Friday, August 22, 2014

One World Tribe: Rainbow Warriors

Thanks to Veritopian (see our blog list) we came to recognise that there are many prophecies that concern us and the millions, probably billions of people like us in the world.
People that desire an end to war, an end to fear, an end to uncertainty, an end to the destruction of nature and of our world, an end to the chaos.
People that KNOW that to do all these things requires the rising of a global Tribe of all peoples so minded, so united, so joined, with such a single purpose, with the authority that stems from that collective will to create a better future.

The only debt we have is to our children and theirs.

Be a Rainbow Warrior.
(In fact, be one of the first..)

Love to All
Heap your blessings on this project.

One World Tribe!
Says it all.
Love to you all.
Be Warriors.
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

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The Veritopian said...

Thanks Olive :)
It is a great gift to know your purpose. Nothing else can fill that inner emptiness that so many people experience...