Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh what a tangled web...

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive.”

As the great web of deception called reality was constructed around our human Tribe the evil that sits at the black heart of world governance made sure it was ever hidden, invisible to all but a very select few, and still remains so today.

We know a dark force sits at the heart of all of humanity’s ills, a force set on the perversion of our souls and the blackening of our eternal spirits.

Over Millennia it has carefully constructed a reality so perverse that not one human can live a life without sin.
We are all of us liars.
We all of us are murderers of children, born and unborn.
Unborn via our tacit approval of abortion.
Born via the payment of taxes to the central banks that orchestrate the horrors of war.

Every human hand drips with the blood of children.

In terms of the creator’s intentions for us we are lost.
We have failed the test.

Each of us is born without sin, a creature of love.
The false reality disfigures us all, makes us impure, makes us collaborators in its treachery and malignancy.
We all of us do harm, either individually or as part of organised society, part of the false reality.

That the world is in the hands of evil we all of us know.
Since time immemorial there has never been a day when there was no war on this earth, never a day that kings and powerful people have not driven us to seek the blood of others of our tribe and then to carry the memories of that slaughter for centuries, to be stirred up and revived at will by the evil.

The history of the division of our tribe is the history of the artificially created nations and religions and financial systems inflicted upon us by the evil.

The history of social unrest, of criminality, of drug addiction, of depravity of all kinds lies in the fallout of the overall systemic malaise that has its head in the global governance of the servants of evil.

Their imposition of money was their greatest feat of Magick.
It still holds almost all of us in its thrall and is so embedded in our psyches that we cannot imagine a world without it.

We seekers of truth understand who are the chief collaborators in this unholy mess.
We see the hands of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, the black nobility, the committee of 300, the Order of the Garter.
We see the hands of the Vatican city, of the Catholic church, of all the world’s Abrahamic religions, of the Jesuits and the artificially radicalised Muslims.
We see the hands of the Bankster criminals, the Rothschilds and the Morgans and the Schiffs and so on.
We see the hands of the many secret societies, the Masons and the Tongs and the Mafias and so on that orchestrate and make sure of the instructions from the top being unhindered in their passage to the bottom of the pyramid of power, affecting every single aspect of our lives, painting in the detail of the false reality, sowing fear everywhere.

We see the dark societies, the black arts mages of Thule and Golden Dawn and Skull and Bones, we see their focus on the depravation of children, on Paedophilia and child murder, we see their progress at the very heart of the war machines everywhere, in the MI5 and the CIA and the invented terror threat that sucks in the consciousness of us all, drawing our youth into vile extremism.

I could go on, so incredibly tangled is this web of deceit, such a distraction in its required diligence to get a firm understanding of.

The false alternative media will target either one or the other of these elements of the power matrix.
They are paid for by the very elite they seek to demonise.
Real truth speakers end up in jail or dead.
The alternative media leaders grow rich and fat.

Some say the queen of England is the heart of the demonic empire, and she is close.
Some the Rothschilds (who are mere newcomers to the game).
Some the Jesuits.

Almost all will pin the blame on the jew, repeating Hitler’s words again and again.

Understand that those seem to call themselves “jew” but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan, guide you to associate jews with themselves, understanding that their grip on the power is so complete that (they believe) there is nothing you can do to get at them, so close do they sit to the flame that is evil.

They have lined up those who are apparently of their religion or race for destruction more than once.
They sponsored Hitler, along with their royal and catholic co-conspiritors.
It seems to be a paradox, but is not.
The Rothschilds and their ilk are not of that faith but are servants of a deeper and older belief system.

Make no mistake, the evil that uses these so-called jews wishes to see the destruction of the “jewish” people as earnestly as it ever has.
It has made sure that the jew once more is the chosen race.
Chosen for destruction, that is.

That this seems almost biblical is of course no error.

The apparent power of the “jewish” people has been carefully fostered and encouraged by the dark hands with two main purposes.
Firstly, to distract attention from the real force in the world.
Secondly, to make such an overwhelming body of evidence against them that few humans will mourn when Israel is bombed into hell and all its people with it.

The creation of the State of Israel, the mind-control of its now savage peoples, the horror they now perpetrate has been a slow and deliberate strategy going back hundreds if not thousands of years.

The apparent and real support for Israel in its murderous progress by the world’s governments and the Bankster mob proves useful ammunition for the rising alternative-media-inspired jew hate.
Thousands of alternative media sites make the links, from the protocols of the elders of Zion via powerful “jews” they “prove” that the jews are behind everything evil.

The evidence has been carefully planted so as to make a prima facie case.

The current behaviours of the state of Israel and its mind-controlled inhabitants seeming to justify the hatred of the human tribe for a part of its family.

Human beings will fall for anything if they have not the mental capacity to unravel the devious strategy of cleverer beings.

Witness the 4 billion of us that worship the various “gods’ that have been woven into our consciousnesses, themselves replacements for the hundreds of similar gods we were fed before that, once outdated, were replaced with more modern alternatives.

Witness the readying of the new age religion, to accompany the new world order and the coming again of a Christ king or maitreya or Imam Mahdi and, for example, Tony Blair’s world faith federation. Witness the carefully orchestrated writings of Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and all of the new age religion orchestrated blogs and websites and those that claim to “channel”.

The usual fucking bullshit being readied in the backrooms of your mind for the great, world changing days to come when they expect a much reduced in number humanity to get on its collective knees to their saviour.

Ask yourself this: If the evil that runs our reality wanted humanity to despise a part of its family (the “jews” in this case) how would they go about it?
They have the sheeple despising muslims.
They had in the past and still in some places the present have whites despising blacks and vice-versa.
Their entire history has been the careful manipulation of hatreds between us.
Yet so many now believe in this jew myth that they cannot see that they, too, are manipulated!

This is always the case with our species.

We are quick to point out how others have been fooled, how others are responsible for evil, yet can not believe that we ourselves are so fooled, that we ourselves are so evil.

This is the secret of the Magick.
The control of our consciousness.

It takes little to trigger hatred and the lust for revenge.

Today, across the globe, we fall for their deceptions again and again.

In Ukraine the ethnic Russians and the ethnic Ukrainians are at each other’s throats, there being absolutely no difference in their DNA whatsoever!

In Iraq, as part of the build up to the destruction of Israel and the “final solution” to the jew problem, the Muslims target other Muslims or strange believers in other weird religions, again there being no difference whatsoever in their DNA.

We are all of us human, we are one tribe, yet we tear at each other and rend each other limb from limb for ideas of race or religion or nation, still today as we have ever done dancing to the tune of the force of evil so readily as to make a mockery of us as a sentient species.

We are not sentient.
We are not homo sapiens sapiens.
We are mind-controlled animals believing in myths and prompted to horror by rumour and by false flag events and by the subtle hands of our rulers.
And that includes you and also Aktina and I.
We are all of us slaves to the false reality.

If you call yourself awake, you have to understand how your awakening has been orchestrated to make you a part of the new world order.
You have to be aware that forces cleverer and more organised than you can possibly imagine would strategise for your creation and the role you now play in the world.
This evil has ever had its hands on our consciousness.
They are not about to set you free from that.
The internet was built with their “money”……….
Are you stupid enough to believe that they would not have planned its careful use?

The guillotines of the French revolution were operated by those who thought they were setting themselves free.
Ditto the gulags of the Russian revolution.
Ditto the death camps of Germany, the murder squads of Communist China, the radical Muslims and fundamental Christians of today.

The awakening of human consciousness was inevitable as our numbers grew and so our collective brilliance emerged.
Our masters understood this inevitability and the threat it posed to them.
They laid their defensive plans carefully and with devilish attention to detail.
You, dear truth seeker, will fall for one element or another of their web of deception.
They knew of your coming, and span their webs to capture your mind.

Unless you see this, you will never be free, will be part instead of the new world order.

If you cannot see how they would have understood your particular coming and arranged to control your particular consciousness on an individual level then you are being as stupid as they imagine you to be.

If you despise the jew, they made you do that.

If you will rejoice when the jews get their punishment from the evil, you have fallen again for their strategy.

We sit in our mountain groves and watch what seems to be the world spin on its axis, understanding that the atoms that seem to make this reality, if emptied of the space between their component nuclei and electrons, could fit into a football stadium. We see the marvel that is the design of the great mind and wonder at its incredible nature and its purpose. We ponder the myth that is free will in this reality, the myth that our consciousness is unchained, and wonder what this reality would be like if human souls were awakened from their nightmare.

We know that will only come from forgetting everything we believe in and forgiving every harm that has been done to us and that we have done to others.

There is no answer in religion.
There is no answer in race.
There is no answer in the redistribution of wealth.
There is no answer in war.
There is no answer in blame, for all are guilty.

This, we guess, is the test.
This understanding, we guess, the key to our human ascension.


Aktina and Olive.
Xxx xxx xxx

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The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive, I agree, and think you should make this point on a few antisemite websites if you haven't already... :)
You're right, we've all be 'played like pianos'.

It makes me think of that Obama speech when he said of small businesses: "You didn't buid that, the government did!"

I can just see Obama telling the folks: "If you believe in Jesus, we made you do that. If you like football or cookies, we made you do that. If you hate muslims or jews, we made you do that too."

Like all the sages say - the answer is within - and it's really simple. The way of the world is to look outside for the answers. All we actually ever need to do is ask the question, and see how your heart feels about it. It's easy.

Olive, can I ask you for some help? I've been working with the 4-elements as a framework for understanding things, and it's going well. I just read the Cree / Hopi prophesy of the 'Rainbow Warriors', and they say they're *called that because* they teach the way of the 4 elements. They say:

"They will be called Rainbow Warriors for they will gather the four sacred directions"

What I'm asking is if you & Aktina would give a little time to contemplate this, and see if you have any insight into it you might be able to share... (no female input round here)

I've done a table of the 4 here:

The way to defeat the NWO is to explain the alternative... But we need to intuit / gather it first.

PS: Olive fly - had to look it up. A tricky pest... I saw this vid the other day, maybe you could use the idea, just a thought... :)