Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks, Les Visible.

A quote from the dog poet:
"I don’t care how many governments they control or have compromised and Israel is going to be destroyed because it is anathema and a pestilence upon the world community and it’s ordained. It will come to pass and I won’t give it a thought, I’ll just look ahead to the world to come, for whatever time I have to remain in it, because I’m headed somewhere else as far as I’m concerned and that is all there is to that."

Nazi Germany was bad, but the Dresden bombing? Bad too.
Ditto Japan in those days, but Nagasaki? Hiroshima?
Lots of civilian "collateral damage" when the war was all but won.

Then you think how the Nazis came about, who and what was behind them, behind every war.
The same folks that ordered those final civilian holocausts, the same folks behind the nazi "final solution".

There are innocent kids in Israhell amongst the bastards and nazis, just as there are in what's left of Palestine.

Israel, the country established by the same bastards I refer to above.
They like killing innocents, and love to murder Jews, whom they have set up for a final bashing to meet their weird biblical prophecies and to satisfy their god lucifer.

I'm suspicious of anyone that talks of the destruction of human beings and "won't give it a thought".
Les again:
"At no time will I ever say that all Jews are evil as I know that it is not true."
So why "won't you give it a thought", Les, when they're destroyed?

I'm even more suspicious when they say the same things Hitler (Thule Society Blavatsky follower) and Alice Bailey (theosophist, new age inceptor) had to say.

"The nations of the world should decide now to wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth and hunt down every Zionist wherever they may be." (Les Visible)

Thanks Les.
What a brave new world we would have, formed out of the ashes, the stench of burning flesh, the memory of "just" retribution!

Sure, the Zionists are bad guys. But what does your genocidal ambition make you? What stories would your Zion-killers tell their grandchildren?

"I killed the f***ers, to make the world a better place for you, honey."

You cannot build a world of love and peace on foundations of blood and hatred and vengeance. What sort of "karma" is that?

New Age Karma, I guess.
I know you often refer to Lao Tse, Les.

"The philosophy of Lao Tze communicated itself to me, in despite of the persistent efforts of my mind to compel it to conform with my preconceived notions of what the text must mean. This process, having thus taken root in my innermost intuition during those tremendous months of wandering across Yun Nan, grew continually throughout succeeding years. Whenever I found myself able once more to withdraw myself from the dissipations and distractions which contact with civilisation forces upon one, no matter how vigorously he may struggle against their insolence, to the sacred solitude of the desert, whether among the sierras of Spain, or the sands of the Sahara, I found that the philosophy of Lao Tze resumed its sway upon my soul, subtler and stronger on each successive occasion."
Aleister Crowley, "The Tao Teh King"

Of course, the "great beast" had a bit to say about jews too. As did Alice Bailey. As did Blavatsky. As does Icke. And a thousand other "points of light" in the growing new world order......

Comments welcome. Question everything.
I could easily be wrong.
Love OLive xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

I agree with you here. I think that there are people pushing for the fulfillment of "prophecy." No one can predict the future because all we have is now. I reject all prophecy talk as complete nonsense and mind control.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about Les that troubles me is that he often does not come out and simply say what he wants to say. Lots of superfluous words that leave the reader going, HUH? But if you say as much, he and his followers will tell you that you're just not intelligent enough to get it. He gets very upset with criticism, as though he is above it. None of us are perfect so pretending that you are is troubling.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Les cannot be critisized and yet he presents himself as an ego transcending humble servant of God. And of what value is drug induced mysticism? Not much.

Anonymous said...

That's nice to know that there are still people who question everything. One can question why there is no Israel 'spring' revolution protesting about the brutalisation of the palestinians. All I know they were demanding social justice but for themselves; cheaper housing on occupied land nonetheless. I cannot speak for Les, he is more than capable to do that himself. The passing of a nation should not be equated to the genocidal elimination of people. A state is an artificial construct. Israel is an untenable construct and it will pass. What happens to its people is anyone's guess. Maybe it is time the occupants started working for forgiveness from the Palestinians.
Now about les and his drugs - I have been reading his blogs for some time and at no point has he promoted the use of drugs. All he has done is expose his weaknesses which does not sit well with some people. The indoctrination of "drugs are bad for you but you can consume all the alcohol until you pass out" still affects most people. You are a free human being, free to do what you want as long as it brings you closer to the divine.Take what you can from what he says and leave the rest. He is just as human as anyone of us. Several posts of his encourage people to constantly search for the divine and yet when he decides to engage in a bit of righteous anger ... how dare he! He has repeatedly pointed out, if you do not get what he is saying,there are other places that cater to every need.The internet is vast and one can get whatever the mind desires. Again, take what you can from wherever and leave the rest. It takes courage to admit one's failings and weaknesses but the ego gets in the way most of the time, I pray for less ego and more divine presence.

Trevlight helg!!

Visible said...

So member of the Tribe, Yes? No? Glad to see a little collection of the disgruntled and... unsuccessful. If I were as you try to paint me ten to twenty thousand people wouldn't read my every post.

Look, I don't mind you criticizing me, regardless of what 'anonymous' says but you do yourself no good integrity wise when you take me out of context and also cherry pick to enforce your preconceived ego conflict with me. I write hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words, The quote about Israel being destroyed has only been said that way that one time and I'm sure you know this. Also, Israel is directly intent on enslaving and killing the rest of the world that they can't enslave.

Remember, you're just a little pocket of anonymous people without even the courage to use your names. That alone takes away all the force from your commentary. Everyone who does what I do can expect a certain amount of customer dissatisfaction. Mine is very small compared to the positive responses and very seldom do I not post a comment. This usually happens when it's anonymous and nasty.

People dislike what I do (that small minority) for several reasons; resentment of my popularity and a deeper resentment concerning the lack of their own popularity. Also, now and again someone gets tweaked by me and goes into an extended ego rage. Thank god I can let those kinds of things go near immediately. Another reason is because I stepped on one of their sacred frogs.

In any case, my readership will continue to grow and grow and I will get better and better at what I do as I improve as a human being. You? Well, that's up to you.

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree with the 1.54am comment. i think this Les Visible character sees himself as A God, not a servent of; with a ego that transcends gargantuan.

He has actually written his reply to the genuine criticism levelled toward him here at your site, on his own blog site.

Only a person with a leviathan ego would feel the need to do this.

I'm sorry; but I think someone who uses subtle but effective manipulations to extract 'donations' whilst at the same time insisting that money means 'nothing' to him; whilst also talking bitterly about his lack of money and success consistantly within his blogs and comments is not to be trusted nor pandered to.

As for a persecution complex,that also appears huge; he has had altercations with so many followers and other site owners yet somehow he is never, ever at fault.

Everyone has an achilles heel; this man unfortunately appears to have more than one.

An apparent inability to accept criticism without becoming immature and offensive is frequently observed.

Every single example of bad behaviour on his part I have witnessed is caused by the 'things that only he knows; but can't talk about' scenario; which somehow one is supposed to accept as beyond ones mere human understanding and 'allow' him to behave like a mountebank.

Instead of what appears as surreptitiously purloining donations using smoke and mirrors; why doesn't he go and get a real bloody job like the rest of us?

Olive Farmer said...

I guess I exposed you enough for the dot connectors to see you for what you are.

There is no light in you.

You do know the good guys get to win,right?

Anonymous said...

"I guess I exposed you enough"

What exactly did you expose him of?.. Made a fool out of yourself - that's about it...

"There is no light in you."

When one resides in darkness - unable to open his/her eyes to Light. So, how can you "see" light in someone else when you are blind.

"...see you for what you are."


As for link provided by Vis to this "blog" - we do not appreciate it. He should refrain from posting such links as inadvertently it promotes this site with a back link. There is no no need to waste his reader's time.


Zoner said...

This is rich, the suggestion of jealousy causing resentment towards him echoes of a certain mindset that we all recognize.

Of course. I am God's special friend. Any criticism of me is null and shows only jealousy of my being favored.
What a load of bullshit. SO very transparent and frankly quite sad

Anonymous said...

Olive; I forgot to add.

My understanding is that a 'servant of God' means service to others, not to self?

I think that explains my skepticism regarding certain blog sites.

As for the remarks about Israel; there are many Israeli activists who put themselves on the line every day in order to try to create peace and justice between Israel and the Palestinian people.

They are often ostracized by their own communities and sometimes even their own families.

That is true service to others.

A Messiah complex comes in many forms; but one that is observed over and over is the coercive assurance of the snake oil salesman to his acolytes that he is their redeemer in the form of God's vessel.

Only he is privy to these messages from the divine; and cannot disclose them; but in order to maintain the charade; plus preserve confidence and loyalty within his coterie the carrot and the stick are used by way of innuendo and subtle intimation.

You are absolutely correct there is no light there.

Anonymous said...

There was an Israel Spring about a year ago, Sept. Remember?
Very Occupy like.
They were in the streets and in tents camping out at night, upset at the cost of housing, rent and stuff. Not enough prosperity!
A year ago. Sept. Yep.

Pretty sure they were also protesting against anti-Semitism - AKA- nobody likes us. (haha)
Remember? The Duuuuh protests..

I'm waiting for the protests from US/NATO (and the rest of the world) about these demons trying to start WW3 a month or two ago. Remember? VladPutin had placed the Moskva and the rest right in the middle, as they faced off with the Aegis, carriers, etc.

Remember when the Israelis launched two ICBM's in an attempt to trigger a quick reaction? I do. Both of these black missiles were intercepted by the Russians. With one thruster tied behind their backs. Whew.. I sure do remember.

How arrogantly lame and insulting of them to, when caught red handed trying to start WW3, they claim these missiles were some science-weather experiment to test clouds. Any questions? Gosh, I wonder what the sentence would be for an offence like back stabbing attempt to start WW3?
Want to vote?

Hell, this barely a month ago.

That's how the innocent people's government rolls. It's no leap of prophesy to predict Bibi is going to get them killed. I've said as much many times and so have others way smarter than me.

I remember when Bibi's name wasn't mentioned in polite company. Still isn't.

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the putting,
Mr visible's writing is sinking albatrosses and eagles on a consistent basis. He is a wonderful person, its a persons choice to take it or leave it. In my opinion, yes, my opinion. There isn't a better writer on the net who provides a social, cultural and spiritual commentary which resonates with so many and he does it freely.
Ive had misunderstandings (on my part) with mr visible but ive found him to be a warm and generous and forgiving person, very unique in this day and age, and he has always had the readers interests at heart even above his own.
Ive sincerely received nothing but encouragement and have experienced personal growth and liberation because of the guy.
What a guy, what a friend, the delightful mr visible!
All the best

Olive Farmer said...

As I have pointed out many times there is no way that the masters of this reality would not lead their own internet opposition. They built it, they own it, they monitor it closely.
The threads I look for that are indications of involvement with this false opposition are: thinly veiled anti-semitism, the promotion of gold and silver as alternative money (rather than having no money), consistent and overwhelming presentation of disturbing and fear-generating propaganda spreading distrust and diluting energies, the furthering of the new-age spiritualism of Bailey et al, the encouragement to imbibe certain entheogens without true shamanic guidance (with Hitler it was Peyote), and chief amongst these the deliberate lack of a single unifying focus for all of humanity (the only way we can shrug off the evil) and consequently the dissipation of humanity's true power.
Our masters see this power. Their agents intent is to dilute it. I despise them for this disservice, yet forgive them, for they know not what they do.
The last thing I look for is the careful construction of a personality cult, sucking in believers. Their ego-vortices spin, as Lenin's and Hitler's and Stalin's and Mao's span. All became genocidal murderers, whilst beginning as the seeming enemies of "Power" they became its ultimate expression.
I do thank Les for the link to this site, though. I've never had so many comments! Ta, Les!
It's never too late to get free of the sickness.
Love to all xxx xxx xxx

Anonymous said...

"Thinly veiled anti-Semitism"
hahahaha That's a hot one.

Who isn't? Thick or thin.

Throw a dart at a history book and yep, you hit an anti-Semite.

Throw a dart at a telephone book and yep, you hit an anti-Semite.

Church? Yep.
School? Yep.
Army? Yep.
Navy? Yep.
Air Force? Yep.
Marketplace? Yep.
Street corner? Yep.
Baseball game? Yep.

Anti-Semites, all. (we knew that)

As if it's (gasp) meant to be..
Like some built in self defense gene.
(mother nature is an anti-Semite)

And BTW, peyote is a much better medium than is blood, blood, blood.
Ever read their literature/scripture?
Not the sappy stuff, the hard core porno. It's hard to miss. Predictable.

Nobody believes the Romans crucified Jesus for oil, anymore.

"Give us Barabbas" is no longer inadmissible evidence.

Maybe your preceptors shouldn't have murdered all those anti-Semitic prophets?

Oh, and one last thing. Jews don't eat pork for the wrong reasons.
Can't even get straight about that.
(i know why)

C'mon man! Pull your head out.
The jig is up.

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you for your input, Anonimouse.
You've changed my mind, and now I just want to kill jew babies, just like Amurika kills brown babies!
I'm saved, praise Jesus.
Maybe we should do an IQ test on the entire world population and kill all the dummies too? And the useless oldies. The gypsies, the faggots, the spics, the honkies, the niggers, the lezzers, the muslims, in fact everyone except me and a few buddies of mine.
Will you be my buddy, please?
maybe we could get a trailer together and hold hands while we let the bastards kill us all.
Oh hang on, I bet you're human, aren't you?
In which case forget my sarcasm, for your mind is not your own and you know not what you do.
Forgive me.
Love to you,
Olive xxx

zepheri said...

Visible is a God fearing man who is not afraid to express himself. Good people.

Olive Farmer said...

Let those who can see, see.
Difficult ideas can be readily explained to a simpleton if he has not yet formed any ideas himself; but the simplest thing cannot be explained to a genius if he has already made up his mind.
In this way are ideas of religion, of political allegiance, of loyalty to a country or a leader regrettably unassailable despite cogent evidence demonstrating the frailty and weaknesses of these ideas or the evil that might sit behind them.
We are prisoners of such histories, wrapped in hard wire by what we have allowed ourselves to be convinced of and have then convinced others of.
As Aktina and I watch the world-story unfold so we see new loyalties and allegiances forged by our masters so that we do not form our own. They provide us with new leaders, as ever, to suck up our force.
The accolytes of these deceivers are always a concern, for it is they that man the guillotines and the gas chambers, become the grand inquisitors in the blood orgies that always come from these things.
There can be only love if we are to avoid another cycle of despair.
Please wake up.
Love to all,
Olive and Aktina xxx xxx xxx

JerseyCynic said...


Olive Farmer said...

Thanks ever so for the link to yet another "christian" jew bashing site, and to your own "blog".

I had a look at yours, which seems to focus on the soap opera of US politics as if it's all real!

I see that, in contradiction to that simple world view, you also like the "Zen Gardner" version of the team-written "alternative" blogs so prevalent these days...

Oh, please don't tell me you think it's one do, don't you?

You can, it seems, fool all of the people all of the time.

I see in your blog that you don't like parents who don't train their children to sit still in church...
Suffer little children BEFORE you come unto me?

(To those who wonder what the FEMA camps are for, it's for the vast anti-semitic mob being whipped up by the Ickes and Jones's and Zens and Visibles to push anyone they hate into and burn, just like the middle class christian national socialists did in dear old nazi germany. History repeats itself. Monkeys love to hate.

Beware of deceivers dear friends.

Anonymous said...

Always amusing when Les Visible mocks Anonymous, since he himself hides behind a pseudonym he insists is somehow authentic. The only thing he's ever proven authentic about himself without a doubt is his psychopathic delusions of grandeur and over worked imagination.

This is part of an email to Les Visible from a man who met him in person in 2011:

[b]"Hell I don't even know your real last name. You hide behind a pseudonym that does not appear on your passport documents and yet you out my identity and location in a tangentially drug related kerfuffle.[/b]

via Cassiopaea

The evidence and first hand accounts speak for themselves.

Les Visible has about as much proof for his claims of authenticity as there is proof for the tooth fairy. He's clever with words and often panders to what people WANT to hear. So he plays -or preys- on these people who share similar ideas - another thing he's good at.

Most who read his blogs eventually figure out what he's about. Those able to sift through the brick wall of bs nonsense he types notice something's amiss. Unfortunately sometimes that notice comes too late when they've already spent copious resources - like his former "consort/wife" Susanne, readers like Amarynth and Eric - in their dealings with him. Susanne kicked Visible to the curb almost immediately following his return from his last trip to India, where he insists "nothing happened", and he can provide fake FB accounts and emails to back up HIS version of events of course. I remember that whole fiasco, I was still reading his blog then.

Les Visible has been locked up in various institutions, had repeated troubles with law enforcement, has abused several several drugs - this is all self confessed by him -, and when he's caught lying or contradicting himself regularly he's either covered it up or denied the entire event. Yet despite all this some people are still willing to take him at his word and let his bs slide because he says some things they like and agree with???
Anyone who really cared about the truth wouldn't give a character like Visible the time of day. If he comes across as anything it's a potential agent provocateur-wolf in sheep's clothing, not simply some wayward truth seeker with personality issues.

Olive Farmer; Thank you.