Sunday, September 11, 2011

Final solutions....

Reading William Cooper's “Behold a Pale Horse” I came across what he claims was a discovered SECRET document relating to one of the strategies of the scum that run the world.
Who knows if it was genuine.

It describes how computers in the 40's and 50's were developed to measure and also predict the reaction of the slave herd to certain economic stimuli.

I guess you can lump this technology in with the understanding of the human psyche developed by Tavistock and together gather the idea that the scum that control us realised long ago that there were better ways to manage the livestock than riding around on horses and chopping our heads off now and again.

No doubt it has moved beyond mere economic stimuli, stretching its wicked fingers as far into the soul of humanity as it can.....

It is the science of control, as developed as all the other sciences, almost certainly more so.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
An introductory programming manual
Operations Research
Technical Manual
This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War,
called the "Quiet War/' being conducted using subjective biological warfare,
fought with "silent weapons."
This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies,
and its weaponry.
May 1979 #74-1120


“It is most interesting that, by observing and measuring the economic
modes by which the public tries to run from their problems and escape
from reality, and by applying the mathematical theory of Operations Research,
it is possible to program computers to predict the most probable
combination of created events (shocks) which will bring about a complete
control and subjugation of the public through a subversion of the public

Naturally, it goes beyond “economy” now.

Outside of the black science of the dark “lightbringers” ordinary scientists are catching up.
Nearly 50 years behind, naturally.
Witness this latest BBC article.

Do you still believe they haven't been behind almost everything you believe speaks of freedom and humanity and truth and the ascension of our condition that you find on the internet?
That they don't control their own opposition?

Not to have organised things so would have been careless.
And they are never careless.

An interesting study, I believe, is the comparison of David Icke's pronouncements and those of Blavatsky and her accolyte Bailey and the words of Albert Pike and Manley Hall.

If you do nothing else in the next few days, discover the philosophy of these people, the power that lies behind their pontifications, the links that form the “Brotherhood of Death”, their connections via the German Thule society and Hitler, via the vile Aleister Crowley, through the Skull and Bonesmen and the Nazi CIA that controls the USA on behalf of the ruling elite.

Read and understand what you are witnessing, for you are witnessing the birth of a new religion, already with a new series of biblical texts, mysteries, ascended masters, a new Christ they will call Maitreya and have announced already to the world.

From this understand that the one world government they plan, seated at the United Nations, will have at its head the “godhead” of the one-world religion, likewise situated.

Understand via a study of the Lucis Trust and Share International how the throne is already in waiting for their new lord.

Know this: A one world religion will need miracles and signs and the destruction of the old beliefs and the amalgamation of those that are innately “believers” into one body.

This will happen soon, by my calculation.

Everything else is leading to this final solution.

From such study the seeker of truth can be left in no doubt that almost everything Icke spouts comes from these sources and associated New Age pseudo-religious mumbo jumbo.

Icke's ex wife quotes Aleister Crowley on the front page of her website.

Make these connections and the next veil of understanding reveals itself.
Make these connections and the true purpose of the strategy of our masters becomes apparent.

The acceleration of expectancy amongst those who have pierced this level of understanding and are free of the control matrix is evident.
Something wicked this way comes.

We know it, though we know not its shape and form.

The fear gifted to us by the luciferians is about to enter a new and more disturbing phase.
Their “saviour” must have something to save us from.

If you are across the weird pronouncements of Reagan, know what Gorbachov and Blair are up to, see what the “Disclosure Project” is all about, know that the false threat will “unite humanity”, have been watching the sun, keeping an eye on Elenin, have an “Earthquake Watch” link on your computer, you'll know what I mean........

If you feel this, know this, understand the strength of the enemy and the weakness and ill-preparedness of humanity, have a grip of our enemy's strategy and an understanding of their driving force then you see the onward career of the juggernaut.

How can you fight these forces?
How can your physical self escape what approaches?

Neither may be possible absent some mass awakening of understanding.
Such an awakening that has been anticipated and prepared for by our masters.
And so is already misdirected and misshapen, a parody of what it should be.
Wolves in sheep's clothing abound.
Beware of deceivers, my friend.

You can only remain true to love, and hold to the knowledge that your physical self is but the skin of the thing you might call the soul, the bio-mechanical self replicating machine that gives experience and learning to the consciousness within, that teaches it the wrong that is evil and the right that is love.

Grasp this understanding.
Fear nothing.
Don't give way to evil for the sake of your mortal body.

Understand this:
The universe can only be governed and ordered by love.
Anything other would have led to its destruction long ago in what we humans think of as our time.

You see how our petty species approaches mutual self-destruction now, even with the childish understanding of science that we have?

Imagine what we could and would be capable of with another million years of scientific “advancement”.

The deductions that must be made are as follows:
1. Either WE are truly alone in this universe, however unlikely that may seem.
2. Or WE are not alone, and therefore love must order the universe, because it still IS.

Watch the skies, dear friends, watch the skies.

WE have had enough lessons in evil, though I guess there's a final, lasting, searing one to come soon.
In days maybe.

Then the universe, and the love that there is within it, will say “Enough.”

Love, friends.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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Phil said...

Always love reading your words but have to say i love Davids Ickes work to and have for 20 years!! But like i said,love your words..Much truth and wisdom in them! Many blessings! ONELOVE XX