Friday, August 22, 2014

Global solutions, one Tribe...

We don’t trust governments nor their agents and servants.
We don’t trust the media, nor the false alternative media that robs us of unity.
We don’t trust money, nor tax, nor banks.
We don’t trust soldiers, nor those drawn to terrorism by faith or anger.
We don’t trust angry people, nor those lost in the false reality.

We refuse to be drawn into conversation about the pathetic detail of the lie we are all forced to live in.

We won’t talk about stocks and shares and markets, about gold as an investment, about property ownership other than one’s own home and how we all should have one, about pensions, about social welfare projects, about health care, about wars in various parts of the world, about revolutions, about ailments that kill that could be cured.

We won’t talk about football scores or TV shows or “the News” or pop hits or trivia or glamorous people or gossip.
We won’t talk about the police.
We won’t talk about “economic crises”.
We won’t talk about “debt”.

We won’t discuss activity that directs itself towards one problem generated by the false reality or another, because to do so means becoming lost in the detail, means becoming lost in arguments about how to change a speck on the ear of the elephant.

Rather than how to get rid of the elephant.

We are fed up with bloggers and pundits that do detail.
That go into endless and ultimately “so-what” detail about one thing or another, one speck or another on the skin of the beast.

We are disgusted with websites that throw all of these things together, to create learned helplessness, linking always to their brothers in the mainstream media or their covert alters in the alternative media.

Frankly, these particular traitors to humanity make us sick.

We are fed up with bloggers and pundits that don’t call for global unity, that don’t call for global unity in every post they make, that don’t DO SOMETHING to try and create global unity.

They are a waste of time and a distraction, dividing thought and dissipating energy.

There is only one job that needs doing: getting rid of the elephant.
All else is trivia.

There will be no change unless humanity focuses on this one issue.
If you can’t see this, ask yourself why?
It is as plain as the nose on your face!
It is right in front of you.
There is only this one issue: Can We Start Again as a species?

The world will continue its spiral into genocide and mass killing unless people understand this simplicity.

We have pointed these things out for years here and the world is unfolding as we said it would and NOTHING has changed, nowhere is there hope, nowhere an attempt to unify our tribe.

There are many that call themselves awake.
Many that say they seek truth.

Can you count them?

Ask yourself why not?

Anything else but world unity is a waste of time, a useless and stupid and counter-productive waste of people’s energy, the infantile mind-dumps of those that lack any vision, those that cannot conceive of answers, those that think inside the box of the false reality and think themselves clever for doing so.

They are useless, these child’s minds, at this time and in these circumstances.

You might as well read about cake making, for all the difference they will make.
Humanity is killing its home planet, killing its own kind, will terminate its contribution to the history of this world by ending all life here and creating a barren, lifeless planet for the creator to look upon and weep and wonder where things went wrong.

This is fact.
This is underway right now.
But hey, look, David Icke has misspent the millions he raised and the People’s Voice has descended into squabbles and personalities. Don’t look at the big issues, look at their pathetic greed-inspired squabbles. Get involved! Make your voice heard! Go on, lose yourself in another rabbit hole, just like you were supposed to.
But hey, don’t look at that! Look instead at Sandy Hook. Or the police actions in Ferguson. Or Isis. Or Tony Blair’s new pronouncement of evil. Or at Paedos. Or at whatever else that is a side issue they can distract you with.

Or you could wake up.
And recognise the seriousness of our times.
And see how you are being manipulated.

That the world needs to change everything it clings to that was gifted to us by the masters of this reality is paramount.

There is nothing else.

Screw religion, but know something somewhere that is far out of our understanding created this vision, put together atoms of nothing that our consciousness believe to be real.
Know that this creator wants us to do right by each other and care for this reality.

Know that we are being tested.
Know that love is the answer to every question.

Listen: Let’s say that the people of one country decided to make a stand for humanity. Let’s say they got rid of their government, disbanded their army, refused to take money for goods or services, re-interviewed their police and built a new peace force, got rid of banks and debt, guaranteed every member of their society a share, a place that they could call their own free of debt or cost, work that offered a useful and fulfilling future directed towards the things that needed doing.
Let’s say they guaranteed each other freedom from fear and made sure they were all involved in that almighty task, and that they would all understand the benefit to them as individuals of that whole population focus.
That bullies and criminals would be quelled, that wife beaters and street thugs would be dis-empowered simply by the actions en masse of all of the people.
Imagine that they would organise and share and distribute and find fair ways to do this, ensuring no power was gifted to any person nor organisation, that there was no hierarchy.
Imagine that they chose their wisest and most good to be the ones that scheduled and arranged their organisations at every level, but that none could order, but only ask.

Imagine that country and the people in it and think of the rest of the world and the organised force that would be brought to bear.
Imports would stop.
Agents of disorder would be despatched, bombs planted, previous power centres stirred to aggression and strife.
Accusations of terrorism would be made, and the dropping of bombs and the murder of babies condoned by the world’s governments on behalf of their masters.
Sticks would be inserted into the hornets nests of religion and gods with beards and fancy houses would be called into battle, their servants called to kill for their beliefs.

So you see, there can be nowhere change without it being global change.

Any blog or website that speaks of globalism as a bad thing is either stupid or works for the very evil that distorts our reality.

We can only act as one tribe if we wish to set ourselves free, if we wish to avert the disaster that already sweeps across our globe, if we wish to avert wholesale genocide and weapons of mass destruction.

There is nothing else to talk about.
Just HOW we can organise and make our voices heard GLOBALLY.
One Tribe.
The only way.

Go here and become a Warrior.

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The Veritopian said...

There's a place for pointing out the problem, but you're right in that that's all most people do. It was telling for me when the 'freeman on the land' movement occurred, that David Icke didn't even mention it.

It all comes together in the law: Love All Things. This is the spirit of the law, and it's the law of the spirit. ;)

Using the way of the Rainbow, the 4 colours / directions / elements, it can be logically extended to a complete law...

Fire: Right Will - Love All Things, Love God

Air : Right Law - Love Truth: Jury

Water: Right Action - Love Your Neighbor: Gift Economy

Earth: Right Ownership - Love Yourself: Be Perfect in love, like God is.

I find it is essential to employ the 4 elements in this way, otherwise I always miss things out.

I too am bored of hearing about problems. :)