Saturday, November 5, 2011


The other day we planted some broad bean seeds.
When they germinate, throw up their first leaves, stretch their roots, we will carry them to our garden, clear a patch of earth and tease them from the seed tray, firm the soil around their tender stems, give them water and hope.
Hope one day they will feed us.
Return life to us for having nurtured them.
And we will dry the seeds we don't eat, dry them in the sun and plant them next year.
And hope.
Such is the cycle of life.
Plant a seed and care for it and hope.
If it flourishes, it will nourish us.

This blog is the seed we have planted.
Perhaps there is truth in it.
We hope, if there is, it will nourish you.
Take its seed, and plant it elsewhere.
And hope.

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