Monday, July 4, 2011

More rEvolution.....

(Picture credit to whoever or whatever made this crop circle and to the folks that took the picture and to And if it was made by the global elite.....thanks anyway!)

How can we change our world?

The world, the false reality we perceive, is an ancient and intricate matrix thousands of years in the making, thousands of miserable years through which the dark blood of evil has sought to hide from us our true natures, keep from us our true brilliance, suck from us our beauty and make us the ugly things we have become.
For we have become a bitter species, an ignorant species, an uncaring and selfish species.
A stupid species.
Billions of us cannot, between us, make this beautiful place a place of peace, a place of learning and wisdom, a place of kindness, a place of wonder, a place that would be welcome in the society of those other worlds where civilisation prevails, in those other dimensions where the spirit of universal love orders the disorder.
They look at us, our fellow conscious beings, and hope.
They hope we will make it through.
They hope we will break free of the ancient chains that bind us in lies, shackle us with untruth, prevent us from stepping into the light of an amazing future.
They await.
They know they do not have to wait much longer.
They know that it could go either way.
They hope.

It is easy, once you have your head above the parapet of the false reality, to see the incredible complexity of the prison they have built for our consciousness. It is easy, once you have gazed into the eyes of a newborn child, to see the pure love and joy that is our natural condition. It becomes easy, once you have witnessed these two things, to imagine what our world should be, what our species should be, what we must become......
What we must do.

Put simply, in your heart of hearts you know we cannot continue in this way.
In your inner core, your soul, you understand where we have gone astray.
You know the answer.

I often say here we must Start Again.
This is not just a catch phrase.
Those two words carry with them an encyclopaedia of meaning.
They mean we should look at everything afresh.
Every element of what we think of as reality has to be reconsidered, reformed, reshaped, rebuilt or simply thrown away for the lie it is.

How do we solve our differences?
How do we behave toward each other?
What do we value?
Whom do we value and for what reason?
How do we live together?
How do we organise ourselves differently?

The evil that prevails has, during its long and wicked rule over us, made sure that the pyramid of deceit contains, for each and every one of us, something that we believe strongly in, something that we love, something that feeds the sick part of our natures, something wrong.

So the wealthy love money and the baubles it buys and rarely think of the child starving by the roadside, nor understand how money is used to enslave us, nor has the intelligence to consider for a moment how we could build a world without its corrupting influence.
So many of the charitable feed their egos when they give, not understanding that the act of giving is a duty to our species, that sharing is something fundamental to the world we must build.
So the patriotic support their troops as they murder, for something called “country”.
So the religious bow their heads and pat themselves on the back and reach into their pockets for donations to organisations made up of good people, but led by the evil scum that infest our world like cockroaches, abusing our children and praying that god will protect our soldier-murderers as they do the work of lucifer.

So we say “mine” when we should say “ours” or “yours”.

So we call the murder of the unborn “freedom of choice”, take as a convenience the most inconceivable of crimes.

So we read and shrug at the words “collateral damage”, not seeing the enormity of pain and anguish, the vastness of the grief.

So we glibly accept problems as being someone else's to deal with and not ours, hand our liberty and freedom and free will to rogues and charlatans and thieves and murderers and to the lucifer they serve.

So we allow these bullies to organise our systems, to control our thoughts with their media and with their subverted and perverted education system to dumb down our future, to create another generation of unthinking morons without the courage to do other than consume and seek safety regardless of the cost to someone else, somewhere else.

I could go on and on, for where we live and how we live is entirely false, entirely the creation of the evil that controls us. WE have to start again, regardless of those things we love and believe in that we have to cast aside and replace with the truth, the reality of our new future.

Understand this:
There is only so much “stuff” in the world.
Call them resources if you will.
As a species, humanity has a duty to save resources for the future or to find alternatives to those resources for our children's children.
As a species, humanity has a duty to make sure that we each get a share of those resources so that we can live, each and every one of us, free from the fear that an absence of those resources brings. We need food and clothes. We need warmth or cooling. We need a place to live in dignity and free of hardship.
What we do not need, and what is so easily taken from us as we are currently witnessing, is a pile of paper with intricate pictures on it .
We should work, as a species, to build a reserve of resources.
We don't.

We throw away resources and build a “reserve” of pretty paper then let the luciferians take it from us, leaving us naked and bereft and adrift.
WE love this stuff.
WE yearn for it.
Yet if we think for a moment we know that love of it is the root of all evil.
As someone once said.

You cannot think of a world without this useless and fraudulent stuff called money?

This stuff that the control of is currently being manipulated to rob you of your pension, your savings, your future, your children's future, is driving you out onto the streets and pushing you into anger?

Think again.

And when you have thought, look around this tool called the internet for those that await your seeking, for those that speak of sharing and of resources, for those whose job is to catch the seeker for truth and lead them astray. The Lucis Trust at the United Nations awaits people of “goodwill”. Their coming saviour, their coming christ figure “Maitreya” is ready for humanity to see the dawn of a new understanding and waits, like a spider in its web, to catch us again and mislead us again.

Such is the nature of their strategy. It runs very, very deep.
They play a long game.
Tread warily. My friend.

And so how do we change this monstrous creation?

We need to DO something.
We need to IGNORE the false reality and create a new reality for ourselves, as a species.
We need to ACT in a new way.
We need to hold hands, bury our differences, examine what we believe in and wonder how that belief was put into the mind of the child of innocence and love as it grew into the adult we have become.

We need not Revolution.
WE need rEvolution.

I often wonder, if a billion people read this, would it make a difference?
But I can't make that happen.
But if you like it, maybe you can?

Pass it on.


Love to you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Olive Farmer,
I saw this reposted on Captain Ranty's blog.
I agree that part of the solution is ignoring them. One problem I see is that many of our organisations and systems were built by us with good intentions and were usurped by them. The picture is complicated.

cyclecooler said...

This was a great post Olive.

We, as a race, are so far detached from what should be. We are lost.

So few can see this.

As long as there is food on the table no one gives a shit.

Such shame.

Thanks Olive.
No longer annonymous. AUDPAULE.