Friday, August 15, 2014

Slaves rEvolution

Understand that the hierarchical business model, the hierarchical governmental model, the hierarchical class and money-driven status model, the positioning of one person above any other person for any reason is an unnatural and inhuman product of the fear of loss of security and the fear of loss of life imposed upon humanity by those that govern our reality.
Some time in the past we humans lived as Tribe.
From somewhere a sub-type entered our societies, a distinct and base type that used the trauma of horrible violence, the utter shock this caused to the rest of us, to place themselves at the head of our Tribe and to make themselves rulers over us.
These “royal” bloodlines have interbred for millennia and still today hold sway over our global Tribe.
Once we had been frightened into accepting rulers, hierarchy was imposed.
Once hierarchy was imposed, we ceased to be tribe.
We learned inequality.
We began to struggle against each other rather than co-operate for the general good.
We competed, not for fun but for profit or position.

Our “rulers” strengthened their grip over us, steadily and stealthily building support systems for their rule, cementing each individual stone in place, building and maintaining a non-tribe false reality.

Every aspect of our lives, from our interpersonal relationships to our deepest desires are encompassed by the ancient structures they have imposed upon us.

Ideas of nation, of race, of religion, of money, of false “ownership”, of law, of force of arms, of war for benefit and a million more elements of the pyramid of control go together to form this false reality.

It has become so ingrained that few of our Tribe can even conceive of living without these things and yet the only way to end the nightmarish reality we exist within is to completely eradicate all of these artificial, hierarchical structures and begin again as a global Tribe, finding those with most wisdom and love to guide us, giving what we can and taking what we need and focussing on core principles that derive from love and from an overwhelming knowledge of belonging to the tribe called humanity.

This will be the slaves rEvolution.

All are equal within the Tribe, none have authority, none have a right to a bigger share of what the Tribe produces.
In the Tribe, we share what needs doing and we share what we have.
In the Tribe we heed the advice of those who are the most wise amongst us, know that those who have the most love to give are our most worthy and treasured members.
In the Tribe we act as one to solve difficulties and to ensure that no single person or group within the tribe dominates others by fear or takes more than is due or gives less than is expected.
In the Tribe we recognise that sometimes someone in the Tribe is infected with some kind of psychological evil that causes them to disrupt our harmony and seek power over others..
The Tribe deals with them with isolation and with cure.
We deal with them as a whole, together, so that none can be made afraid and made to do their bidding.
The Tribe understands our relationship with the earth, our co-vibration with the place that gives us home, our co-relationship with a nature held in balance for eons and the stupidity of disrupting that balance.

In the Tribe we organise to be most efficient, we focus effort on that which needs to be done, the highest priorities the happiness and well-being of the Tribe, the comfort and security of the Tribe, making sure that none are left behind.

Examine how the desire for money creates much that is harmful in this world and understand that the Tribe guarantees safety and security and the fulfilment of needs.
The Tribe replaces money and does away with it.
We work to produce what the Tribe needs and find ways to fairly distribute what we can make.
The Tribe has the systems available to do this easily.
The Tribe can feed its members well. It can house its members well. It can transform our cities and restore our nature.
Its inventiveness accelerates as its numbers grow, this is plain to see.
The Tribe is capable of creating an amazing future, full of wondrous things and of plenty.
This is your future.
Because you are a fully paid-up member of the Tribe.
You are human.

We must recognise that the full force of our rulers and their long planned and deep strategy is and has always been the prevention of our reverting to our global Tribal organisational system.
The will use those in their thrall to kill us if we show the slightest understanding that there are 7 billion of us, that WE ARE the inheritors of this world, that we desire peace, that we desire freedom, that we are willing to work hard to make this world a good place for all of our Tribe.
Above all they will seek to divide us, to prevent us from reaching this understanding, to deceive us and to sow discord amongst us, to use their intelligence agencies and their agents to stir up racial or religious or financial turmoil and chaos amongst us. They will make us hate each other by means of these clever strategies.
They know we must never be allowed to unite.

Everything that we see on our nightly news is the product of their fear of us.
They can see us rising.
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Fear nothing.
These times are no place for cowards.

Let Aktina and I know if comments don’t appear or if you cannot for some reason click to join the Tribe.
Equally, if you get error messages when trying to visit this site or find words within this site that you suspect have been altered.

If you are a truth seeker or a conspiracy FACTist, understand there is not one alternative truth site that tries to count just how many of us there are.

We cannot count our number!!!

Isn't that odd, considering the times we live in???

We are everywhere divided by the “leaders” of this unveiling of the truth.
We might be in our millions and millions RIGHT NOW yet still we are powerless BECAUSE WE CANNOT SEE HOW STRONG WE ARE.

This can be that place.
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With love from Crete.
Beware of deceivers.
There us good out there and within each of us.

The time must be soon, as you can see when you look around our world and how, daily, our Tribe is increasingly threatened and driven to chaos by the power.

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We scream loudest when we scream together.

Aktina and I love comments,
And we love YOU.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx
Please join your Tribe.


Anonymous said...

What is your read on the lost information? What do you think it is.
Are we in a "dream"? Are we "Gods" in the Making or Remembering? Who and what are we and why. Do you believe that "Imagination" is the "Creator"? Is it true that we are "Perfect Love". Is it true? What is true? What do you think we are and who we are and why.
Some of us struggle to learn the truth---some of us.
Love to you and the 5th ray

Olive Farmer said...

Big questions Anonymous!
I believe you're the first to find Aktina, though maybe you've read a comment from us ages ago. It's our little joke for the Blavatskyists, but we are in Crete. The Olive Tree is our little joke for the Revelationists, though we are Olive Farmers and above all we are Witnessing! If fire comes out of our mouths I'll let you know.
The other questions.....
Who can know, but the next post will cover what connecting the dots and intuition tells us. Just for you. Thanks for reading. Pls consider "following" if you don't already.
Love, Olive and Aktina xxx

The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive, I think you're right that we're close. The numbers of people waking up is proven by comments on news websites etc. There are millions of us now, we are in the majority.

Anonymous, it's tempting to be distracted by things we cannot know, but this reality is like this for a reason.

We know what we need to. Our remit here is extremely narrow - we're here to bring heaven to earth - that's our sacred duty - and we're born knowing how.

The 'Satan' problem is now well known, and over-discussed. The solution is hardly whispered, but it's the true law - the one which has been covered up - the one which genuinely unites all people: "Love your neighbor". That's it.

The Law joins all levels of reality from earth to heaven. We just have to remember it, and do it.

We may be divided by beliefs, but we are united by the law. The people are *already* united, they've just forgotten. ALL separation is illusion.