Monday, October 31, 2011

...let your heart beat with its rhythm....

What is the nature of this place?
A place that gives the very finest it has to offer to the very basest of its inhabitants.
A place that rewards the grand liars, the great thieves, the bullies and the murderers with riches beyond belief, with the subservience and admiration of the “people”.
A place that has, throughout history, lauded and applauded and venerated and worshipped the very worst of our kind.
A place that still does.
History books are littered with the names of these great butchers. People bowed to them then. They bow to them now.
In this place.
And so, what name would you give to a place that gives its highest authority to its vilest inhabitants?

In which place could ordinary murder be punished, yet mass, genocidal murderers be called Mister President or Your Majesty? Ordinary muggers be incarcerated yet those that rob the entire peoples of all the world's nations be rewarded with vast wealth?
These are the facts of our history.

What name would you give to a place that is constantly at war, never knows peace, organises its peoples to murder one another? That spends its wealth on oiling the wheels of the killing machines rather than curing the sick, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry?
What do you call a place that is polluted for the love of money, where the inhabitants shit in the nest their children will have to inhabit because its just too much trouble to go without what they want?

What name would you give such a place?


And if a visitor were to gaze upon our spinning blue sapphire of a world from afar, would they ever guess how unhappy are its peoples, how plundered and abused its riches, how sick and soulless its denizens, how subjugated by evil?

And could such a visitor reconcile the gift that is our planet with the hell we have helped to create for each other here?

Or perhaps they would understand that even the most beautiful of places can be infested with vermin, as the noble tiger may be infested by fleas.

Or perhaps they see an entirely different reality?

The search for some rhyme or reason for this state of affairs is rising like a spring tide right now. We can witness its outpouring in a myriad of manifestations.
Humanity is stirring, that vital energy being steered by the same masters we have allowed to orchestrate our affairs forever, those who would drive us like lemmings over the precipice rather than allow us to understand what this place is.
What the nature of this reality is.

That is what these current disturbing events are about.
Preventing humanity from discovering where we really are.
Perhaps what we really are.

And it is, dear reader, a very different reality to that which our dulled senses allow us to perceive.
We sometimes lift the edges, sometimes catch a fleeting glimpse of a different reality, see eternity in a grain of sand, feel the enormity of the presence of the consciousness that has placed us here, created this algorithm, designed this function.

We can glimpse it in geometry, divine it in mathematics, understand its reflection in the shell of an ammonite.
More than that.
We can instinctively know it is there, understand our souls are like the nerve endings on the fingertips of something much larger than we can imagine as it probes its body, searching for hurt, seeking the source of pain.
Or perhaps we are the pain.

Whatever the true nature of this false reality, whatever there is that lies far beyond our current understanding, one thing is now certain. We approach some sort of turning point, some great watershed in the affairs of humanity that will either turn us towards a future even worse than our shameful past or, should we choose a different reality, something infinitely better.

And I guess the key to this great moment lies in that one word: “choose”.
For that which seven billion of us choose cannot be denied.
And it will not come by organising some movement or believing in some philosophy or some bearded and malevolent god that exists in a book.

This choice is one that YOU must make and I must make alone.

The answer is within each of us.

And yet we look everywhere for it but within.

And when we reach that understanding, when we make that choice, when we exercise our free will, when we understand how we can change this reality then an even greater prize will be discovered.
We are foolish for not having understood this before.

We might call it love.

It's calling us home.

Can you hear it?

Focus your heart upon it, dear friends, let your heart beat with its rhythm.
It is the answer we have sought forever.

Love to you.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

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ckpc said...

You are a beautiful writer.
And I would guess, a beautiful soul.