Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shit! Did you see that?

Allow yourself the dream of an earthly paradise. The cynicalism that defeats hope is merely the product of the investment in the control of your minds that has persevered for millennia. An investment in blood and sacrifice and the practice of the art of control, handed down generation after generation to those of the line. And over the past twenty years they have begun to show themselves, allow their true nature to be revealed not just to those that have the capacity and sagacity to divine their presence but to the despicable mob. They are allowing their colours to enter the field, proud and haughty as ever, disdainful of the herd they hunt and farm.
And so the question is why?
And evidently the answer is that they wish it so to be.
And so the next question must also be why?
And the answer must be that they follow an agenda, that they have a plan.
And the question must be (prompted by an understanding of the centuries old fragments of the picture that is emerging),
“You mean to say, you've been orchestrating this thing since then?”
And so the trail leads you to the following conclusions:
That there are more things in heaven and earth, dear fellow humans, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.
And so, following their leads, planted and seeded as part of their great work, recognising the enormous power they have wielded and the extraordinary human minds they have forever bought into their service and do so now, (so the better to control us, so the better to understand the various mechanisms of control available to them, improved by our science and abetted by their understanding of things that are occult to us), so we approach their artificially engineered nadir.
We stand at the fulcrum of history.
Confused, disorientated, our natural instincts for love and harmony and peace engineered out of us such that we fear our brothers and sisters and value none but ourselves, for shame.
They have made us weak.
Perhaps to make us easier to control, but sadly also such that we are then easier to kill in this battle they have foreseen for ever and most of us don't know we're in.
It is the battle, dear friend, between good and evil.
It's the biggest game in town, and the stakes are high.
You're the chips on the board, and EVERY throw of the dice is being thrown by them.
I mean every throw of the dice.
They have given us the lash that is faux money and debt, the have corrupted what we know to be right deep inside, we are just the pawns in their game. Like chess masters, they think so many moves ahead that we are completely out-flanked at every turn.
That most are ignorant of this battle for the future is testimony to the absoluteness of their control of the pieces on the board.
Think about it.
Of course it would be so.
They have engineered and manipulated us for ever into fearing and then killing one another whilst they stood on and watched the mighty gore they had created. Like the greasy pole warfare in their corporations, they vie with each other to secure the next level on the corporate ladder.
Rung by rung into lucifer's rectum they climb, all of them of "the blood", scratching and clawing their way into his light, the light that comes from lucifer's arse, the light that is his way of crapping on humanity.
They philosophise about this great work between themselves.
We are just sport for them.
Not a small game, but a big one.
They are big game hunters, and know that the hardest critter to kill is the human.
And that's just one of the games they're in.
More rapidly being herded into despair and ever heightening and consciousness crushing concern, whilst at the same time long fomented schemes are afoot that are pulling us in a thousand subtle ways.
A twitch of the whip here, a prod of the stick there, a carrot for the greedy cattle, so they drive us or cajole us with scraps from the plate of what we can be.
They are trying to win the ultimate prize.
To finally corral the entire herd.
To coin a chess expression; the endgame.
Game Over.
Play Again?

And I guess, if you are awake, you see this.
And understand what you need to do.
You need to spread the understanding.
Such that we might snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
There is little time,
The fires have been lit.

Knowing the complexity and reach of their fore-planning, you understand it's what you think and believe in that is the key to their great work. These are the levers of control, pulled with ever more subtlety as the endgame nears, powerful weapons of mass destruction of the consciousness levelled at you, wanting to order what you think, wherever you might turn for solace or comfort or community, seeking those that suffer in your particular way, re-infecting each other with every word we speak. All within their purview.
We rest in the palm of their hands.
It's time to bite them.
It's time we rid ourselves of this worm.
And see what we can do without them.

They knew that when our number reached this high that we would, between ourselves, discover them and realise what, with love, we could accomplish for us all.
And understand our power.
Which can only be the power of love.
For with what other weapon would you fight evil?

And we know that whatever we believe has been built by them in this great pyramid of control, that we are a product of their machinations, and so conclude that we have one final move to make.
The exercise of free will.
Of a will that is free.
A human mind understanding that we are a great species, a loving and harmonious kind.
And we are many.
And we are clever.
And we can find the freedom we need to build a very heaven on this fine earth, this planet, this home.
Our home.
Let love shine its true light.
Let truth be known.

Olive. Xxx xxx xxx
(Read older posts if you've a mind to. Appreciate your company on this journey.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but we're not alone either. We fledglings of the light now have much help from the Brotherhood of Light and many others who understand that this is a phase in our evolution to light. Dark never "wins" - it's purpose is to help us awaken.