Thursday, October 27, 2011


What am I?
I guess a grail hunter.
There is a wound to my consciousness, a wound that binds me to the human and denies me whatever else I am capable of. This is no statement of fact, for who can know? It is, though, a statement of the reality I perceive, the instincts of the heart cajoled by the questing of the mind. This thing I am is not all I am. Let's say I feel it inside. Know it without being able to prove it.
Time, or perhaps the absence of it, will tell.
I believe you maybe feel these things too.
For me, it's the sensation that something I was, a long time ago, is nudging me awake after a long and dream filled sleep. A sleep littered with sporadic nightmares. A dream that has been the sleep of learning about good and evil, tasting the pleasures of both and feeling the effects of both across a thousand lives.
In a way, it feels like a gestation, or perhaps better it feels as if the butterfly is about to emerge from the coccoon.
I shall, of course, be bitterly disappointed if sod all happens.
I kinda feel ready for something new.
How about you?
The old paradigms are so exposed now that humanity is getting the idea, seeing the light, stretching its collective muscle, pitching itself in opposition to the inevitable riot police and their molotov tossing aiders and abetters , furthering the spread of chaos.
First spook the herd. Then stampede them in the direction you want.

The vital energy of this disgruntled humanity, the might of the herd, is organised into disruption and fed a diet of fear to control, at all costs, the moment when we collectively say:
“Er, this is all wrong, isn't it?”

Our masters understand that it is inevitable, and so seek to harness that energy with new bridles.
Many of the top servants of this dark cabal will be sacrificed. They are chasing and killing each other now, these leaders, whooping around like crazed savages, holding up one blood spattered head after another and feeding us a diet of this horrible spectacle and telling us that by this sin so we do good.
And the guilt is laid upon you, for it's done in your name.

It feels to me as if this is going on:
We live in a time where every human being is tainted by association with absolute sin. Our governments murdering children and dropping the prize at your feet.
No heaven for you, then.

And the collective agreement to child murder, calling it something else, making it a right when it can be no other than a wrong, save to save a further wrong.
You collectively agree to these things.
You must, because they are so.
And so they have made us guilty of these things, of a thousand thousand more sins.
And it seems to me that this outcome is perhaps the prize.

It seems to me that this damaging of our souls, this blackening, this smothering in evil is what this is really all about.
And if that is the prize, then a thousand more questions need asking about what is this reality we collectively agree to?

But more importantly, and vital now, is the action we need to take to halt this rapid descent.
We need to collectively decide to wash our hands of any involvement with that which will further bloody our collective hands.
In blunt terms, stop sinning.
To do harm to each other is a sin. It's eating up our souls. We should stop.

But who stops first?

Much of this sin is built into the very fabric of everything. And so to stop is to arouse the anger and whips of our fellow jailer humans. It's hard.
But it would be easy if we all of us decided to evaluate every single thing we do and ask ourselves:
Do we want this?
And if not, shall we stop?
And that is the only way we can take our future from the jaws of hell as, half swallowed already, we kick and claw at each other as if we've forgotten we are human, given up, stopped thinking, forgotten we have free will, are dead men walking.

It means dismantling the very structural pyramid of the control system.
It means trusting each other to produce what is needed to revitalise our spirits.
Profit has no part in that.
It is a place built on a sense of obligation and an understanding of duty: we must never go back to a condition where at the flick of a switch we can mutually destroy each other, where our oceans were poisoned and our kind lived in mutual fear of each other. WE will profit from the technology we procure and free ourselves of pollution, of slavery, of the restriction and binding and damaging of our souls.
Humanity will look back on these dark days and pity us, the souls enduring this torment, knowing we hold the answer in our hands and letting that strength be sucked from us, misdirected at every turn, allowing the dogs of the herders to scare us this way and that, to confuse us, to gift us shock and awe, to press the levers of control and watch us dance to their symphony.

And I'm guessing when they look back they'll see how near we came to being swallowed.
Before we realised what would choke the monster.

The thing it's been coating with shit with its guilt by mute consent to make it more palatable to swallow?
Its name is love.

It is the only possible foundation for the salvation of our species.

Every single one of us is capable of it to a greater or lesser degree but we all have it, even the meanest of us. We are all locked and loaded and have an inexhaustible supply of the stuff, will never run out of bullets.
And each time we use it, we will give more strength to each other, and it will blossom as the flower of life it is. Give love, give strength to another to give love, so it goes.
It's the Answer.

This is a weapon we all have.
It needs no instruction in use.
Just pull the trigger and squirt.
And if the world did this today....
Nothing of their control system would remain.
Ignored, it will wither and die quickly.

We don't take the head of the snake, for like a an evil hydra if you bite one of its heads off, another will grow to take its place, and another. Witness this latest world staging of this ridiculous and worn out circus, this last of the human pit fights, as they prod and poke at the terriers to make us want to fight each other.

We should attack the heart of the beast, its beating heart of evil.
And the killing of it is within each of us.
There need be no organisation.
Think how love would find a way to make this world a better place and trust it.
We are the blossom waiting to burst forth, the very flower of the tree of the knowledge of god and evil.
Our future awaits.
Nervously they watch the spectacle of history unfold, feeling our torment, telling and retelling the story of the birth of a new humanity, of how one day we all of us understood and connected with the answer.
And the evil just stopped, bar the inevitable and wicked lashing of the sting in the tail of the banished beast.
And if you listen to the heart of the beast as I do, you will feel it skip a beat when you think about this weapon we all have, and maybe decide to share this one idea with someone else just in case it works.
For by such viral dissemination can we turn our enemy's communication weapons against them.

And its heart skips a beat because it fears this thing so much.
Knows it is powerless to fight.
Pass it on.

Love to you.
Olive xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

olive,that was beautiful....neil

Anonymous said...

I agree with Neil. I too believe love is the answer, although, without truth it is not strong enough. There is a book called "the story of love and truth" is well worth the read.

We can love the perpetrators all we want, but if we deny who they are they will continue with their evil. Loving them is not going to make them give back all they have taken. Perhaps loving the people they use to position themselves might help, but exposing the truth of their evil deeds and most of all, what they fear most...exposing "them"...the tribe, who work so well together against humanity, is what they fear most. They react to exposure like a vampire reacts to a cross.

I know who the beast is, do you? I think if the chosen ones were chosen it was for nothing more than to test humanity. They sure are testing this humans patience.

Here is something that I believe to be true...
Love and truth are not institutions. They are not government, nor are they found in government, just as they are not found in schools, banks, religous houses or corporations. If we can destroy the fiction of these institutions with truth, the love will flow and the evil ones will have no place to practice their evil.
Love and truth,