulted a good chunk of our readers who identify with one or the other of the above or are themselves bloggers that do nothing but comment on the fodder the masters feed them.
So be it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ref is looking at his watch and reaching for his whistle….

Love and Global Unity are the way to our collective future.
Will you do your part?


Anonymous said...

I tried to sign into your rainbow warrior but for some reason it will not accept my information.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anonymous.
That's strange. Will you try again and let me know where you had difficulty please? I tested it by joining myself, but that's pretty much the limit of my computer skills! If it happens again I'll talk to someone that can help.
(Hope the NSA haven't put the block in already!!)
Love to you, Olive
And thanks for trying! Some company would be nice, 4 billion would change the world.

The Veritopian said...

True indeed Olive... :)

I was in a 'Christian' church at the weekend for a wedding. It was basically awful.
I hate the way they turned Jesus's message of true hope & peace (i.e. gift economy) into a pompous Frankenstein's monster of bullshit and blasphemy. I hate the deification of Jesus. The whole thing pisses me off.

Global unity can only come by 2 methods: Force, or Right... For it to bring peace, it must be the latter. The age of coercion is almost over... The True World Order is coming...

Mark Rockeymoore said...

Good stuff here.

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you Mark,
Good thought on your site , so praise indeed.
Now I see you, I will drop in more often there.
Olive xxx

Olive Farmer said...

Been very busy teaching, I will answer all your comments, some of which need deep thought and can't be dealt with lightly.
Olive xxx

The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive, take your time. It is deep. It takes a good dose of peace & quiet for me to get into this stuff... :)