Monday, November 7, 2011

Fear Nothing.

As we accelerate towards the shift together, dear reader, do you ponder the nature of reality?

It is certain that we exist in a cloud of misunderstandings, that what we understand as reality is an artifice, a confection created by those that have the mastery of knowledge and have, by theft and violence and subjugation, by a thousand stratagems over many thousands of years denied us what is our birthright: Truth.

So arcane, so esoteric is much of this truth that its control gives power and dominion over us to those few that hold it. The great light that it will bring us is swathed in dark purpling, awash with the blood of sacrifice, wrapped in the cloth of gold, bound with iron in this age of iron.

The world we think we know, the reality we are forced to endure is moment by moment reinforced by the images and word-sounds fed to our consciousness by the tools of mind control that seek to prevent our realisation of the circumstance of our imprisonment and the condition of our ignorance.

And as we approach the nadir the efforts of the masters of our reality are, as you see, multiplying exponentially.

They hope to trap us in the glare of the lights of the approaching juggernaut, deafen us with the great blare of horns, overwhelm our senses, summon fear and anger and the desire for revenge, befuddle us with the complexity and diversity of their attacks upon our world view, shatter our beliefs, prime our souls so that they may paint us any colour they like.

And the colour they like has no name.

They are being so busy because they know something is coming. They are pulling out the stops, heaping catastrophe upon catastrophe, imprinting every horror they can upon the thing we call memory, filling our consciousness with image after image of horror and sickness, brutality and filth.

Do you remember the photograph of the Vietnamese child, Napalmed and terrified?
So often repeated.

Then consider for a moment how, for those that watch their news or subscribe to their websites, what an overwhelming number of images of death and blood and horror and brutality are being daily imprinted in the memory banks of humanity by the creatures that order our reality.
And why?

Because such images, such horror, the fear that is being generated, the distrust of our fellow human beings that follows such programming masks and discolours the very soul of humanity, prevents the emergence of our higher selves, drives us like beasts into the maw of the beast.
And in such confusion, as ever before, they imagine we will respond by beating the drums of war, by stoking the flames of the ovens, by killing and maiming and raping and starving each other like the animals they have made of us.

Look around you, dear friend.
It's already happening.

And only you can stop it.

The future is created by our past experiences, dear friend, only if we allow it to be.
The hurt gifted to you by another shapes your future actions.
But only if you allow that sequence to persist.
Our controllers expect and anticipate you will follow this programming, as so many of us are doing right now as we teeter on the edge of the abyss they have driven us towards.

And only you can stop this ridiculous farrago.

Clear your mind.
Imagine a different reality.
Step into the light.

Dear reader there are more things hidden from us than we understand but there is something within each and every one of us that is more powerful than the mirage we think of as reality and this power, this elemental force will forge a beautiful future for our kind.
It is in you.
It's called love.
And that is why you alone can change the world.
For you and I and all of creation are one, and love binds us, as we are to discover.

Fear nothing.
Be happy.

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
(The picture is of Wooster, one of our rescued cats, a lovely soul I buried today who died from poisoning. He is the third to die this way this year. It may be that he ate a poisoned mouse, or that someone in our village thinks there are too many cats here and lays poisoned meat. We cannot know. Many friends have lost dogs to poison here, deliberately put down to kill stray dogs. In the scheme of things such actions are carelessly and indiscriminately evil, but pale into insignificance against the greater evils we are programmed to commit, and yet are representative of them.
It's enough, isn't it, of all that? )

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Anonymous said...

My goal is to have every moment be filled with peace--and if there are moments when things are not peaceful, I try to remember that peace is my goal and it's easier to set my ego aside and actually experience that peace I strive for. Where there is peace, there is love.

I feel peaceful and protected and surrounded by love. I am onto the deception big time and will not go back to a life lived in fear.

We are infinite wisdom and love and more powerful than we know.