Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have an old five pound note.
I have some old English coins, old pennies and shillings from the fifties and sixties.
I have a few old Roman copper coins. Not collectable things, just barely recognisable discs of metal.
All of them, in their time, had “value”.
Now, of course, their value has disappeared.
I could blow my nose on the fiver.
Bury the coins in a jar and maybe give some kid a thrill in a few hundred years when he or she discovers these curiosities.
I can't “spend” them. Can't buy anything with them.
They're as useless now as your dollars and euros will be in a year or so.
I cannot eat them.
Can't burn them to keep warm.
Can't make clothes of them.
They won't keep the rain off my head.

For thousands of years coinage served a purpose. Over that time this thing called money has established itself so deeply in our consciousness that we cannot conceive of a world that works without it.
We dream of it.
We fantasise about what it can give us.
We are terrified of finding ourselves without it.
We envy those that have it in plentiful supply.
Most human beings that don't have enough of it lead shit lives.
We pity them.
Or sometimes tell ourselves that it's their own fault, for shame.

Over the past few centuries our masters have worked hard to extinguish human beings that lived without this thing called money, that lived in tight communities of mutual support, that understood that things went well for all if the resources were shared, the labour needed to garner the resources was shared, that the helpless needed to be nurtured because one day you might be the helpless one.

Valuable people with valuable lessons, understanding the relationship we have with our mother earth, knowing the true value of things. Largely exterminated, usually by people acting under the orders of our masters and killing for money.

The work they did was about providing what was needed, leaving time for the important stuff. Playing with children. Learning from those with wisdom. Partying and celebrating. Loving. Doing what you enjoyed. Creating. Caring. Living with simplicity because such simplicity made you rich in time, the most valuable resource there is.

Now, most likely, most people, mostly have none of these things.
Money has impoverished humanity.

We all chase money, this valueless fiction, ever working harder and longer and ever drifting further into this thing called debt, the ultimate fiction.
The thieves of time have you in their treadmill, running faster and faster and getting further behind.

This money stuff.
It's the bars on the cage.
The whip and the cudgel.
It is robbing us of our humanity.

People talk about revolutiion.
The REAL revolution comes from realising what lies at the root of the problem.
Where the deep fires smoulder.
It comes from removing altogether all of the things that chain us, that are tools of control over us. It's not about toppling a government, only to see another bunch of hoodlums step into the void.
It's about changing the very fundamentals of the way we organise ourselves.

And the first brick that needs to be removed from the foundations of the pyramid of power is this fiction called money.

In and of itself it is not evil. Paper and copper aren't evil.
But almost every evil you can conceive of derives its sustenance from this thing.

The heroine pusher does it for money.
The prostitute does it for money, often to buy the heroine.
The pimp does it for money.
Liars lie for it and cheats cheat for it.
Muggers hurt for it.
Soldiers are paid to kill with it.
Bad police intimidate and coerce for it.
The genius physicist that designs nuclear weapons or cluster bombs does so for money.
The folks that labour to make missiles do it for money.
Governments are bought with it.
Petty officials grease the wheels of unfairness with it.
The proud and the greedy use it to satisfy their damaged egos and bully for it.
The schemer schemes for it.
The evangelist guilts you into giving it.
The churches hoard it and build palaces with it.
The starving die for lack of it in a world where food is thrown away.
The sick die for lack of it.
The poor live poor lives for lack of it, in a situation they are invariably born into and will bring new souls into.

The creators and controllers of this thing called money use it to enslave the world. They use it to rob you of your time, your peace of mind, your sense of security, periodically your life.

Money is truly at the heart of all evil.

Let me tell you how rich I am.
I live in a peaceful place. A beautiful place. I grow my own food as much as I can. I give away what I have in excess and get given what others have in excess. I have work and earn about 800 euro a month. I spend 250 of that on rent. Pay for gas and electricity and water. I have about 500 euro in the bank. Every now and again I earn a little from olive oil that helps to stave off the wolves. I've been gifted about 500 euro from readers of this blog in the nearly three years I've been writing, for which I have been truly grateful though I don't really deserve it. Others need it more.
I have no debt.
My life is rich in time.
I have time to read and study and think and dream.
I have time for friends, and little time for fools.
I give love and receive it.
I'm that lucky.

Compared to much of the world's population, I'm well off and I know it.
Sometimes people help me out. Sometimes, I help people out.
Those are beautiful things.

I have no security though.
I have no pension.
I have to pay rent or lose my home.
I have to buy food I can't produce myself or go hungry.
I have to pay for water.
I heat my house with wood I cut, but have to pay for electricity for light and cooking.
And if all these things were free, if there were no such thing as money, would I still work?
Yes, because the work needs doing.

I teach and pass learning to folks that seek knowledge I possess.
I tend my olive trees and other folks need or want the oil I produce.

And would my life be different?

Yes, because I would have security.
And where would that security come from?
Other human beings that make the stuff I want or need.

Do you see?

From the perspective of living with very little, it's easier to see how things could be without this stuff at all.
It's called sharing.
We killed the folks that understood this.

How much fuller our lives would be without it.
How much safer we all could be.
How little crime and bullying and sleaze and war and hunger and want there would be without it.
How much happier we would be.
What a better world we would have.
All of us.

We simply have to agree to do away with it and remember: we are one tribe, we share one earth.
And money is the enemy.

Can you dream a little dream with me, walk softly down the slope into the alpha wave zone, dodge the prancing bears, skirt the re-fighting of old battles and the incredible sex, drift into that white space called nothingness, the blank page?

Dream this: the world's currencies collapse and all existing money becomes worthless.
It'll happen soon anyway.
Your savings (hah!) vanish.
Your retirement pot disappears.
The businesses that supply what you need and want crash. They cannot pay their suppliers. Their suppliers cannot pay theirs.
Shops empty.
Power gets cut off.
Everything stops.
Except of course the debt that you owe.

This is planned. This is how they will sell you the new world currency. They speak of it already, and are engineering the whole thing as you can see.
The whole false reality revolves around money.
Piles of paper.
Electronic digits in the bank's computer.
Imaginary, made up value that can be “disappeared” by the magicians, robbing humanity of what it thinks it has, be it ever so small.

Understand this:
Without it, nothing needs to stop that we need to do for one another.
The farmer grows. The manufacturer makes. The doctor doctors. The supplier supplies.

Things can stop that we don't need.

We don't need bankers. We don't need insurance. We don't need stocks and shares. We don't need stuff that messes up our planet and is wrecking our own children's future. We don't need bribery and corruption and these things are born of money. We won't need childcare because mom or dad will be at home. We won't need soldiers or weapons manufacturers.

Think of the countless millions that live and work so frantically in the big cities. What are they doing that's so important? What are they doing that we really need?
Do they feed us? Clothe us? Make our lives richer?
Or do they move paper around, and get paid in paper, do nothing that enriches humanity and much that impoverishes us?

In the fifties folks dreamed of a world where machines could do the work, leaving everyone with more time. Without money, we can reap that harvest.

When they crash the money thing to rob you, let's keep swimming, refuse their lifeboat, turn their catastrophe into our opportunity.
Shun their filthy lucre.
Look to each other.
Hold each others hands.

Not revolution but rEvolution.

Of course, if you have some of the stuff, you won't even want to contemplate not having it.
That's the strength of the illusion.
Clinging to it causes the dream to become the nightmare humanity is living through.
And we are all the poorer.

Love to you all.
Sleep well.
Dream the dream.
Wake to a new reality.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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Grace said...

I had a dream: that the people with nothing were the happiest people in the coming times.

Peace and joy.