Saturday, September 24, 2011

Know YOUR Enemy.....

Put yourself in their place.
Oh, if only for a day.
Think how they think.
See what they see.
Imagine, for a moment, what they really want.

Like you, they want security and certainty.
Like you when you dream maybe, they want an assurance of a longevity surrounded by all they desire.

They also want a power over people that's unassailable. They want the worship of "lesser" beings.
They want to be gods, striding the earth in perpetuity.
They want to satisfy every whim no matter how crass or perverted or evil, without fear of retribution.

They are nearly there now.
In most of their lives, for most of the time, they can do these things.
The “Royal” families.
The money “Kings”.
The robber barons.
The aristocracy of the New World Order.
The crass wankers and perverts that hang on their coat tails for the scraps from their tables.
The Blairs. The Bushes. The psychopaths you see heading corporations. The reat of them.
We know who they are.......

They own what they like.
They fuck what they like.
They eat what they like.
They kill what they like.
They do whatever takes their fancy.
And lower down their order, they dip thier souls in shit for a pension, soon to be taken from them because their god is an ungrateful bastard and they are just sheep, no matter how temporarily useful they are.

But some things our masters have to hide.
Some things they have to keep a secret.

The eating of babies and the fucking of children.
The torture of souls and of bodies.
And why, they ask, should they?

These days they have to persuade us of some things, have to gain our agreement lest we reach for the sickles and pistols and guillotines and come seeking their heads.
That's such a bore.

In the old days they could do all these things and more.

Witness the lives of the people we learn about via their history books. The Kings and Pharaohs and Emperors and so on. The murder, the brutalisation, the torture. Look at Vlad the Impaler, at Henry the Eighth, at Queen Victoria, at Hitler, at Stalin, at the Bushes. Thousands more.

(As an aside, research “A Charge To Keep”. Coincidence?)

They so love to seep themselves in blood and misery, for such is the beauty, to them, of absolute power.

And so they dream and plot and machinate and manipulate us towards their final solution.
Just as the Egyptian Pharaohs elevated themselves to godlike status, just as the Roman emperors raised themselves high enough to sate every lust without fear of opposition. In their circuses they slaughtered thousand for fun, drinking the blood of the slain, allowing the chosen to sit amongst them and share in the gore. At home, every whim was satisfied, no matter how perverse.
And the people bowed to them, venerated them, rarely stood against them.
You think it's different now?

And it's the “rarely” that troubles them.
For “rarely” is too often.
Never is better.

They need to create a world where no-one EVER stands against them.
So that they, living long and healthy lives, they can pass their ill-gotten gains on to their kids, who will also lead long and healthy lives, full of the foulness that their god lucifer insists is their right.

So what is their “final solution”?

Firstly, when the shit hits the fan quite soon, they must be in such a position that the world sees them as saviours rather than as parasites.

Second, the new belief system must elevate them to godlike positions, as Masters of Wisdom who have been working relentlessly to bring “good” to the world.
Even though they seem to have been doing the opposite.
(Watch "The Event" predictive programming.)

But who are we to understand the ineffable ways of "God"?
Don't we understand that to fight evil, we must first Know Evil?
And such has been their role.
Praise them, praise them.

In such a way will the New World Order be gifted to us, once we have rid the world of those disbelievers that threaten the new heaven on earth.

Me, for example.

Such, with the right “spin” will they be able to weave their web of deceit.

Third, their offspring, the next generation, will already have established themselves as in possession of the “Christ Consciousness”. David de Rothschild etc. Prince William.

Collectively, and doing what will appear to be “the “ “god's” work, they will draft us all into the cults they have experimented with for so long.
We will be expected to become “believers”.
We will be expected to destroy those who fight against this new religion.
Signs from heaven and miracles will convince the sheeple.
Of course.

This is all planned.
The final solution demands the implementation of a vast new belief system that will last for a thousand years. Already believers and supporters are in place. Already a new system, a new dogma, a new structure of control has been forged.

The plan involves the destruction of the entire false reality they have imposed upon us so far, to be replaced with a new false reality, an amazingly intricate, centuries in the making plan they intend to foist upon humanity.
The goal being as described above.

Put yourself in their place.
Oh, if only for a day.
And think...............

You can see the destruction growing daily........
In a thousand ways, we are being readied for the expectation of salvation.......
As things get worse, so we will begin to brutalise each other as we already are.......
Yet the internet offers us "hope", offers us “truth”:, offers us a "new way"......
Their way.

A way of "love"
A way of "sharing".........
All with the controlling hands evident to those that have the eyes to see and the instinct to understand.

Such is their strategy.
The goal: perpetual GODLIKE STATUS for the bastards that rule us.
Their enemy: the FREE WILL of humanity.

They think it's all over already.
Bring to mind Bush Senior and his “New World Order” speech (“When we are successful, and WE WILL BE …...”)

It's not all over.
Because YOU know.
Because YOU are free.

And, if you value the future,......
You will make your stand, draw your line, say “Enough”.

And be ready.......
Free of mind, in love and peace, brave and determined, willing to sacrifice, dutiful to the future of your children and our planet....
Be ready for rEvolution.

(And consider: What have they promised those that serve their purpose?)

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Giancarlo said...

Dear Olive Farmer
Firstly I wanted to thank you for the information you freely and abundantly make available on your blog. It’s refreshing and brilliantly written stuff. While I’ve been aware of the general gist of the events that are being orchestrqted behind the scenes by the PTB from my own research your insights add another level of depth and understanding to what is going on and what will go on. So thank you. However I do have a dilemma that keeps nagging at me. Actually, perhaps more of a dichotmomy than a dilemna. I have no doubt the evil events you describe will prove to be very accurate (I have a feeling about these things) and we are all in for some challenging and possibly horrific times ahead as the NWO roll out their ‘final solution’. I can’t imagine this will be a pleasant nor fun time for the non-scum amongst us. On the other hand you also talk about a rebirth of humanity we have in store. This is the dichotomy that I can’t reconcile. Are you suggesting that their plan will never play out because something or someone will intervene at the 11th hour and save us from these scumbags or that our free will will be the thing that stops them in their tracks or will they roll out their evil plan as per the script with the majority of us perishing (as per the script) and ascending into some new consciousness, perhaps a consciousness of pure love?. Will free will be enough to stop the brutality and murder? How do you see events playing out and what will the world look like at the end of it all? (and I wish this bloody ringing in my ears that started a few months ago would stop, or is that another piece in the puzzle?!! )

Anonymous said...

Giancarlo, I also have a problem with ringing ears. I have noticed that the ringing decreases if I spend time outside and away from the computer and conspiricy sites such as this one (not critisising Olive). My theory is that it is caused by 'information overload' which causes an overactive mind. Personally I think the root cause of an overactive mind is probably a lack of faith in God, causing one to try to understand every-thing, something that the human mind was not designed for. Do a quick google and you will see it is a spiritual problem.

Grace said...

Those who have nothing to lose will fare the best. Nothing to lose is a state of mind as much as a spiritual, material reality.