Monday, September 5, 2011

Gene-ocide. The Final Solution.

The manipulation of human consciousness continues apace, accelerating daily as we approach the nadir of spirit essential for the implementation of the next phase of the “Great Work”
What has been obvious for a long time is the role of the major media in this project. The daily fear mongering. The long term dissipation of spirit engendered by the repeated daily serving of gloom and doom, interspersed with horror, laced with disgust at the capability of the current generation of engineered and manipulated human beings to inflict terrible harm upon one another, such acts amplified and brought close to home, into the home, made vivid by the newsreaders selected for their voices of portent, their ability to couch a lie in the voice of reason and truth, substantiated with the grisly images that pierce the soul.

When an understanding of as much of the picture as can be has been grasped by the earnest researcher there can be no doubt that ALL media must be likewise controlled and manipulated.

This luciferian cabal has measured in centuries its creeping usurpation of control over the free will and spirit of humanity. It has conjured the present false reality, built upon the foundations of the history which it shaped and ordered to its foul strategy. Using the thing called money, over which it has absolute mastery, it has created this vast structure of misery and mistrust, division and petty hatred that we witness daily and call home, assume is natural, cannot see beyond.

Following my last post some commented that Alex Jones could in no way be a part of this continuing strategy of media control.

Consider the power of the enemy that creates the nightmare. Consider the vast sums invested to create the infrastructures required to deliver high speed internet into every home. Think of the control over the science that has developed this project. Think of the rewards earned by the leading servants of this development, and consider too where they now spend their wealth. Think of the ownership of the players in this game, the providers, and consider the uses to which the information they glean can be put. Witness the twitter revolutions and the evident manipulations, the BBM inspired looter mobs. See the vast number and incredible diversity of the New Age operatives disseminating their vision of the future that is driven by Blavatsky, by Bailey, by the United Nations, by Findhorn, by Zeitgeist, by the ex-Mrs Icke in her Crowley inspired fairyland, by a thousand more that are beating the path to lucifer's door.

Think of the murder the cabal order as if ordering a coffee. Of Kennedy. Of Dr King. Of Gandhi. Of anyone and everyone that proves dangerous to them or exposes them for what they are. Of Cooper. Of Dr Kelly. Think of the vast savageries and blood sacrifices of Stalin's Russia, of Hitler's Germany, of Mao's China. Consider the current swathe of mass murder, the front lines of the third world war that has already started and the edges of which are creeping across the globe.

Put these facts together, add to the pot everything else you understand about the power, the organisation, the control, the mindset, the arrogance, the determination and the beliefs of our current masters, their imminent intentions, their unfolding strategy, then ask yourself.............

Why has this vehicle for the interchange of information been created?
What is the purpose of the “truth” movement in all its forms?
Why are the leading conspiracy sites allowed to flourish?

Probe the interconnectedness of apparently divergent sites. Look at the way they feature and recommend each other. They have the whole thing wrapped up. They are serving a purpose.
When Lenin set sail with his 300 paid operatives and 20 million dollars to destroy the troublesome Tsar and set the scene for the elimination of millions of lives, when Mein Kampf was ghost written and distributed with the banker's slush fund and Hitler rose to power on a wave of those banker dollars no-one at the time suspected the devious manipulations behind these vast schemes. Many if not most are still ignorant of them. Many if not most are still ignorant of the control these same bloodlines had over the words of the Bible and the Koran, and how they have written another bible now, ready for the coming of their “saviour”, have prepared over a century of tradition and lore to support the great lie they are about to try and foist upon humanity.

To believe that there is no intricately structured, powerful, well funded, mutually supportive system of mind control operating through the internet would be bordering on the insane amongst those in possession of understanding. It is as diverse as the main stream media. It has the same faux divisions and distracting squabbles we witness everywhere else.
It has the same murders of those whose voice gets heard that are not inside.

Thankfully, then, I get few readers.
If I got millions, I'd be dead, or at least I would be if I believed in death.

Think of this:
They intend to reduce our number. They intend to create a lumpen mass of short lived mind-controlled burger flippers to do the menial tasks. The intend to cream off what's left of the intelligent amongst us to operate the more intricate stuff and think of new stuff, for which they will be well rewarded.

What they don't want are free thinkers. What they don't want are mavericks. What they don't want are folks that buck against “authority”, that ask awkward questions, that think they have rights, that will organise against them and spoil their intended new world order.
They don't want folks that will refuse to believe in their new “god” once they've shattered belief in the old ones they gave us.

They don't want the folks that see the true potential of a free humanity, understand the power of love, will build in a generation a world free of their foul influence. They don't want those people because they have seen them coming and fear them.

They need to clear the world of the gene that creates this threat to them.
They need to find you.

Well, they have.
That's what the whole thing has been and is about.
Finding you, you troublesome little bugger.
And now they know where you live.
Ask not for whom they have built the FEMA camps. They've built them for you.
It's about gene-ocide. The final solution.

And it will be lucifer's new and evangelical followers who will drive the trucks and trains, fire up the ovens, mark our skin. There are always millions of morons ready to do these jobs.
History tells us this.

Or at least that is what our masters plan for us.
But the future swings on the hinge of fate and, as we are soon to witness, the best laid plans often go wrong.
Call it instinct.
Call it the whisper of the wind through the leaves of the olive tree.
They think it's all over.
But they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Be prepared my friends Fear nothing. There is love in this universe, and it is love that orders and connects and ultimately creates everything, even the purpose that is behind evil. Nothing is as it seems, even death that great imposter itself.
Hold hands.

Love to all from me and the olive tree.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

Care more about others and a little less about one self.

That perfect little world is anyways not in our hands (...) is it?

Olive Farmer said...

Good advice, thanks Anon. I will if I can.

The perfect world is in our hands. I guess that's the purpose of all that I write. If not humanity's, then whose?