Friday, September 30, 2011

"Sea of Blood?", or Love?

The crystallisation of the understanding.

Picture a solution of salt, a swirling greyness. Watch as the first tiny crystal forms, see it grow. Eventually and slowly the whole becomes crystallised, the water evaporated. There are a myriad of crystals. Collectively they are salt, returned to their original form but the new crystals larger than the original, more defined, more identifiable as crystals.

And if each crystal is a truth, then the complexity of the whole is revealed, the larger truths more defined, more visible. You are able to pick up the largest truths and look into them, see how the light reflects within them, gain understanding of the structure, find the spectrum of colour that the light creates, understand the facets of the truth, recognise how the understanding of the truth is a matter of the perspective of the viewer.

And so discover that what we understand of the truth depends upon what we understand as “I', as the viewer. And that “I” is a creation of the programmes we have had input during our lives, programmes installed by other human beings that have been likewise programmed.

Like self-replicating machines.

Thus the truth is perceived by a range beings with a range of understandings that rely upon the programmes that have been input.
Such a range of understandings that , of necessity, are shaped by the programmes we have and preclude understandings of things that we do not possess the programming to comprehend.

Explain the colour blue to a blind man.

So the conclusion is that our understanding of truth relies not upon what we know, but instead is shaped by what we do not know. That which is hidden from our understanding becomes more important than that which we know. The focus of our search for truth must therefore be turned to a conjecture of the unknown, such conjecture limited by our imaginations, such imaginations limited and constrained by the programmes we have running.

Collectively this conjecture is being played out on the internet. Every word discovered shaped by the programmes the author has running. More interesting avenues found where the author has attempted to turn off or ignore the software, or begins the process with the foundation that whatever other human beings think is a product of the false reality and attempts to create that mental space we could call a blank sheet of paper.

To start again.

To discover universal truths born of the heart.

Such is the maverick, one who has always sought to distance themselves from the herd, seeing the herd for what it is, something that can be turned into a lynch mob at the flick of a switch. The maverick reads history and sees it for what it is, the crowd made lynch mob by manipulators. The maverick sees religion for what it is, beauty turned into ugliness at the flicking of a page of a text held sacred or the swing of the incense and the repetition of a mantra. And so politics. And so on.
The maverick won't watch TV, understanding it as the circus for the mob that it is, recognising its influence over the “I” of the viewers, turning them into the “WE” of the crazed beast the mob always becomes.

Eventually this understanding must inevitably lead the maverick to the instrument that is now birthing a new crowd, a new mob, shaping them into what can be readily identified as a new world order, creating the chaos out of which the one world mob will be formed, as dumb as its dumbest participant, turned easily to the lynch rope at the touch of a key.

The qwerty revolution.

And what can the maverick do?
Crystallise the conjecture emanating from the clean sheet of paper, offer it up to the mob.

When the elite bloodline king Constantine pulled together and rehashed the gospels, when his committee reworded the texts and edited the book that was to birth the roman church the intent was to take control of a new religion and to turn it into an instrument of control. The Revelations were forged into this book, to be used at this time to incite the mob called “christians” and prepare them to slaughter and be slaughtered in this final battle.

The same is true of the “muslim”, their nations now being plunged into the chaos that will, as night follows day, culminate in an attack on that place called Israel. The same is true of the ”jew”, whose leaders have forged a nation almost universally despised and against whom are ranged an array of opinion formers not least of which can be found in the “truth” movement. The same is true of other religions, other believers, squared off against each other.
These 2000 year old tinder piles, as dry as dust, need just the touch of a spark.

That money is about to be destroyed is as clear as day. That stock markets will collapse, shares become worthless is an inevitability. Only the timing is in question for the observer of this particular mob. In days past precious metals were a refuge, but the vast sums in gold stolen by the Nazis and the Japanese (research the story of the enormous amounts found buried in the Phillipines by the Japanese and garnered by the US Navy and handed to the Nazi CIA whenever you consider the 9/11 story. Look for where the US naval intelligence that were investigating this were on that day) those market controlling quantities are in the hands of those that orchestrate this world, as are the vast hoards held by the “royal” bloodlines, the gold from Fort Knox. These stockpiles have been built to destroy the value of this metal, the rise in price of and the encouragement to buy having been promoted by the agents of the elite masked as “truthers”.

The effect of course is that we shall neither be able to buy nor to sell, that nothing shall appear to be worth anything, that the efforts and strivings of the mob that loves money will have been as naught, lifetimes of graft and saving destroyed in moments with no safe haven. Property let out for rent is worthless when none have money with which to pay. Items of value become valueless. Only food and water will have value, and the mob will gouge and bite, kill and burn for it. The centuries old strategy to remove humanity from the source of food, our connection with its production, to concentrate us in cities and make us rely on their distribution systems, their stores, their seeds, all are to be brought to fruition.
The mob that starves is the most dangerous of mobs.

From one maverick to another, if you dear reader count yourself as maverick, it is clear that the final solution is marching to its fruition. The scum that rule us have prepared their fastnesses and intend to sit out this great orgy of evil, this great blood sacrifice to their lord and master. They have prepared the mob that is humanity to commit genetic fratricide and suicide and when we do, that will be the time the New World Order chooses to begin its new thousand year Reich.

As Bill Cooper once said,
“But this callous disregard of the right to life of every human on the face of the earth has been predicted before in the New Testament: “Yea the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you think that he doeth God service”. The New World Order, ladies and gentlemen, will sail in on a sea of blood”.

Having understood the power of shock and awe, they will bring “peace” to the world and offer refuge and safety under their master Maitreya, who will of course perform miracles of magick. The rulers of the world will emerge from their towers as demigods, safe and unassailable in their new might, the world and everything in it theirs for ever.
This is their vision. These their intentions.

And what, you might ask, can be done?

The only possibility of preventing this armageddon, of averting this monstrous outcome, lies in the awakening of human understanding to all of this information, in the awakening of a critical mass to the imminent threat and, at the same time, to the alternatives we can provide for each other to the systems we have been taught are the only systems that can be used to organise the world, alternatives to money, to religion, to nation, to tribalism, to everything else that forms the false reality that is entirely the creation of the scum that call themselves masters.
It is to control and avert such an awakening that our masters created the “truth” movement and placed their “adepts” at its helm. Through their “new age” movement, they have stolen leadership of love, of sharing, of a new consciousness, redirecting followers towards the very Maitreya they are preparing for us.

And so how can this “awakening” we are in such dire need of come about?
The emergence of a christ to counter the anti-christ they are preparing for us?
Well, of course they wrote of such a thing in their bibles.
Such are the depths of this strategy.
They most certainly will give us one.

I ponder his identity and call to mind the name of god “I AM”
I ponder the adept Crowley's words about Will:

“Will is a term found within the mystical system of Thelema, a religion founded in 1904 with Aleister Crowley's writing of The Book of the Law.[1][2] It is defined at times as a person's grand destiny in life, and at other times as a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with Nature. This Will does not spring from conscious intent, but from the interplay between the deepest Self and the entire Universe. Thelemites in touch with their True Will are said to have eliminated or bypassed their false desires, conflicts, and habits, and accessed their connection with the divine.” (Wikipedia).

And I ponder the age old royal bloodline that sits on its throne in England, and their lust for eternal power.

And so “Will I Am”.
They don't just throw their plans together, dear reader.

And if not from a christ, from where?
Only from within us, dear reader.
Because it is this realisation, and this alone, that gives to humanity the right to a future and the right to the stewardship of this earth we call home. As we are, we do not have that right. We are just a mob.
And perhaps what approaches will be the trigger for this awakening, or by some miracle of communication it will happen right soon and avert it.

I see no sign.

And yet instinct and logic tell me that there is a force of love in the universe. Not a god made of dogma and ritual and lying words. Not a messiah made of science and tricks of magick. A force of love without which there could be no universe, for hatred and anger would have destroyed this realm long ago. We mere humans can destroy a planet. What could other species, far in advance of us do with science? They no doubt exist.
And so there must be love.
And so, as one maverick to another, what I see in the crystal of salt is LOVE.
That is the crystallisation of my vision.
That is our only hope.
Finding love inside ourselves.
Joining with the love that is.
Being love.
Seek it and find it, dear friends.
It has no name but love.

Love to you all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

(P.S. I don't write for money, but would ask those that repost what I write to pass on some of what they receive from their very popular ad-filled websites. I have had no donations for about six months now, and could use one! Thankyou. I know it will come.)


Anonymous said...

How difficult can it be to understand that Jezus was or is n't a man but merely an idea or understanding?

Would wanna get over it already but it aparently still remains actuall.

Grace said...

Recently, I had to choose love. The choice was war or love. Not my war. I was only the bearer of truth, but the truth was enough to strike fear in one that would destroy me if it came to it- in order to conceal the truth. SO I let the truth be. I don't have to prove anything. Being sensitive to the rumbling war, I chose to let go and love. "Revenge is not mine." Love sets us free.

Love and peace to you, Olive Farmer. May you get what you need. You are an important voice. You made a life choice that many of us respect. Thank you.

Chris Foster said...


Just found your blog and having a look at some of the early posts in my feed reader.

Saw your problem with mould from early 2009.

Around 12 months ago a saw a show, where a team go around, rate houses for energy consumption and loss.

One particular house had a mould problem and the expert suggested vinegar as a treatment.

The theory being, mould loves vinegar so much, they will gorge themselves to death on it...literally explode.

I tried it and it seems to work...keep dosing as it tends to dry out and then just wipe...gone!