Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Poking your noses in the shit. Open rant/letter : To the citizens of the USA

Since the royal and bankster sponsored second world war the USA has involved itself in regime change and war in more than 37 different nations.

The USA has slaughtered in excess of 30 million people.

It is estimated that upwards of 90% of those killed have been civilians (also known as “Collateral Damage”.)

The UN (luciferian to the core) estimates that these wars have seriously injured (that is, completely wrecked the lives of) ten times as many.

So 300 million.

About as many Americans as there are, if you take my drift.
(They like to count and keep score, you see.
Probably masturbate over the figures….almost certainly do.)

Countless more millions have been made refugees or have lost their homes or have lost their chief breadwinners or have been rendered inconsolable through grief.

All this has been done to “protect” “God’s” country.

Since 1945 US soil has suffered one attack, the 9/11 mystery, in which about 3000 lost their lives.

Serious doubts exist about the true circumstances of this mind-altering experience, the biggest psy-op since psy-ops were invented.

It was a psy-op with two objectives, the second being to find you, dear truth seeker, and suck you in to their even-cleverer-psy-op, where you are today.

All identified and counted and on a list, courtesy of Icke and Jones,

I guess the message is, kill one American and the USA will kill 1,000 of your soldiers and kill 9,000 of your women and children, make a further 100,000 disabled, make a further god knows how many homeless and destitute, leave the sour taste of grief in the mouths of hundreds of millions for their inconsolable loss.

Bravo, Americans.
You baby murdering shits.

The land of the free, established by Masons, run now by the Black Magic Luciferian Nazi cadre on secret behalf of her “majesty” the queen, built on the history of the genocide of its native peoples, slaughterers of millions upon millions of children since the glorious days of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Dresden child murdering attacks, raping and pillaging nations and resources across the world on behalf of its money-grubbing corporate elite and their bankster masters….God Bless America!

I find that some Americans still go to church and believe themselves children of Christ.
This makes me puke.

Now, in Gaza, it is American bullets that slaughter children,
American money that pays for the offensive.

If you’re an American, whatever your opinions, you pay tax to your government and so are purchasing, with your dollars, every time you buy or sell, the headless corpses of babies.
Every time you buy or sell.
Did you buy or sell today?

Each and every hand drips with the blood of children.
You are all monsters.
None of you have balls.

If you have honour, if you have the guts, either DO SOMETHING or get the fuck out of the place.

You are an accessory to murder.
Drip, drip, drip the blood falls on your nice carpet or polished floor. Your pets tread it through the house. Your kids (mostly safe!) walk it into their kindergartens.

All the Alex Jones’s and Rense’s and Les Visible’s and a thousand more useless fucktards that guide the minds of Americans who would be free of this monstrous ignomy on behalf of their luciferian masters gather up their loot from their stupid retarded believers like the snake oil salesmen religious tosspots that preach and collect and every single one of them supports the system they pretend to despise, pay their taxes, buy their vast ranches or French Chateaus and giggle like the murdering demonic psychopaths they are.

You make them laugh.
You are so simple.

Call yourself awake?

Crowley said that Magick was the shaping of reality in conformity with will.
Well, cleverer wills that yours have shaped your reality alright.

Since the foundation of Tavistock the hearts and minds of the dumb, shortlived human species have been engineered and are engineered still in increasingly clever and subtle ways.

The demons make their own opposition. Of course they do not count the number of those who would do something, do not show the world the power of those whose minds yearn to be free, but fill the minds of these even dumber sheeple with horror and injustice and daily doses of misery so that, eventually, you fall victim to their engineered induced apathy.

You will do nothing.

They have control of your energy and life force.

None of you DO anything but gripe.

From the team-written-Zen-Gardner-output-unit to the ponderings of innocent acolytes who repeat and regurgitate the nonsense, from the health ranger (sic) through the Dutch weed since time immemorial (or at least since the internet came to the world) your mind has been as putty in their hands.

Don’t worry, Americans.
Your names will not be sullied by the history books.
There will be no history books.
You will kill all the historians.

The false opposition draw away your energy, fill your dumb minds with faery-land shite, practice their demonic mind control on you, make you un-American, render you inhuman.

They made most of you believe abortion is a good thing.
They use the unborn to make face cream and food flavourings.
This trumps the Auschwitz soap factory and human skin lampshades and you did this.

Cognitive dissonance comes into play.
These great leaders of “free thought” have captured yours.
You tell your friends, repeat their stories, weave them thread by thread into the fabric of your lives.
You are a cult member.
A believer.
Since they invented false religion they have understood how to make you what you have become and at the same time to bleed you of your money and your force.

“Money bomb” anyone?
You make me sick.

Do you wonder why the demons still get away with things?
Do you wonder why 2012 never happened?
Do you wonder what the chemtrails are and believe they are geo-engineering?
Do you think the jews are behind it all, as Hitler maintained?

It is because they control the opposition.

You are the opposition, weak and dumbed down and ball-less as you are.

They have you in their pockets.


In a faraway place, where the creator ponders your journey, a tear is shed for your hopelessness and the dirtying of your immortal souls, the accessorising to child murder of you, each and every one.

You can, in life, walk away from this complicity.
You can, in life, render the power structures null and void and meaningless.
Everything you believe is just software, downloaded to the hard-drive of the child of love that was born into this mis-shapen and false reality.
You are not yourself.
You are the created creature of thousands of years of mind control.

Every system is theirs, every hierarchy, every religion, every dollar note or euro, every structure of power that builds the pyramid that enshrouds your immortal soul.

Walk away, friend, and set yourself free.
You are human.
You are beautiful.
You are a creature of pure and incandescent love.
This you were born.
This heritage has been stolen from you by what you call life experience.
All life experience is the creation of the demons in this artificial world of evil.
You are infected with malware.

Download the antivirus.
Its name is love.
It is what you are.

Love to you all, you poor misguided fuckwits.
Wake up.


Olive and Aktina
Standing witness.
Xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

If this (life) is just a dream, maybe we shouldn't get so hooked on and angry at, what is going on, and concentrate on peeling away the layers and layers of stuff until we get to the ultimate truth. They "The Powers That Be" want us to get angry with each other. Keeps us busy and not searching for the truth.
Most are still buying into this reality.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, too.

Olive Farmer said...

Thanks, that's the first comment in ages. Now fuck off back to Alex or whatever and swallow more mind control propaganda or, as most of my "guests" are from Homeland Security or, more recently whatever the Russian and Chinese security services call themselves now, go back to your desk and do more work for whatever evil son of a bitch has you in its thrall.

Anonymous said...

What happened to my comment.
I send you comments all the time and they don't get posted.
Anyway, I hope you are feeling a bit better after that rant.
I think it has more to do with the powers that be and not the regular people. In any country. If I recall, you moved from your country to get away from it all. I guess I am choosing to stay in mine. The regular folks are great. The people in the US are not responsible it is the government. Most people in any country are kind and loving. At least I think so.

The best to you Olive Farmer.
Keep On Keepin On

OLive said...

Hello Anon,
Interesting you should say that about comments. I always publish every comment I receive, so what you see is what I am getting......
I have for years now been aware that this blog is "sat on" by the tech geeks that work for the evil. In a related vein, I am almost never able to comment on other blogs, rarely allowed to comment on youtube videos, there is always some tech-problem that comes up (eg never being able to get past the "Are you human" questions, or on Youtube I get "loading....." when I click to comment.
I know that for years visitors have been blocked and that Homeland Security or some other agency pays 4 hourly visits. Now I get the same treatment from the Russians and Chinese.
I don't know if this blog is worth writing considering that I often get just 5 visits in a day and those from "dodgy" sources. When I re-read what I've written most times I think it stands up well in terms of content and thought compared to other blogs that get thousands of visits and hundreds of comments.
Maybe I'm getting some things right!
Love to you and thanks,
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

To see "SATAN" all you need to do is look in the mirror:


The heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately evil;
who can understand it?

And if you want to understand how EVIL is created, then read James 1:12-22.

Stop with all the BS!
Mankind is his OWN "Satan"!

Olive Farmer said...

Dear Larry Silverstein,
Is that your real name, or are you for some other purpose taking the name of the Larry Silverstein that did so well our of the 9/11 Magick?
Anyway, I forgive you.
Anyone that reads the chronological history of the creation of both old and new testaments, particularly the involvement of Constantine and then of King James understands that the "true word of god" is not to be found within its pages. The historian that researches the mutated versions that many now accept as the ineffable word of god quickly understands that there is fakery, that the texts serve a different purpose to that which is espoused by believers.
Please don't quote chapter and verse, I used to teach the bible...
The christ is the perfection of man in love and will be found when you look in the mirror, past the outer you, into the eyes of the inner you, the one that was born and has been assaulted ever since by the evil responsible for the book you love.
I so hope you find your soul.
Love to you,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Olive Farmer said...

To Larry Silverstein...,
Are you this guy?

Or just stealing his name?

If you are, know that there is forgiveness for all those that know not what they do....
Olive xxx xxx xxx