Monday, August 11, 2014

It is your fault

We are, we humans, responsible for the world and for the mess it’s in.

Sure, you and I both understand that our world, our reality, is shaped and formed by the institutions established by our rulers Millennia ago and that their global engineering is now focused on the psychological operation required to both control the minds of the sheeple, via TV and chemicals (as we are now too many to control by force), and the minds of those awakening to the chance we have to become free, via their internet.

Sure, you and I both know they are engaged in a piecemeal, country by country, imposition of chaos such that fear and survival and hatred are the daily bread of a billion or two of us.
So easy to do.
A bomb here, a bomb there, blame apportioned, a well placed “radical” leader or two and the whole place turns into an internecine warfare zone.

And as the Nazi death camps showed us, it only takes a few vicious killers to cow and terrorise thousands of us.
We will walk into a gas chamber en masse rather than face a single, individually aimed bullet and so lose two minutes of what we call “life”.

By the few thousand it’s easy to cow us, by the billions it’s impossible.
To continue to rule us, they have to divide us into smaller and smaller groups.
You allow them to prevent you from becoming unified, becoming one, by dividing your attention, by splitting your loyalties.
We are one tribe.
Begin there.

Sure we know how MI5 set up the Paedophile hotel at Kincora boys home and lured and blackmailed their targets, LED the “Irish Republican Army” and planted hundreds of bombs in Britain, (not ONE single bomber ever, EVER being caught over a period of 30 years………)

Sure we know where and how they learnt and honed their ideas of creating the chaos that they now spread worldwide bit by bit.

As a species we are such fools, we will fall for anything no matter how often the old deceptions are repeated. A third of the world exists in such created chaos now. Children are taught to reach for guns to avenge. The merry-go-round of stupidity goes round and round, gyro-gyro we dance to the edge of the pit.

And our babies die.
And some of us cheer.
We are one tribe.
Reach out to your enemies.
Like you, they know not what they do but are victims.

Sure, you and I both know that They are, and have been for some long years, engaged in the weakening and poisoning of their herd via pharma and food and disease and poisoning. Their most outstanding effort so far has been the silent radiation killer that worked so well from their 2000+ “test” bombs and Chernobyl. This has now been rolled out in fuller form via the Fukushima ELE event.

There will be another Nuclear “accident”, rest assured, because they know that the cancer we get will be blamed on us, as the WHO tells us, on our eating habits or smoking habits or, as in the case of the upswing in thyroid cancers amongst Japanese children, on “better screening” discovering more “anomalies”!.

You couldn’t make it up.
If you want to be sick now, here’s the bucket.
They find scientists to lie to avoid blame and grow rich and collect a pension….such creatures are amongst us.
I long ago stopped thinking of them as human.
They too are of our tribe, even those that have allowed the darkness to enter their souls.
Forgive them.

So sure, we know who is to blame and understand that, above those we know and see there is one other.
There can only be one.
The tip of the point of the dagger that is driven into our souls is just one consciousness, just one being.
That one we must forgive too, for the victory to be complete, for the reality to change.

These things we understand, and a thousand more.

So how is it our fault?

Because we allow false leaders to draw us into their thrall.
Because we allow them to draw away our focus.
Because we distrust each other so much that we cannot believe we can live without the very chains that bind us, the very structural beams of the pyramid of power that make our reality.
Because we have had the idea of collective action, of collective anger, beaten out of us or psyched out of us.
Because the false opposition have induced “learned helplessness” and have stolen the head of the human-phoenix-rising by their “cult of personality” and have built great structures of dissonance, learned via their experiments in Soviet Russia and Communist China.

If you still believe in the great “truth warriors”, who slander and abuse our masters yet never come to harm, never face the courts, grow richer and richer by the day you might as well be in some evangelical church emptying your wage packet into the bucket that’s passed around or in some radical Muslim temple feeling the wrath of “Allah” entering your veins for all the good you’ll do.

They have your mind.

They want your money.
It is a badge to them, a merit of rank in their system.

That last, alone, should speak volumes to you, but consider the church goers that give their collective millions to “Christ” and realise how easy you are for them to sucker in.
Money bomb?
The “People’s Voice”.
I remember reading how upset Les Derisible was when the people of SOTT or some other conglomeration kicked him out of their Chateaux in France for being off his head.
So much of your money flying around they can really indulge themselves.
Rense Ranch.
Etc etc etc etc, Ad Nauseam.

It reminds me of all the old fake Gurus they used to wheel out to play with your consciousness in the 60’s and sell you the dream of love and wisdom so that they could buy even more Rolls Royces.
It’s cultism, do you see?

Some “Zen” folks say let it be, it’s a ride and there’s nothing that can or should be done except work on our own Karma.
Such are the seeds these “gardeners” plant, be they one person or, as often as not, a team.
They say they believe that the creator wants us to suffer so that we learn.

Some of that I share.
Like some of the ideas in Zeitgeist and Thrive and the rest, haystacks of truth burying the needle of a lie.
Like some of the stuff Icke says.
Like much of the false opposition.

False leaders don’t gather your consciousness with lies, they gather it with the truth you would have discovered anyway.
And make you feel like you OWE them your allegiance for waking you up.

They didn’t.

Your maverick soul kicked you up the backside and told you to look.
They just waited for you, like bushwhackers of the soul.
And gathered you in.

I believe the experience of life builds a false “body-mind”.
I believe that what the CIA learned at MKULTRA was already known to our masters and has been imposed upon the human psyche for ever.

They traumatise us.
They create a false, selfish human.
A distrustful human.
They kill the child within.

The ladders we climb in life are their ladders, the reality built to re-inforce the false reality we are traumatised into accepting.

They offer a protective arm that we cling to and, like so many of the British royalists for example, we revere our controllers, the slave owners of humanity.
We seek to get closer to the CEO.
We seek to please the boss in a million ways every day and every step we climb puts others beneath us and we believe that is good, believe that we do well by this.

Those “trustees” that assisted the Nazis corral their fellow inmates….same thing.
Judas goats.

And so all of this IS our fault, because we cannot find the child we were, we cannot connect to our soul, we cannot be human in an inhuman world, we foolishly allow ourselves to be led to wickedness, we refuse to forgive, we refuse to ask for forgiveness, we refuse to tell the truth to each other preferring to hide behind lies or to believe that a white lie will protect another human being……

We do not speak the truth, we fear truth, yet ON LY the speaking of truth will set us free.

Love to you all,
Olive and Aktina.

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Anonymous said...

Hello my friend---
Forgiveness is to realize that whatever it was or is, did not happen. What your brother did has not happened.
If God, The Creator or whatever you like to call the is-ness and the is-ness is pure love then none of this earthly stuff is happening. We must be in a sort of dream. Love is it. Nothing more exists. We as humans are dreaming in "The Land of Opposites". We as humans see the hell, not God or "Love" It is impossible, as this black and white, love or hate etc. does not exist where Love is. We cannot Love our brother more, we need to clear the internal mess and let more Love out. The mess our earth is in now, might just be "US" clearing out our dark side?
Love to You and Aktina Pempti