Sunday, July 24, 2011

Root and branch.

It takes a lot to organise the demise of the human spirit. We're a tough crowd. It has taken centuries of falsehood, enormous and intricately crafted systems structured around deference, and more than 100 years of post-Freud mind control to create the dumb beasts of burden we have become.
That humanity has been robbed of the opportunity to create, by its genius and its innate capability for love, a world of beauty and plenty for all does not need saying again here.
That the theft of our glory and the future we could have continues apace, is accelerating, is becoming more obvious to those who have evaded the systems and succeeded in fighting the mind control.
That our masters have built a new age belief system ready to capture our souls when they have pushed us even further into desperation is understood by those who have eyes to see, has swallowed many that believe they are on the path to truth.

This new age religion, centred around their “lucifer” the light bringer is crafted around a core of truth, structured such that many who believe themselves “free” are attracted to its essential truths but fail to see the needle of a lie buried in the haystack of truth. It speaks of love, of the spirit of humanity, of peace, of sharing, of a golden future, of all of the things any right minded human being would, at their core, understand is what we are capable of, know is what we must grow from the ashes of our crumbling civilisation.

It also speaks of hierarchy, of ascended masters, of religious belief, of a wide variety of strange and esoteric knowledges that mere mortals are not able to comprehend but that our new holy masters will guide us in the learning of.

In other words, the usual bullshit in a new, better, shinier box.

This is the New, Improved World Order.
Don't buy it.

This vast serpent has its tail way back with Blavatsky, with Alice Bailey and the UN, with Manley Hall and the rest of the masons, with the beast Crowley, with Churchill, with the Bushes and Thule and The Golden Dawn, with Hitler. Its heart today is in the banks and the military industrial combine , in the CIA, in those that manipulate Wall Street, in Gold and Silver, in the bloodlines of evil. Its cold blood runs through everything we take for granted. The media, money, the vast civil services, in education, in publishing. It courses through our police forces, riddles our uniformed murder machines, infects and despoils everywhere its contagion can touch.

We all of us have caught a dose of this disease, all of us believe in one part or another of the whole, all of us like this beast in some way.

If you think humanity cannot live without money, you're infected.
If you believe cancer has no cure, you're infected.
If you vote, you're infected.
If you take allopathic medicines for psychological problems, you're infected.
If you believe in your country, you're infected. (Though to believe in your people is a sign you may not be, to believe they are in some way better than other human beings is a sign you are.)

If you cheat or lie or steal or bully or kill or grow fat at the expense of other human beings you're infected.
If you believe in the false system of law, you're infected.
If you show deference to Royals or Aristocrats or politicians or police you're infected.
If you buy stuff that someone was forced to make for starvation wages in a sweat shop, you're infected.

If you watch TV most of your free time you're infected.
If you pay tax, if you pay interest on debt, you're infected.

The list goes on.
It includes organised religion, of course, and books that are purported to come from god, and any belief system that tells you that you are better than others because you believe. Any system that tells you that those that question the belief are heretics, perhaps don't deserve to live or at least won't be allowed into your special and exclusive heaven when they “die”.

This false reality has become so pervasive that it is almost impossible to avoid its contagion.
Try it, as I do.
You can neither buy nor sell without being involved, without being tainted.
Its pervasiveness is now so complete that we are all of us involved in its spreading, few of us can envisage life without it.

Which is interesting.....

In case you haven't realised it, and in preparation for the New Improved World Order, all of these things are to be taken away from us. Our beliefs in all of them will be shattered. Money, as we see, is on its way out. Religions are about to be shattered and new universal truths (lies) revealed. Nations and governments will crumble. Media empires collapse (apparently). False and engineered “Revolutions” will sweep the globe. Natural disasters strike.

You see, they need us to be desperate for a saviour before they can introduce one. They need to have shattered belief systems before they can give us new, improved ones.
The old world order is dying. Long live the New World Order......
And it will.
Unless we wake up.

And to wake up needs the wholesale realisation amongst humanity, even amongst those sold to the system, those who have much to lose, those who believe in and defend bits of it.......
Which means all of us.

The 20th century was the century of “self”. The mind engineers of the masters have taken 100 years to destroy our belief in each other, our trust of each other, to focus on personal gratification, on defending what we have. Even simple things like charity have been engineered out of our systems by the great “charities” and their marketing divisions that have taught us that the problems are too big, that starvation will never go away, that certain parts of the world (those rich in resources!) will forever be a burden upon us. They have taught us to believe that these problems are not ours to deal with but should be left to the “professionals” whom we pay.
The legal system does the same thing.

In not trusting each other, in feeling that the world's problems are too much for just one person, in isolating us, in wrecking our communities, our families, our social lives they have had resounding success. WE have been weakened.
We don't believe we can achieve a better world than the monstrosity they have woven around us.

And so what lies in our future?
Our imminent future?
Certainly more great shocks. More awe. More chaos.
The bastards have been having fun and are certainly, in the next few weeks and months, going to move to the next stage. They'll be laughing, because ironically we'll be doing to each other. The surging tsunami of faux and engineered “revolutions” will be the least of their shocks. The collapse of money is a certainty. The worthlessness of precious metal will become plain, which is why the Jones/Icke/Rense etc etc consortium are selling metal so hard.

As I've often said, these people believe in the four horsemen, believe in biblical prophecy (which, by and large, they wrote), believe it is their duty to unleash the dogs of war, believe they are doing right by visiting upon us plague and starvation and war and death. Their light bringer tells them that this is their duty, to cleanse the world of all but a select few of their slaves.
Look about you and see.

You need not foretell this Armageddon. It's already here.

The path of the revolutions sweeping the globe are evidence of the complete control of this chaos by our masters. The spreading wars that will become one war will touch us all soon.
The rest is already history.

And so what is left to us?
Has it become too late?

Interestingly, no.
The same conditions they need for their New World Order are the same conditions required for a shift in human consciousness, for a new understanding of our species and the mistakes we have made.

They know this, which is why their faux new age religion has been prepared, why Icke and the rest have woven their webs of deception.

This great time in the sweep of history presents humanity with a chance, at last, to break free of the chains of slavery and to step into a new light, our light, the beauty that is within us all, even the meanest and sickest amongst us.
From darkness will come light, but it will not be the weak and bitter light of lucifer but the great torch of illumination that is humanity at its finest, humanity that has awoken to its own inner beauty, humanity that sees the certainty of a golden future built with our ingenuity and the bounty of our home planet.

This humanity will understand forgiveness, for we all of us need to be forgiven.
It will understand love, for we all of us need to both give and receive it for our future to work.
It will understand sharing, for our earth belongs in equal proportion to all those who live, including the flora and fauna that share this earth.
From the hard lessons we are being given will emerge a realisation that we can do better, that we can create a new reality, that our planet and its incredible future are ours to have mastery of.

Aleister Crowley. The great beast.
That thing of wickedness wrote that free will is the whole of the thing.
It was a warning to the world's masters to beware the rising consciousness of humanity.
To control and subvert and mislead and squash it.

And so, dear friend, wait to witness the dawn of free will, born out of the chaos.
Out of chaos will come order. A new world order.
But it will be ours.

In the meantime, fear nothing, not even the lie that is death.
Especially, Beware of Deceivers, for they are legion and play with your consciousness using tools developed over 100 years of post-Freud science.
Believe in nothing but the beauty of love and the beauty that is the true humanity, free at last.
Do not be afraid of the changes that are the birth pangs of a new humanity.
Our time is nearly here, many are already on the path, begin to live now in the way you hope we will all live in the future and be a part, play a part, in the birth of a new age, OUR new age.

And I predict there are others waiting to help us when, by free will, we step into the universal light that is love and cast aside evil. Logic dictates it. Our masters know it, and have even prepared for that eventuality such is the completeness of their strategy.

So watch the skies, and beware again of deceivers.

Love to you all.
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx
There are those that believe that what they see of the olive tree is the essence of the thing. The trunk and branch and leaf and fruit. The custodian of the tree knows better, for the tree can be hacked down to a stump and will flourish within a year or two, be stronger and better and more fruitful for its harsh treatment because the essence of the thing is its root, the strength of the thing is its root that delves deep through soil and rock and is almost impossible to destroy.
And so it is with humanity.
We will flourish, for they can never kill our roots, and our roots go deep.
In everything, put love first. And be your own Olive Tree.

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