Saturday, October 15, 2011


If you have been reading me for a while, you'll understand by now how the great manipulators have been behind every apparent people's revolution for 200 years.
You'll know that their intention is to create chaos in the world.
You'll know they've been fomenting revolutions across the globe, and you'll remember how a couple of years ago and more I said those revolutions would spread to your place, be in your back yard.
And here they are, beginning now almost everywhere.

You'll know that the pied-pipers of the “truth” business have spread the “truth” that the revolutions are using to anger and arouse people, and you'll notice that they now distance themselves from the occupy “movement”.
Careful positioning.

So that when it all inevitably gets nasty and the bullets and tanks and blood happen, and then afterwards as the new dictators arise, they can begin a new revolution as people realise they've been duped.
This is already happening in the colour revolution countries, beginning already in the Arab Spring nations.
Of course, next time folks'll get it right.......???

As you know if you've been here for a while.
There's more.

Chaos will follow. They intend to save us, to put things as they were.....
But “globally” better.
Sure, you were a debt slave.....
Sure, they were slowly poisoning you with their crap drugs and shite food and dirty water and foul air........
But at least there was order.....
Food in the shops......
Gas for your ridiculous car......
You were scared, but not for your life.....
And they'll offer you a new world order.
Or rather, tell you that there is one......
And you'll know there's nothing you can do.

And then they'll give you miracles.
Save you.
Bring you a new god.....
And you'll know who the bad guys are, and in your anger and your spite you'll seek them out and herd them to the gas chambers.....
Don't believe that can happen?
Check your history books........

And the “bad guys” will be the real truth seekers, the good guys.
And there'll be no-one left to say “Enough. Let's Start Again”

Unless you see the reality.
See the manipulation.
Refuse to seek strength in the mob......
Find it in LOVE.
Hug a policeman. Get him to hug you. Forgive. Forget. Start again.
Follow your own star.
Get involved in rEvolution (Read more of this blog, you'll see what I mean.....and see the gate of the future swinging, hanging perilously in the balance, know its all about free will.)

This voice is little known. It's not promoted by the Icke's and Jones' of this world, nor by the major media as the faux “occupy” “movement” is. It's just my voice. It's just one of 6.5 billion voices, and worth no more than that. Take it or leave it, but know it's given with love.

Olive xxx xxx xxx

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