Saturday, 6 August 2011


There has to be some unifying idea, some wellspring of hope, some concept that unites humanity as a singular entity but where free will and individual self-determination are sacrosanct, where we can be that which we wish to be subject to no one and to no state and to no god other than the one we choose, to live where we will and how we want, to obey just one law:


To be harmless must be our aspiration, our highest goal. The most harmless those that guide rather than lead us. Leadership must pass, to be replaced by guidance. Authority must pass, to be replaced by wisdom.

Power must pass, to be replaced by mutual consent.

Humanity cannot be equal, but we can treat each other equally.
Difference should be measured in spirit, in talent and skill, in contribution to the world. It must cease to be measured by the accumulation of money, for such accumulation is for the most part a representation of the harm you do by such acquisition.

We cannot in this reality all live in palaces, drive Mercedes, have a choice of several homes, yachts and servants.
But we can all live in security, in good conditions, in happiness, free of fear, fed and clothed and having free time and choice.

And through our brilliance and with cooperation we can satisfy ourselves, provide all we need in abundance. We are nearly there now, except for the parasite that bleeds us, engages our effort in useless and violent occupation, steals and conceals the best of our science.

I speak not of uniformed organisation, of militaristic and enforced subjugation to dogma, nor of enforced habits and engineered poverty. I speak of universal bounty, of a world of love and happiness and freedom.
I speak of joy.

I speak of a unity of spirit born of the understanding of the limits to our planet's bounty coupled with the unlimited bounty of our genius and the beneficent effects of time and effort.

A house, well built, can give shelter and comfort for well in excess of five hundred years. A community of like minded people can last for a thousand, even longer.

We have to give up the ideas of the past and dream of new paradigms, ideas suitable for the future that is impressing its needs upon us now. Our future, older selves are looking back at us now, urging us to dream the undreamable, to act according to our lights.

These ideas can only be born of love, for we are sustainable as a species only of we understand and take hold of this elemental force, this thing we are born with and which, in our current world we are robbed of by the steady and relentless pressures the current world heaps upon us.

There is a great project for humanity, a great enterprise which must be undertaken.
It will require sacrifice.
It will require effort.
It will require new learning and much unlearning.
Its time is now.

The old world, wise in its ways and deep in its understanding, sees the dawn of the new consciousness I speak of, sees the birth of the new humanity and, as I write this day, is engaged in strangling this infant at birth, trying to abort it, being successful in its war.

If it succeeds, and it is confident that it will, the future holds nothing for the vast swathe of humanity but relentless drudgery, abject slavery, sickness, disunity, fear, death, cowering obeisance to lucifer their god.
This should be clear to you now if your mind has the vestiges of intelligence that the current system has failed to dumb down or fill with glamour.
If you have eyes to see, see.
And if it is clear to you, then the future rests in your hands.
It's time you did something.

First, find a friend.

The system that endangers our species relies upon distraction and division to keep humanity weak.

These divisions and distractions are designed to drive us into the emptiness that derives from mutual antagonism.

The most powerful of these techniques lies in causing us to discuss detail, for once we begin to discuss detail then the overall objective becomes lost in a maelstrom of rancour.

This detail usually, concerns itself with some element or another of the false reality they have created for us. We end up debating and arguing which of two evils is less evil, normally from the perspective of which of these two evils benefits us personally the most.

Such is the two party system of “democracy”.

So it is we debate how much we should spend on defence, rather than the fact that all war kills innocents, that the blood of children is shed with this money.

So it is in every area of debate. All of it is predicated upon one element or another of the false reality. So we argue about tax budgets, about health care, about religion, about nation, about social benefits, about a million pieces of minutiae and, while we do this, the single most important issue goes unaddressed.

So, hard though this will be because we have been taught that we should conduct ourselves with debate and division and that this way is the only way, we should suspend debate and division until this job is done.

Then, and only then, can we seek the wise and the good and work with them to find what is right for our species, how we should reshape our world to make it a better place for all of our kind, decide how our future will be.


I have an instinctive understanding that this future should preclude war and forces of aggression, that it should preclude pollution and the despoiling of our planet, that none shall starve, that none shall be bullied, that none shall fear.

I have an instinctive understanding that humanity will seek and find that which is good and discard that which is evil.

I have an instinctive understanding that together we will find ways to live in love and trust.

This may take a generation or two. But we will find this new way, this new world order that is ours, not theirs.

So set aside issues, set aside your beliefs, shaped as they are by the old reality. Set all aside except the will and determination to help create this new future, knowing that together, all seven billion souls that inhabit and therefore have a stake in this world, we will find a new and far better way.

So first, find a friend.

Agree with this friend that you have decided to set out on a journey that will reshape our world.

Ask other friends if they will join you.

Explain the concept of going forward without discussing and deciding what you wish that future to be, just that you agree that the present reality must be reshaped if humanity is to survive with dignity, or even to survive at all.

When you have those friends, each of you should seek others.

So, as a cell divides, your number will grow.

Is it possible to be organised without organisation? Is it possible to work in unity without debate, without detail? Is it possible to unite around one fixed goal?

Well, YES IT IS.
Humanity is about to discover this.
Be a founding father or mother of this brave new world, this new way.

And Be Forewarned:

Those that govern have seen the coming of this thing it most fears, a humanity sharing one aim, a humanity determined to rid itself of the virus that has plagued it for millennia, a humanity that will not be distracted nor lured into endless debate, a humanity that has an understanding of its current situation and a shared will to create a better future by working together.

Foreseeing this unstoppable tsunami of power our masters have carefully laid their plans, have established their leadership and mis-leadership over decades.

Take this as an example:

“Researchers of hidden truths are an unlikely lot. The prolific works of Charles Fort and Manly P. Hall and others have paved an amazing path for later researchers and modern prophets to follow. From the likes of pioneer Jordan Maxwell and then William Cooper, David Icke, Jim Marrs, and bold souls like Henry Makow, Alan Watt and Michael Tsarion. And there's younger guns who've done amazing work like Wes Penre, Ken Adachi, Vigilant Citizen, Freeman and a host of others, sincere driven truth excavators are chipping away at the illusion and revealing the esoteric.
Powerhouse information disseminaters like Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero and whistleblower sites like Project Camelot and so many others have tirelessly worked for years getting an honest and truthful perspective out, as have up and coming youthful, passionate sites like activistpost and intelhub and many, many others
There's too many to name but I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks and admiration to all the sincere searchers and information sharers who have empowered so many and had such a profound effect on millions of individuals and therefore society ”.
(“Zen Gardener, Before It's News”)

“....and many, many others...”
They are so confident of their mastery of the awakening that they trumpet this mastery, flaunt their interconnectedness. Sometimes burying a real truthsayer amongst the liars. They are legion, spreading their truth, burying within the truth the “light” of lucifer, their god. Many are apparently Christians, many Muslims , many appear “Revolutionaries”. Through all of them you will discover much that is true, much that causes you to believe in them.

They believe they have already stemmed the power of our awakening by stealing its leadership.
And if you have eyes to see you will know this to be true, understand that OF COURSE they would have made such plans. They RUN THE WORLD, have done for millennia. To do this is a mere bagatelle to them.

Now we're getting the best of their tricks.
They are dividing us.

As is goes forward, perhaps your church will be bombed by “Muslim terrorists”, your children shot by “right-wing nationalists”, your country “threatened” by its neighbour, the money you have saved made “worthless”, the retirement you dream of “stolen”, the “law” you rely on used against you, a thousand thousand distractions piled upon you.

For them to achieve their strategy , know this:

They need humanity to implement it.

They need their great pyramidal structure of control.
They need their many followers and adherents, those who have been rewarded for their loyalty to a system of evil and who now will fight for its continuance, those lost souls whom we will find hardest to forgive

They believe they can arouse the blood-lust within us, think they can easily get us to forget ideas like peace and love and forgiveness.

They have always done so.

See how they have prepared their alternative paradigms, waiting for you to seek the truth.

In the past at their behest we have marched to war in our millions , frothing at the mouth, full of the lust for revenge, killing and being killed, committing the foulest of crimes.
Many of us are involved in this frenzy right now.

This is where we learn to stop.

This is where we understand the crude manipulations of our species.

This is where we finally say “Enough”.

And this will be our severest test.

As the rocket kills those you love, so you have been taught to scream for the blood of the ones that fired the rocket.

This is what they confidently expect of you.

And if you follow their expectations, nothing will change, and all is lost.

And if you are one of those paid to pull the trigger, wield the baton or kick the child then know your place as the lackey of those that rule the world, see your part in the evil that seeks to enslave our kind, know that your loyalty should lie with your species and your duty to the future of humanity.
We are waiting for you to join us. Don't be long.

A Strategy.

I ask you to consider this:
If you refused to pay the interest on debt the system would crush you, for it relies upon the system of debt to control you.

If two decided to refuse to pay, the same would happen.
If a thousand, it becomes a little more difficult.
If a million, it becomes almost impossible.
If amongst that million are those paid to enforce the debt, it becomes absolutely impossible.

The system relies upon humanity to act as both prisoner and jailer.
We each of us enforce one part or another of the false reality upon our fellows.

And so to de-construct the pyramid of power we need two components.

The first is a “critical mass” of those willing to stand against something which is wrong.

The second is an understanding that we each need to withdraw our services in propping up the system.

This applies to tax collection where that tax is used for war or debt interest or sleazy commercial purposes (most of it), policing where that policing is about suppression rather than the protection of the innocent, law where that law is about sustaining the injustices that abound, soldiering where that soldiering is about taking life rather than saving life, regulation enforcement where that regulation is about protecting the interests of those that would destroy humanity and rob our species of our future, the presentation of different media where that media is used to shape and control the debate and to misshape the naturally loving nature of humanity.

From the doctor prescribing mind controlling chemicals, to the scientist developing weapons, to the bank teller propping up the money control system, to the purveyors of false facts in the controlled education system, to the consumer of products made cheap by forced labour, to the addict propping up the murderous crime syndicates and their overlords, to the watcher of TV news and the reader of the daily paper, to the seeker of sanctity through organised religion rather than seeking a personal relationship with their god , to the unconscious polluter that takes their shopping home in plastic and so on and so on we have to each of us recognise our part, each of us make the decision, each of us choose sides.

And there is only one side.

It is time to “Start Again”.

WE will never know and understand our strength unless we each of us have the courage to stand up, to say “NO”.

And that courage can come from finding a friend.

And from the growing of our number.

Please, find your friend today.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, dear friend.

Humanity already feeds itself (by and large).
Humanity already organises itself to provide warmth and shelter (by and large).
Though you feel weak alone, together humanity has achieved everything we have achieved and can continue to do so.

There is no risk here if we learn to act together.

Hunger and homelessness and war are the products of the current system, as is fear.

If we work together there is nothing we cannot achieve.

It is this knowledge that is hidden from us, that our masters fear the discovery of, that we now have.
Together WE ARE ONE.
Each of us different, each of us unique, each of us possessing free will, each a part of an incredibly intricate machine.
This machine of which we are each a cog is called humanity.

We simply need to turn the machine in the direction we collectively wish it to be turned.

Do we collectively want war?

Do we collectively want a child to starve?
Do we collectively want to foul our planet?
Do we collectively want to live in fear?
Do we collectively want any of the things we understand instinctively are wrong?

Do we collectively want to leave this earth in a better condition than we inherited it, to pass it on in better order to the children and then the grandchildren we conceive?

And if we collectively decide that we need to change the way we are doing things then who is there to deny us?

Do we not have the custody of this earth between us, we seven billion human beings?


Find that friend.

Make your plans.

Find others to join in.

Seek other like groups.

Act together to choke the system.

Start TODAY>

And if you need a symbol by which you recognise each other in the early days, then choose the olive tree. It has ever been so, ever been a symbol of the truth we seek, the model for our existence in peace and love.
Stolen in the past, let's make it our own again, spread our root and branch, dream of a future that can be OURS.

Send a link to this article to a friend.
Translate it if you have the ability.
Above all make a commitment to this new unity of our kind.
Don't debate.
Don't argue.
Don't fight.
Don't get angry.
Don't get distracted by those that seek to deceive you.
Focus on unity.
Then take the system down by ignoring it.

Refuse interest on debt in masses.
Do no harm.
Live in love.
Hug the police.

Pay no tax in masses for interest on debt or for war or to pay the police of they do not do their duty to you, their true employers.

Decline to do your part in imprisoning your fellow human beings, however small and insignificant it seems.

A new reality lies within our grasp.
Be there.
Do your part.
Find a friend.

And beware of the vast and intricate and clever web of deceivers, dear friend.

Do not seek a banner to follow, a leader to lead you, an issue to focus on, an organisation to distract you. Take no baggage from your past into this struggle for the future, for this future will find what is true and humanity will at last step into its own light, its own wisdom, create its own reality.

The time to find that friend is RIGHT NOW.
Pick up that phone.
Send that email.
Call on that neighbour.
Put up that poster or notice.
Pass on this link.
Make that first connection today.
Spread the virus of love.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


  1. I love your blog but I think you are wrong when you quote Zen Gardener as an example of lies. I read or listen to Makow, Watt and Rense, and William Cooper was shot dead.. These people are not 100% right all of the time but I am quite sure they are honest and sincere. It is thanks to them and sites like them that I can understand your blog. Your blog paints the big picture while theirs deal with smaller bits, but its still truth.

  2. I missed Jones, of course, and many more.
    Regarding Bill Cooper, I understand that these folks that manipulate the "truth" often borrow the true light from those they have feared and so killed. It happened with the guy called Jesus. I write extensively somewhere about the puppet Obama having a poster of Gandhi in his office, and how he reveres Dr Martin King! This makes me physically sick, or at least it would if I didn't expect it.
    If I am wrong, and I guess time will shortly tell, I apologise to those I may have falsely accused.
    As the veils are lifted each level of this thing becomes more sinister, more complex, and one has to follow one's personal sense of what is accurate, one's own trail of logic as the search for the causal entity progresses.
    In history, who would have believed as the second world war was in progress that the Bush family and their banker and industrialist friends were both sponsors of and continuing profiteers from the Nazi serpent? That they shared the same esoteric and Magick philosophies?
    In the Russian Revolution, anyone accusing the great saviour Lenin of being the servant of the Schiff banking family would have been derided, and probably hung.
    Followers of the Bible have always accused of heresy and often burned alive those who question its "truth", ignoring the teachings they purport to follow, rarely researching its true origins.
    I could go on. There is a long history of the masters controlling truths, controlling their own opposition.
    Do you honestly believe they would stop now? Do you honestly believe they would not be exceptional at it, creating the most believable of their "enemies"?
    They have all the money, own the internet, saw humanity coming at this time, create much of what you read in the same way as they control the MSM, education, science and the rest.
    Have another look at your heroes, see how they argue with each other and also connect to each other, look at the levels of disinformation, the distraction, the division, the MSM exposure, the MONEY BEHIND THEM, their fixation with Gold, their pretence at leadership, going nowhere. Their bank acoounts.
    Did you ever consider that the whole "awakening", "truth", 2012 etc phenomenon is of their creation? Ordo Ab Chao.

    LOve to you,
    Thanks for being on the journey though we travel in slightly different directions,
    OLive. xxx

  3. >> "awakening", "truth", 2012 etc phenomenon is of their creation?

    The internet has enabled this spread of ideas. It's like when the printing press was created but with a smaller window of mass distribution with the various means of control that is being enacted. It's a bit too much for them right now but its injected with so much disinfo, compartmentalized searches, so that people hear what they want to hear and prove what they want to through projection. Kind of like the rise of scientific objectivism.

    A medium of exchange had to be presented in such a way. But it also is a good way to keep pulse on everything, especially when you 'feel' as if you are being anonymous, so you speak more freely but as you had mentioned they own the internet as it stands now. It's not our playing field, nor is a centralized currency or legal system.

    >> Do not seek a banner to follow, a leader to lead you ..

    Bingo but cooperation and discussion can coordinate and strengthen an effort. Unfortunately every group with any prestige I've come across (see Zeitgeist, Wikileaks, We Are Change, Light Weavers ...) seems to be some sort of misdirective tactic or plays directly into an 'elite' agenda or two.

    >> Have another look at your heroes, see how they argue with each other and also connect to each other, look at the levels of disinformation, the distraction, the division, the MSM exposure, the MONEY BEHIND THEM, their fixation with Gold, their pretence at leadership, going nowhere. Their bank acoounts.

    A good litmus test but the best lies are 90% truth so you can't dismiss everything. It's confusing so you really have to see things from multiple angles. Social Engineering is getting more and more clever. So it's best to take what you truly feel is right cross check with logic and that place deep within yourself and act upon it with organized, intelligent, passionate, persistent focus.