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New Software for Humanity........

From where I live I can see, just a couple of hundred yards away, a small fence. It describes a rough circle. Inside can be seen the rough outlines of what is left of a village, just the foundations now. They are nearly 4,000 years old.

Between the place I live and the Minoan settlement are vegetable gardens. Between each garden is a wall built of the stones thrown there over the millennia as the gardens were cleared and the rocky ground made fertile. I am fortunate to share the care of one of these gardens. Lucky to find an occasional stone myself and triumphantly add it to the wall. They missed one, all those generations before me, left me something to do, however small.

We should all just have to add one small stone to the accumulation of our achievements, but for most of humanity this is not the case. For most, it's a case of building from nothing, being robbed of what we do build and passing nothing on to the next generation so that they, too, are required to start from scratch.

Once upon a time we humans were small in number, and from those early scatterings of our species the great family that we now are was born.
Logic and the spirit of goodwill should dictate that, having all of us descended from those original people, each of us should be entitled by birth to an equal share of what our bountiful earth can provide.
It's called inheritance.
By right of birth, one seven-billionth of the world should be yours.

Unfortunately, it ain't so.

If you haven't got your share, its time you asked for it.
And if some are too weak to ask, its up to the rest of us to ask for them.
Of course, acting alone, we are all of us too weak to ask.......

Think of this.
Most of the world's population will inherit nothing. Nothing from their parents, nothing from their grandparents, nothing to show for the labour and sweat and tears of countless generations of their forbears back to the dawn of time.

Yet we are all of us by right of birth inheritors of this planet, all of us entitled to a share just by being here.

Those that are dispossessed of this share form the present generation of a continuous lineage of the dispossessed through time.
Most of humanity are in this position.

Oddly but not unexpectedly, this is something that is approved of by those that have amassed more than their share either by effort (well done you) or by inheritance.
It's also something fundamental to the mindset of our masters.

If you keep cattle, you don't give them the title deeds to the field.
You milk them.
You selectively breed them.
You cull them when the herd gets too big.
You eat them if they are tender.

The fact that each of us doesn't have a share, by inheritance, of one seven-billionth of what the world has is simply proof of this condition.
The fact that most human beings cannot even begin to conceive of a world built upon principles of fairness and sharing is evidence of how successfully our masters have eradicated our natural instincts through the many centuries of their sovereignty.

We live in their world, by their standards, play by their rules, obey their laws, and the whole confection is tilted in their favour.

And if you cannot yourself think of how we can arrange matters in a fairer and naturally more just way I would ask you to look forward in time a hundred years or so and imagine how the world will be if we do not.

There is only one way for the world to go if we continue as we are.
A world of disinherited slaves serving the interests of our masters and those that suckle at their teats.

It is, already, largely so.
It will become more so.
As you know, it has ever been so.

Our planet, we're told, is crowded. This of course is a lie as any plane journey will tell you. There is an awful lot more space, an awful lot more living room. Sustainable population will one day be a question for us, and by then we'll understand how to sustain our numbers.

There are those that will tell you otherwise. There are those that are moving forward at a pace with their plans to make it otherwise, as we can see if we have eyes.

Viewed from on high, through the eyes of our masters, we have become too many.
Quite simply, they only need enough of us to keep things working and to do what needs to be done.

The rest of us are surplus to requirements.
We just clutter the place up.
And we're getting dangerous because, even though they are working hard to maintain the illusion, working hard to distract us, working hard to mislead us, the number of us that can see them is growing daily.

The internet is full of bullshit, full of bullshitters. It's been built that way.
It is, and was always intended to be, the great engine of deception. Twitter, Facebook, all the rest.....
Were you not just a little surprised at how fast some of these things took off?
Do you see how they are being used to foment the chaos?

Behind this great engine of knowledge are the same controlling hands that have ALWAYS understood the power of knowledge, always known its importance, always owned it.

Do you honestly think they'd let you have it if they believed for a moment that they couldn't use it to further control you? That it doesn't serve their purpose?
Do you honestly believe they haven't seeded it with thousand upon thousand of their servants?

Think, for a moment.
They have bought the services of countless millions of human beings to don uniforms and kill other human beings. Millions worldwide are involved with manufacturing the things we kill and torture each other with. Countless politicians at all levels and their pathetic apparatchiks are in their pockets. They have all the money. How difficult would it have been to lay a long plan to control our thoughts through the internet just as they do through education, the media, their structuring of the sick reality we are forced to live in?
Logic tells us it must be so.
They are not hard to see, these servants of the system, though they fool many.
They are helping to foment the chaos, and it is by this token that you can recognise them.

For humanity to survive the chaos and emerge into the light of a future built for all of us, free beings at last we must share out this place fairly, then work together to make all of us “richer”. This begins, of course, with finding out what “richer” means.
It means, I think, living free of fear.
It means living in a just world.
It means living in peace.
It means using our brilliance to fulfil our desires.
It means living in harmony with our planet and not crapping in our own nest.
It means finding for all of us the freedom to pursue our dreams, but only when those dreams do no harm to others.
It means all of us getting that idea, that we all live by one principle and that principle is “do no harm”.
It means, I think, re-engineering the software that we are using.
We need to re-boot.
WE need to Start Again.

And as you look about you and see the angry, the petty, the bitter, the greedy, the dirty, the violent, the murderous, the sick of mind, the religiously bigoted, the racially bigoted, the crass, the selfish, the hopeless and the helpless human beings around you, and as you recognise in yourself some or many of these things as I do, and if you have stuff you fear losing it and if you don't you scheme to get stuff and as you see all of these things you wonder how it could be that humanity could live differently, how because we are this way we can never hope for a better place please recognise we have each and every one of us been created by the same system that has disinherited us.

Recognise that the system can be changed, must be changed.

It is my friend the false reality that is sick and that makes us as we are.
We are just a symptom of the endless forms of the virus of evil that is born of the lucifer that our masters worship and in whose image they have shaped our current reality.
They need us to be so, work hard at keeping us so, feed off our perpetual misery and understand that, if we see it for what it is we can easily throw off their foul construction.

And so we need to see all of our fellow human beings as infected, as sick.
We need to cure each other.
WE need to forgive ourselves.
We need to forgive each other.
Each of us be given a clean sheet, a new start and together build a future built from our hearts, built with love.

And if WE, this generation, begin this great journey, what a world we can create. With this determination to Start Again what can we do in one generation? What in two? What could we achieve in a hundred years of our effort and the application of our genius?

And how will our descendants look back upon us, the founding generation of the real New World Order that is coming.
The New World Order of humanity.
Inheritors of our world.

With love,
Olive Farmer
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Thankyou Olive.

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