Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK riots a trial for US chaos as the specially bred moron zombies have their buttons pressed.

Dry days are good for organising riots.

The spark ignites the tinder.
The wildfire is spread by fire-setters.

Guess who the fire-setters are?

The internet is a weapon.
Social media is a weapon.

Both are pointed at us.

Both being used to pull our strings.

Making us make our own chaos.

Putting the stick into the ants nest and stirring.

That was an early trial.

Usually, as I often point out, there's a martyr created somewhere.
Blood shed.

Pity the dumb cops, helping to light the fire, then having to step into the flames.
Bred and trained for the purpose.

They truly know not what they do.

The mindless morons now disturbing the peace in Britain have been bred for purpose too.

And in the US?
Legions of morons, with guns.
Tuning in to Alex Jones......

Do you see how the war progresses, dear friends?

They intend to destroy everything we think of as real in their false reality.

Set us adrift in a sea of chaos.

Then offer us a lifeboat.

As I have been noting, their game-plan is accelerating.
They have an agenda to follow, the strategy is in place.

Ordo ab Chao.

Expect, as I have noted to you, the pace to quicken.
Each shock in their “shock and awe” strategy to get bigger, more quickly.........much more quickly now.

They are saving the “AWE”, of course, for a little later.

But it's coming.

Don't mistake me for a “doom and gloom” “the end is nigh” bible basher.
I'm just a reader of sign.
Hold hands.
Love's coming.
It will have no colour.

Olive xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you how much I love your writing and your message. I especially love what your wrote about the olive tree in a post down below--how the roots are the strength of the tree. It makes me think about how what is not visible is most important--how we must be vigilant to look for things not seen, but there nonetheless.

And I love how you see through the phoniness of some of the "truth seekers." I used to be fooled by most everyone but asked to be led to the truth and now I know instinctively when I am being lied to. I get a little impatient with loved ones who haven't caught on, but I continue to try to bring them along by speaking my truth, no matter how it might rattle them.

I practice NO FEAR every waking moment. I am watching and waiting and not reacting but I am believing in love and humanity.


Anonymous said...

Please say exactly what you think is wrong with Alex Jones. 'Fearmonger' is just an insult thrown by the 'positive thinking' morons. He has been called a liar by many, but if you consider the many thousands of hours of radio he has done, and the number of people calling him a liar then the amount of actual dirt that has been discovered about him is very small. Joe sixpack needs someone like Alex Jones to jumpstart them, or he can never begin to understand your blog. So while your styles are very different I think you and he are on the same side.

Anonymous said...

I would want to second anonymous 1:48pm, and therefore I would want to ask you Olive; where do you think are the differences between you and Alex Jones the most significant?

I am following both of you since several years and managed to remain neutral neutral thus far.

I found my symbol of peace and love in the cannabis plant by the way, but I suppose that that's optional ;) (One collective denominator is that as wel peace, love and this plant are all under attack by the same oppressors.
As I think of it, i could find more, but to everyone his symbol aye, lol)